The Stage is set! Team RAW vs. The Nexus

Show starts off with Bret Hart coming to the ring. He says he’s been training for the last two weeks for SummerSlam and how sad faced he is at their team and how he vouched for Jericho and Edge to Cena. He then calls Jericho and Edge out because he wants to put the machine back together again. Jericho comes out to get lectured by Hart about coming back to the team. Jericho says no to Hart and then calls him a phony. He said no one can replace them on the RAW Team and that Bret is screwed once again. Edge then comes out to the ring and kisses Bret’s ass. He said he and Jericho grew up watching Bret and how Bret can count him in. Edge then goes to kick Bret but Bret catches it and tries to put Edge in the Sharpshooter. Jericho then thumbs Bret in the eye and both leave. Natalya then runs out to the ring crying and they show Nexus taking out the Hart Dynasty backstage which leads us to our one of many commercial breaks.

We come back and the Hart’s are with the medic’s. Bret says he’s taking things into his own hands only to get stopped but the big orange, Cena. He talks Bret down and said he’s gonna talk to the team and see who’s in and who’s out.

United States Champion The Miz beat Evan Bourne with the SCF. Mostly Miz in this match. Few great highspots for Bourne with him hitting a old school, Rey Mysterio Hurricanranna. After the match Miz says he doesn’t care who has the title at the end of SummerSlam as he will be the WWE Champion.

In the back the snoop on Cena talking to Khali.

The Returning Melina beat Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox in a non title match. The only thing of note in this match is Melina’s ass. It looks bigger but in a good way.

Josh in the back with Khali with no Runjin. He says “WWE” but then yells some shit that no one understands. Josh says Khali has challenged Wade Barrett tonight… really, you got that out of what he was saying!? Way to go Josh…

During the break the GM announces that Fox vs. Melina is on for SummerSlam. Also, Khali and Barrett will happen tonight.

Jericho and Edge in the back all mad about Bret. Jericho then says that the only way RAW can win is with them. Edge asks him if he is suggesting they go back to Cena and says they will survive even if Nexus takes over RAW. Jericho agrees and says they will take out Cena and Hart tonight.

Morrison and Truth in the back talking about doing what they need to do on the team. Henry says he’ll audition tonight with his match.

Nexus watches on from the back when Barrett gives them the signal. They then leave and we are out to break.

Ted DiBiase w/Maryse comes out for his match with Mark Henry. Before the match Nexus jumps Henry and leaves him laid out at ringside.

WWE Champion Sheamus comes out to the ring. He talks about beating people up since he’s been in the WWE. He then rolls a video package on himself beating people up. He then calls Orton out who comes out. They banter back and forth before the GM sends an email. The GM announces that if anyone gets involved in the match they will be suspended indefinitely. Also if Orton loses at SummerSlam he will not get another shot at Sheamus. Sheamus and Orton tease going at it when Orton jumps Sheamus from behind and both go at it. Orton gets Sheamus down and teases the punt to the head on Sheamus and stops right before his head. He then goes out to the outside posing with the WWE Title while Sheamus stares like he pooped himself.

They come back from break and Sheamus is still at ringside and takes a seat at ringside while the next match went on.

In an NXT rookie match, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris and Alex Riley

Beat Kaval, Percy Watson and Lucky Canon when Harris pins Kaval. After the match, Sheamus beats up on some of the rookies which ends with Kaval taking the Razor Edge. He then gets on the mic saying that was a message to the GM. He guarantees he will still be champion next week.

R-Truth & John Morrison beat William Regal & Zack Ryder in a quick match when Morrison pins Ryder with Starship Pain.

Diva Summer Time Spectacular which included a giant water slide as big as the tron was up next with Santino and Kozlov as refs… The Bella’s beat Eve & Gail Kim and Maryse & Jillian. After the match that dude Tamina who’s wearing a bathing suit hits on Santino.

Khali does the walk to the ring when he gets a Nexus ass whoopin’.

The Nexus comes out to the ring, Barrett says his match tonight has been canceled. He goes on to say he will defeat Team WWE and that they will accomplish more than anyone can image. Sheffield says after Sunday you wont see Bret again. Otunga tells the locker room to think about it before they decide to help or join Team WWE.

In the back Cena and Bret run into Miz, he says they need his help and wants to hear Bret say it. They both ask and Miz is excited to hear Cena ask for his help. Miz says he will let them know Sunday. He walks off and Cena says it’s a shame they might actually need him Sunday.

Looks like Justin Long is guest host next week. Just when you thought it was dead.

Nexus is now around the ring as the ring entrances begin.

Bret Hart & John Cena (aka the Jorts crew)

Edge & Chris Jericho with Nexus as Lumberjacks.

Cena’s the first one throw out to get beat up by the Nexus. Jericho gets tossed out but isn’t jumped and is let back into the ring on his own, that is until he is thrown out a second time and yells at Nexus who then jump him. Jericho and Edge disappear and Nexus climbs into the ring, Truth and Morrison join Cena and Bret. Jericho and Edge are reluctant while they walk up the ramp but end up running back into the ring and joining Team RAW and they shit hits the fan! The fans are losing their shit. Quickly the Nexus escape through the crowd. Team RAW’s watches from the ring as Nexus looks back.

GREAT build up the entire show for SummerSlam or should I say great build up towards RAW vs. Nexus… nothing else was built up but I guess that doesn’t matter with this angle being so hot!


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