Smackdown Thoughts & Review [8. 13. 10]


San Jose, CA

Vicky Guerrero is in the ring. She introduces new Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler. She compares him to living legends like the Rock and Shawn. They talk about going on a vacation and then Kofi interrupts and pillages Dolph from pillar to post. Teddy Long comes out and says that Dolph has to defend his title at Summerslam against Kofi. Teddy also sets up a match between Dolph and Rey for later.

Vicky objects and sets up a match between Kofi and Kane. Kofi says he’s not a coward and that he has no problems facing Kane.

–Nice of the WWE to give Ziggler some air time at the beginning of the show. It gave him proper recognition for being the new IC champ as well as meaning to the title change. It was a good segment that set up the tone for the rest of the show. It’s amazing that Vicky gets more true heel heat than three-fourths of the roster. I’m hoping this is the beginning of the push that Kofi should have gotten a year ago. We’ll see.


Kofi Kingston vs Kane

  • Kane dominates early with power moves and boots.
  • Kofi hit a beautiful suicide dive through the ropes on Kane.
  • Kofi misses a Trouble in Paradise kick and his leg hits the ring post.
  • Kane attacks the injured right leg of Kofi.
  • Kane goes all Fit Finlay and uses the ring apron to hold down Kofi’s right foot while goes to town on the leg.
  • Kofi fights back and slowly hops to the top turnbuckle on his left leg only for Kane to catch him.
  • Kane chokeslams Kofi from the top turnbuckle (Kane was still on the ring).
  • Kane with a Tombstone Piledriver! One…two…three.


Kane gets on the mic:
He talks about Rey being desperate and that he will pay for his actions at Summerslam. He claims to be the devil’s favorite demon.

Rey interrupts. Rey says that while Kane is the devil’s favorite demon, Rey is one of God’s humble servants. Rey says he’s taking the title at Summerslam. Cue 619 catchphrase.

–Simple but awesome ring psychology here. The story was told and Kofi loses the match without losing any steam for his match at Summerslam. Kane looked super strong and he looked ready to be the unbeatable bully/Demon to Rey Mysterio’s underdog/humble servant on Sunday.

The promos from both men were solid. I don’t care for Rey’s closing with the 619 catchphrase but I guess someone’s gotta do it for the kidlets so it might as well be Rey Rey. It’s a shame that Kane is going to feud with the Undertaker. I realize I’m repeating myself but Kane’s tweener heat is legit and he’s getting the most response he’s had in years. How cool would it be if he was someone to root for at the Royal Rumble? Seeing ‘Taker and Kane team up and go for the tag titles is a lot more interesting than seeing them fight each other.


Christian walks out to the ring for his match with Dashing Cody Rhodes.

CUT TO THE BACK: Drew McIntyre and Dashing Cody Rhodes are in the back. Drew tells CDR that he’ll be disappointing, and not ‘dashing’, if he loses to Christian.

Christian vs Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Match starts off in a frantic pace.
  • DCR looks as though he’s rushing to attack Christian’s left arm that Drew McIntyre injured the week prior.
  • Christian back body drops DCR to the outside.


  • DCR has Christian in a modified armbar.
  • DCR relentlessly attacks Christian’s injured arm.
  • DCR hits a lovely Ric Flair-ish kneedrop onto Christian’s arm.
  • Christian surprises DCR with a highcross body into a two count.
  • Flying Uppercut, standing rope choke, sunset flip into another two cont.
  • DCR catches him and hits a wicked Alabama Slam.
  • DCR misses the Beautiful Disaster kick.
  • Christian catches him and hits his reverse falling DDT. Pin attempt. One…Two…countout.
  • DCR slams Christian’s left arm/shoulder into the turnbuckle.
  • DCR with the Crossroads. ONE, TWO, THREE.

WINNER: Dashing Cody Rhodes.

–Very good match. Loved how DCR played up to not wanting his face to get hit. It’s too bad that Christian is Mr. Jobby McJobberson in the midcard but I guess somebody has to do it. I still say Christian deserves a few more opportunities with a major title around his waist. Again, another good story was told in the ring. The continuity involving Christian’s injured arm was a fantastic touch.


Big Show makes his way to the ring with his right hand in a black wrap.

Handicap match: Big Show vs Three Indy Workers

  • CM Punk walks out with the S.E.S. as soon the bell rings.
  • Show wreaks havoc in the ring.
  • Chokeslams for everybody.

WINNER: Big Show

Luke of all people has the mic:

Big show. Big Show, up here. Hey. You think that was impressive?

Punk is pissed and cuts Luke off:

Wait a second, wait a second. Who gave you a microphone? Give me this. SPEAK WHEN SPOKEN TO. If wanted you to address him, I would have told you to address him.

Hi, Show. I know that hand of yours hurts. And I know just by looking at that gigantic head of yours that inside – there’s a tiny little peabrain that’s just rattling around. And you don’t have the ability to differentiate between the three ham-n-eggers in the ring and my sin-free machine of self-discipline that is going to crush you. [The rest of the S.E.S. members raise their pledge hands]

Now I want you to picture this; at Summerslam, you’re going to be in the pit. And you’re going to be surrounded by an orchestra. My orchestra of virtue. Your conductor of the evening will of course be myself and we’re going to play for you your own personal opus. It’s as symphony that’s going to sound a lot like your bones being broken underneath the boot of the Straight Edge Society. It’s a symphony that I’ve written just for you and I’d like to call it the ‘Destruction of the Big Show’.

–Loved CM Punk’s “I Broke Big Show’s Hand” t-shirt but not as much as Striker did. I was surprised to see an old Superstars of Wrestling style of match with the Big Show’s squash. Punk’s promo was impeccable and it looks like the writing team is trusting Punk to get into the zone on the mic. I haven’t heard promos of this quality in a very long time.

While Jericho uses belittling intellect in his promos, Punk is using passion and poetry to get his points across. Punk’s words are biting and just plain cruel. The meaner Punk gets, the cooler he sounds and I don’t think that’s easy for wrestlers to accomplish. As of right now, Punk is the number one legit heal in the company. Sheamus is merely Bib Fortuna compared to CM Punk’s Darth Vader. I truly hope the WWE Universe as well as the WWE powers that be realize the high level that Punk is performing at right now. His promos have been top notch and his matches have all been solid to spectacular. Jeez, do I sound like a CM Punk fanboy or what?

CUT TO THE BACK: Kelly Kelly tells Matt Hardy ‘good luck tonight’.


Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre

  • Drew dominates early with clubbing forearms to Matt’s back.
  • Matt clotheslines Drew to the outside.
  • Matt hits a very sick side effect on Drew outside of the ring.
  • Matt rolls him into the ring for a two count.
  • Drew catches Matt’s legs in the corner and drops him in a sit down powerbomb. Two count.
  • Matt shoulder tackles Drew out of the ring.
  • Drew smashes Matt’s left leg in between the steel steps.
  • Matt crawls into the ring and is met with Drew’s Future Shock DDT.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

–Striker discusses the Nexus invasion and says it was more detrimental to the WWE than any other invasion. He mentions the n.W.o., WCW and the Alliance. Awesome.

So Matt wins a blow off match vs Drew McIntyre only to lose to him fairly easily tonight. I know it was meant to push Drew but why do it at Matt’s expense since he just won his feud with Drew a few weeks ago? Like Cena vs Orton, this was a match up I did not want or need to see again for a long time. Oh well.


Jack Swagger comes out to the ring with a mic:

He disses the fans and tells them how unremarkable they are. He says his last two months have been hard. He was cheated out of his title and thrown into the Gulf of Mexico. He’s had severe family trauma and watched his dad get manhandled by Kane. He was up until 4am dealing with his dad’s chronic diarrhea. T-M-I. He complains about not being involved in a championship match at Summerslam.

MVP interrupts:
He says nobody cares about his problems nor excuses.

Swagger hits MVP with the mic. Swagger rams MVP into the ringside barrier.

–It was nice to see Swagger have a week off after seeing him get headscissored into the Gulf of Mexico. He’s lost a little momentum but I’m sure he’ll get back on track feuding with MVP (if that’s the plan). I’m hoping both men take each other to new heights by the time the feud is over. Both can rock the mic pretty well and the matches should be entertaining. Looking forward to them interacting in the next month if this is indeed the beginning of a program between the two.


Jack Swagger vs MVP

  • Swagger goes for a quick pin. Two count.
  • Swagger with a hard hitting clothesline.
  • Swagger caught MVP’s foot and dropped him with an inverted gourd buster.
  • Swagger then went for the ankle lock but MVP escaped into the corner.
  • MVP gets his knees up to counter a Swagger Bomb.
  • MVP with a gorgeous T-Bone Suplex.
  • MVP goes for the Ballin’ Elbow but Swagger catches him with a big boot.
  • Swagger goes for the ankle lock but MVP reverses it into a forward roll up. One…two…three.


–Short but good match. I love roll up pins and this is a perfect example of how refreshing non-finisher pinfalls can be. It doesn’t destroy the loser’s credibility and makes you crave another meeting between the two. The match was solid and I can’t say enough about how great MVP’s T-Bone Suplex was. Swagger’s timing with the Ankle Lock was spot on and he’s really making the move his own.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
Today’s grooming is about ear wax. Solution? Cotton swabs! Thanks a heap, DCR!

–Another winning tip from the Dashing One. Remember, we’re one step closer to Dashing.


Alberto Del Rio Promo
It’s a collection of highlights of all his promos.

–He’s debuting next week! Finally.

Rey comes out to the ring.


Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Very fast paced match.
  • Rey with a nice headscissors take down early on.
  • Ziggler gets in position for a 619. Rey bounces off the ropes – BAAANG!
  • Kane walks out with a coffin.


  • Ziggler controls Rey wth a headlock as Kane watches from ringside.
  • Ziggler drops Rey’s neck hard on the top rope.  Very nice.
  • In a dope sequence, Rey hits a seated senton off the top rope – then springboards into a high cross body for a two count.
  • Rey hits a wicked seated senton on Ziggler while he was sitting down.
  • Ziggler locks in the sleeper.  Rey gets his arm in.  Ziggler lets go.
  • Rey gets off an interesting lionsault onto Ziggler, who catches him.
  • It seems like an awkward spot but Rey manages to get his own sleeper on Ziggler who backs him into the turnbuckle.
  • Ziggler gets Rey into the sleeper again but Rey rolls him forward into the 619 target position.
  • Ziggler pulls away and catches Rey into a powerbomb position.
  • Rey reverses, rolls him up like a modified short rana.  One…two…three.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

  • Kane tries to come in but Rey kicks his face.
  • Rey hits a 619.
  • Rey springboard dropkicks Kane into the coffin and Kane quickly stumbles out.

The show ends.

–Very solid and short match.  This is as good as a free televised match should be.  Did I mention I love non-finisher pinfalls?  This pinfall was even better than the MVP roll up.  With an exception of the possibly botched moonsault spot this match was very entertaining.  The ending of the show with Kane getting dropkicked into the coffin was a nice teaser to their match at Summerslam.

Overall this was a strong show that leads up nicely to Summerslam.  Even the set ups for the additional matches to the Summerslam card were done well.  Smackdown has to be the most efficient show in the WWE right now.  Everybody serves a purpose and there’s a good balance between storylines, promos and matches.  Smackdown is a lean, mean, hyping machine that pays attention to detail from the midcard all the way to the main event.  I can’t wait for Alberto Del Rio’s debut next week.  Bravo.

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