Smackdown Thoughts & Review [8. 06. 10]


Rey Mysterio comes out to a loud roar. He grabs a mic:

Rey talks about being chokeslammed by Kane into the Gulf of Mexico. He said he saw his life flash before his eyes because he freaked out for the first time. He said he saw Kane when he got to shore. He said Kane just stared and then walked away. Rey goes on to say that he’s being accused of something he did not do.

“I did not have anything to do with attacking the Undertaker.”

He says that Kane is very delusional and that he doesn’t like caskets. He says that only God can judge him and not Kane (huge pop). Rey says he knows who attacked the Undertaker.

Drew McIntyre interrupts Rey. Drew speaks:
Drew says that where he comes from, those who wear masks are called criminals (loud boos). Drew says that Rey has pulled the wool over the public’s eyes. He goes on to ask Rey how could he allow innocent people like Swagger’s father and CM Punk get destroyed by Kane. Drew says that Rey needed help because he’s so small. Drew then says he could take out someone like Taker by himself. Drew asks Rey if he’s man enough to fight him. Rey starts rocking the Spanish and gets the crowd riled up as leaves the ring.


Matt Hardy vs Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Matt takes control with strikes and boots in the corner.
  • Matt hits his corner clothesline and bulldog combo. Pin attempt. Kickout.


  • Matt Hardy dominates for a short time until DCR rocks him with the springboard Beautiful Disaster kick.
  • Matt sunset flips for a two-count then rolls him up for another two.
  • DCR with a nice release gourd buster.
  • Matt rallies with a side neck breaker, clothesline to a side-effect. Nearfall.
  • DCR hits a text book side russian legsweep.
  • In one spot DCR teases an Alabama Slam but Matt grabbed the ropes. DCR let him go and Matt hit his chin hard on the turnbuckle.
  • DCR hits the crossroads. Pin attempt. One…two…three.

WINNER: Dashing Cody Rhodes

–Good match. DCR looks like a natural in his new role and yes, I do realize I mention this every week. I anticipate him getting gold after next year’s Wrestlemania. I like how the Striker mentions that Matt is one win away from Championship considerations. Commentary like that adds importance to the match.

Cena’s Legendary trailer

–I’m guessing Cena coaches a kid to victory in high school wrestling. No guns. Loads of inspiration. Glad the WWE film division is going for something different.


Alberto Del Rio Promo
The enlightened man promo from last week airs.

CUT TO THE BACK: Rosa Mendez is talking to Teddy Long. LayCool tells her to beat it. LayCool complain to Teddy that they can’t give up their titles. Teddy says that only one of them is going to wear the title. They sort of whine and argue and ‘accidentally’ crack the title apart.

Vicky introduces her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler.


Intercontinental Championship: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Kofi ducks a clothesline and hits Dolph with kicks.
  • Kofi hits a nice hard clothesline on Ziggler on the outside.
  • Ziggler controls with strikes and methodical wear down holds.
  • Kofi with a beautiful suicide dive through the ropes.


  • Ziggler regains momentum when he sidesteps and Kofi rams his own shoulder into the ring post.
  • Ziggler hits his version of Cena’s Throwback.
  • Ziggler and Vicky start making kissy faces at each other. Kofi then hits Trouble in Paradise.
  • Before the ref can make the count, Vicky distracts the ref.
  • Ziggler comes around and hits the Zig Zag reverse bulldog on Kofi.
  • He rolls him up. One…two..three.


  • Kofi attacks Ziggler and throws him out of the ring to the crowds delight.
  • Kofi slams him on the table and then dumps him off.
  • Kofi rams Ziggler’s head into the steel steps over and over.
  • He then rams Ziggler face forward into the front of the steel steps.

–At the beginning of the match, Todd Grisham mentioned some of the great IC champs of the past; Pat Patterson, Chris Jericho, Ricky Steamboat and Shawn Michaels. The WWE announcers need to do this for every title match. It made this match important and added a lot of meaning to Ziggler’s victory.

Nice heel victory fare here. Personally, I’d like to see Kofi lose his rematch and just focus on the world title scene. Smackdown’s path to the throne isn’t very crowded. Since Undertaker works half the year and CM Punk injured, there’s some room for an up and coming star like Kofi to make a splash. Kane’s reign is definitely transitional and Rey definitely is over without a belt.


CM Punk and the S.E.S. walk out. Punk has a mic:

I have a accomplished a great many things in my life. Outstanding things in my career. I’ve accomplish things you people couldn’t grasp. Things you people couldn’t attain. Things like sobriety for instance. Things you could never understand like becoming the first and only three time straight edge world heavyweight champion. Things like competing in back to back Money in the Bank ladder matches at Wrestlemania and winning.

The closest people like you come to Wrestlemania is buying a ticket to see yours truly. I’ve never been more proud than last week. When the Straight Edge Society formed such a cohesive unit that we toppled the giant of the WWE Universe, the burbling Big Show. And right now there’s nothing I would like more than to watch the footage:

They show pictures of last week’s S.E.S. beatdown on Big Show.

Punk narrates the first freeze frame. He talks about breaking Big Show’s hand. He says it’s a 50/50 chance of signing another autograph.

They freeze the frame.

Joseph Mathews gets on the mic and brags, “We brought the Big Show down!”
The S.E.S. start celebrating.
Punk interrupts them and tells them that he doesn’t remember telling any of them that they can be happy. He tells them to get on their knees.

You see, what I said last week I meant. And it stands today, and it stands tomorrow. It stands…FOREVER. See I’ve come to learn that your happiness is weakness. When your happy you let me down. And when you let me down, you slip. And when you slip, and you fall and if you show weakness even if for one…single…second…you might was well be falling off the wagon.

You might as well be like ALL OF THESE PEOPLE here today (boos). I will not tolerate your weakness. I will not tolerate you slipping. I will not tolerate you falling off the wagon because if you do – you PACK YOUR BAGS! You might as well pack them filled with alcohol for all I care. Stand up!

From now on you will be better! You will be better than everybody. (To Luke) You will be better! (To Joey) You will be better! (To Serena) You…will be better.

And you’ll be happy when I say you’re happy. And look at me, just remember…satisfaction is the death of desire.

–Another grand slam promo by CM Punk. Joey Mathew’s expressions were gold here. He totally killed the scolded little boy look. Nothing more to say about this than the fact that it’s the second week in a row where CM Punk gives an uncanny performance. I agree with his buddy, Colt Cabana, CM Punk should be given a decent role in one of WWE’s future films.


Six Man Tag Match: S.E.S. vs JTG & Chris Masters & MVP

  • Luke starts off with JTG.
  • JTG gets a flurry of offense in and tags in MVP.
  • Gallows controls with power moves and tags in Joey Mathews.
  • Luke and Joey make quick tags to keep the momentum.
  • Punk kicks MVP in the back of the head which is followed by a HUGE boot by Luke Gallows.
  • Pin attempt. One…two…three.


–Nice win for the S.E.S. Punk was still effective at the end with his injured right elbow. Masters didn’t even get any ringtime and I’m okay with that. It’ll be interesting to see how the storyline progresses next week before Summerslam.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips

This week is about unibrows. Cody teaches us how to “browscape”. He talks about combing them after grooming them with tweezers. Now we’re another step closer to “dashing”.

–Excellence from DCR and knowing is half the battle.


Kane Promo
Kane is in an atmospheric room adorned with purple curtains and red candles. Kane addresses Rey and tells him he’s going to stuff him into the casket and that the darkness will consume Rey forever.

–Seriously. If Kane ends up feuding with Undertaker I’m going to be extremely disappointed. I would rather see Vicky give birth to a hand than seeing Kane end up being the assailant. Real talk! Oh wait…


Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio

  • Rey starts off with leg kicks. Drew rushes Rey but Rey sidesteps to Drew’s frustration.
  • Rey plays el matador with Drew, “olé” chants included.
  • Drew catches Rey with a knee.
  • Rey fights back and leg scissors Drew to set him up for the 619.
  • Drew rolls outside but Rey slingshots onto Drew outside.
  • Rey hits a nice kick to Drew’s arm.
  • Hard clothesline by Drew. Cover. One…kickout.
  • Rey comes back with a headscissors takedown then sends Drew to the outside.
  • Rey goes full on classic-ECW on Drew. Rey runs along the ring apron and jumps and rocks a hurracurrana that sends Drew crashing into the barrier. Fresh!


  • Both men are back in the ring.
  • Drew hits a nasty turnbuckle powerbomb on Rey.
  • Drew then goes full methodical heel with wear down holds and stomps.
  • Drew counters a wheelbarrow bulldog into a reverse gourd buster.
  • Drew hits a huge gorilla press inverted backbreaker on his knee.
  • Rey executes a very lovely headscissors into a tornado DDT.
  • Rey with a springboard high cross body. Cover. One…two…kickout.
  • Drew with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Pinfall attempt. One…two…kickout.
  • Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT, Rey wiggles out, drop kicks Drew’s knee as he falls into the ropes positioned for the 619.
  • Drew rolls backwards. Rey springboards but is caught on Drew’s shoulders.
  • Rey spins around, slides down and rolls Drew up for the cover.
  • One…two…three.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio

Rey grabs the mic but is interrupted by Kane.

Kane walks out pushing a casket.

Drew attacks Rey from behind. Kane chases Drew off. Kane approaches Rey and he backs up and his foot ends up in the casket. It freaks Rey out and he heads to the stage.

Rey picks up a mic:

It wasn’t me who took out the Undertaker. It was you, Kane. It was you!

Kane smiles but then angrily breaks down in denial. He starts mouthing “I love my brother” over and over again.

–Good match with a great finish. If anything, this gave Drew some major rub since he looked very credible against a top tier wrestler in Rey Mysterio. I still don’t like Drew but I do see a lot of progress in his skills every week.

So Kane’s a schizophrenic now. Great. Like I said before, if Kane ends up being the person who took out the Undertaker I’ll be disappointed. His character hasn’t been this hot in a decade and it would be shame to kill this momentum so soon when some intriguing feuds can be made with a tweener-fan favorite Kane. Undertaker only wrestles for half a year and it would be a shame to waste this opportunity with a match/feud that the WWE Universe has already seen and already knows the inevitable outcome of.

Overall, this was another excellent episode.

  • The Dashing Cody Rhodes beauty segment was solid.
  • This is the first week where they didn’t have a new Alberto Del Rio promo.
  • LayCool teased with some drama but played it off well with a cracked Women’s Title belt.
  • Loved the crowd’s “Olé” chants. I hope this happens again.
  • No Jack Swagger tonight, which makes the Gulf of Mexico incident more of a big deal. I’m sure he’ll make a huge impression on next week’s Smackdown.
  • Again CM Punk is the MVP of Smackdown for this week. The promo was on-point and it makes the Big Show vs S.E.S. match at Summerslam a lot more interesting than it needs to be.

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