We get the best match of season 2 and Lucky isn’t so lucky tonight…

The show starts with footage of Michael Cole earlier today sporting a Miz shirt and a foam WWE title belt showing a punching measuring machine. Josh Mathews beats the shit out of Cole in this challenge example.

We go to the stage where they intro the Pro’s and the rookies and yeah, Lucky Cannon is still part of this shit… Mark Henry is off the show tonight cause he got served by Nexus last night.

In 3 weeks they are having the NXT finale. Interesting to see if they keep this up after that.

Power of the Punch challenge is next and the winner gets a match on RAW next week.

Henning gets 863

Kaval kicks it and gets 297. Dummy.

Watson gets 716

Lucky gets 744

Harris gets 380 (who almost missed)

Riley gets… 896,  he beat Hennig. Great…

During the break, Miz is cutting a promo on Morrison wanting to hear HIM ask for Miz’s help. Morrison doesn’t ask and challenges Miz to a match tonight so he can show him why they don’t need Miz on their team.

Kaval, Cannon and Watson beat Harris, Riley and Hennig when Kaval hit the Warriors Way on the undefeated Hennig in a rematch from last night and a much better match with some of the rookies taking chances. Probably the BEST match of the season so far!

United States Champion The Miz beat John Morrison in a solid match. I think they should have had Nexus show up and beat up on both thus unifying them once again for the match at SummerSlam but oh well. Now we wait for Sunday to see if Miz will join the team.

Its elimination time…

Hennig says Lucky needs to go home.

Kaval says Lucky hasn’t made an impact.

Watson says he wont answer but then says Riley.

Luckys says anyone but him.

Harris says Lucky cause he hasn’t won a match.

Riley says Striker needs to go but Hennig needs to go cause he’s gonna win.

#1 Kaval

#2 McGillicutty

#3 Watson

#4 Harris (NICE!)

#5 Riley

#6 Lucky goes home!

Lucky is asked about #1 and he says it is what it is. He gets booed. He says he isn’t going to flip out he goes on and cuts down the rookies. I think Kaval flipped him off! Haha

Riley is asked about being #5 and his attitude. He said he’s not here to cater to the WWE Universe. He said he will prove himself on RAW next week.

Striker said that next week there will be a DOUBLE elimination! Well shit that sucks!

Good show tonight and good elimination!

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