if you haven’t watched the show yet, forward 20mins in and you should be fine.

The show opens with Striker bringing out the 6 remaining rookies. So the challenge tonight… a fucking kissing contest. Fuck you WWE. Striker then has McCool and Layla come down to the ring. Dude, you’re going to piss off Taker! Haha This is stupid. They make it seem like they are going to kiss the rookies but then bring out this big ass bitch who’s got some shit on her lips. What the fuck am I watching here?!?!

Harris goes first and leans her over and kisses this bitch. Looked like he was going to try to get out of it but Layla and McCool weren’t giving up the mics.

Hennig licks her face. What the fuck man…

Lucky kisses her a couple of times.

Percy is gay so he doesn’t kiss her… oh wait I mean barely kisses her but only because Harris pushes his head into this fat bitch. He had the best facial expressions of them all.

Kaval looks like he’s gonna shit himself. He keeps mouthing “save me”. Haha WAIT!? Layla ends up kissing Kaval, you lucky motherfucker you!!!! Kaval then kisses the fat chick by laying a wet one on her. Nasty up dude, you kissed Layla fucker!

Riley sucks face with this chick then falls to his back. Haha

The fat chick picks Lucky Cannon… and apparently he doesn’t win shit for this as McCool and Layla make fun of the shit these dudes just caught.

Once again, fuck you WWE…

Husky Harris w/Dashing Cody Rhodes beat Kaval w/Layla & McCool. Rematch from last week that ends the same way, with Kaval losing. I do like Harris but not at the expense of Kaval. Really, what is the incentive

Video package of Miz talking about Hennig and how he is walking in “daddy’s footsteps”. This then gets shot to a backstage interview with Hennig and Kofi. Hennig challenges Miz. Lucky w/Henry then comes out and they both want Miz. Miz out on the stage says they both need to wrestle each first. Kofi says yeah they both need to fight each other but Miz has to fight the winner tonight. Kofi and Miz argue but ultimately, Miz agrees.

Michael McGillicutty w/Kofi beat Lucky Cannon w/Mark Henry with the swinging neck breaker in quick fashion going to 6-0.

Striker puts the pros on the spot by asking them which of them is doing the worst job…

Kofi says Layla and McCool cause they have Kaval who’s the closest thing to a ninja coming out in a pink snuggie. Haha

McCool & Layla say its Kofi cause people like Kaval’s pink shirt…

Henry says its Ryder cause he’s rookie got eliminated fist.

Rhodes says its Kofi.

Ryder is about to say who is but the Miz comes out and says they are ALL the worst pros. Morrison banters with Miz which is starting to feel uncomfortable…

Watson in a video package says he has a problem with Riley for talking down to people.

Alex Riley w/Miz beat Percy Watson w/MVP. Both had a few good moments in the match.

United States Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley beat Michael McGillicutty w/Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston with the SCF. Match started off with a good chain wrestling exchange. Match was decent between these two, I’d watch another match with both of them.

Ok show that started with a horrible 20mins of shit. Next week someone gets eliminated and hopefully its Lucky Cannon.

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One Response to “08-02-10 WWE NXT SEASON 2 REVIEW”

  1. Great Puma Says:

    Kofi’s ninja comment about Kaval was classic. If that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what is.

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