Jim Ross shares his thoughts on Summerslam and more


In his latest post, Good ol’ Jim Ross offers his always entertaining and keen insight on yesterday’s Summerslam PPV.  Here are just a few of MANY highlights from the post.

On Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson’s WWE return:

The return of Daniel Bryan was both a shocker and a very pleasant development on the PPV. The much traveled and highly skilled veteran made an impact on his few weeks of TV time prior to his release from the company. The MMA aficionado showed definitive signs of brilliance during his in ring time at Summer Slam. A very strategic maneuver by WWE to bring Bryan back into the fold and I’m anxious to see how Bryan evolves.

On the Nexus vs the WWE Main Event:

I enjoyed the tag which closed the show as predicted. I had no issue whatsoever w/ who won the bout as long as the contest itself was well executed and it was for my money. I’ve been around too long to get wrapped up in win/loss records but am a stickler for execution and the main event was well executed.

On the Miz:

Miz took more steps forward on his way to becoming what seems to be an eventual, long term residence in main event land in WWE. It’s easy to see Miz continuing to evolve and then becoming a vital part of the mix at WM27 in Atlanta. Miz has come a long way since his WWE debut and that’s a by product of his hard work and him mentally investing into the art form of the genre. Miz truly wants to be a star and one might even surmise that Miz ‘needs’ to be a star. That’s the proper trait for one to possess in any form of entertainment or sports that all big time players need to have.

Jim Ross also comments on the return of the Undertaker, CM Punk’s performance, Bret Hart’s conditioning, Chris Jericho’s part in the Main Event and so much more in his latest blog post.

Also if you’re a huge Jim Ross mark like the editors of FighterHayabusa are, here’s screencap of some of JR’s Summerslam tweets just for you.


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