Cena’s team continues to fall apart, Jericho and Edge hug it out and the Diva’s get a returning former champion…

Oh great we get to see clips of ass clown John Cena’s NEXT movie… whoopee fuckin’ do..

Edge comes out to the ring, he says he needs to stick with what he feels and he’s only trusting himself. He’s blaming listening to the fans when he came back at the Rumble… uh I thought it was “your plan” and you were setting us up, now he’s blaming the fans…? He said he cant trust his team but he does challenge Wade 1 on 1 because the Nexus does need to be taken out. Truth comes down and tries to talk Edge into believe that they are all fighting for the same shit so they have to fight together. Edge isn’t having it and said he’s going to take the head off the snake tonight. Fucking GM sends an me, the GM says that if Edge wants Truth out of the ring than Truth needs to leave because Edge is getting his match with Barrett next. Truth leaves but warns Edge that he is doing this on his own.

Edge vs. Wade Barrett ends in a no contest. Mostly a ground and pound with Wade on top for the most part which lead to a “let’s go Edge” chant. Edge fights back and goes to hit the spear but Barrett jumps out of the ring. Wade then calls Nexus who run out to ringside. Edge runs through the crowd and escapes.

In the back Edge is looking for Cena when he finds him. He’s pissed cause he didn’t come out to help Edge. Cena said he was listening to Edge who said he can do it on his own. Edge then quits the team. Jericho is then standing next to Cena who tells Cena that if anyone needs to quit, its Cena. How the only way the RAW team will win is without Cena. Jericho wants a “loser leaves the RAW team” match tonight. Cena tries to talk Jericho out of it but ends up reluctantly agreeing to the match.

They show Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect footage from SummerSlam 91. Such a dope match, if you haven’t see it do yourself a favor. So impressive that Hennig did this match with a fucked up back and put over Bret hard.

Khali in the back with Morrison who’s telling him that if the 7 don’t stick together they have no chance. Khali (through Runjin) makes a joke about 7 dwarfs. Otunga and Tarver show up after Morrison leaves. They tell Khali that they didn’t attack him because they respect him. Also that he should be weary because Cena will replace him if he loses his match against DiBiase tonight which doesn’t sound like respect to them. They tell him the door is always open with the Nexus. Khali is a horrible actor.

Fox, Tamina and Jillian beat Gail Kim, Eve and Natalya when Fox pins Natalya. Chicks were hitting HARD tonight.

After the match Fox gloats while the other diva’s after from ringside. She said there is no diva on the roster who could beat her. Melina then comes out and Fox cant run as the other chicks throw her back in. Melina fucks her up but then finishes her off with that lame split legged thing she does.

WWE Champion Sheamus beat Goldust. I actually wrote this before the match started. I mean come on I like Goldust but they aren’t giving him the match even with the ECW footage they showed of Goldust and Sheamus’ feud. Yup, Sheamus beats him with the Razor’s Edge. After the match Sheamus gloats about feuding with Goldust a year ago and how now he is dominant. He talks shit about Orton, Miz and then HHH. God, please don’t bring this fucker back yet!

I haven’t said it in a while but fuck do I HATE that god damned spinner WWE Title belt.

John Cena beat Chris Jericho. Good match for Jericho, he looked solid. Jericho taps out even before Cena got the STF on fully. Cena looks confused at Jericho tapping so quick. After the match Cena gets on the mic and says he doesn’t want Jericho off the team that he is the best at what he does. Jericho stands in the aisle looking confused. Jericho then takes a few steps towards the ring and gets huge pop but then shakes his head and heads up the ramp and to the back.

In the back Edge is in his locker room when Jericho walks in. Edge doesn’t blame Jericho for what he did and how he respect Jericho. Jericho respects the fact that Edge quit the team. These fools have a heart to heart how they can own the place if they work together and they hug it out! All of a sudden an email comes in and the GM says Edge & Jericho will take on Cena & Bret Hart with all 7 members of Nexus at ringside as lumberjacks. They aren’t happy about it.

Josh in the back with Orton. He’s asked about Sheamus and what he said about HHH and taking him out. Orton said he isn’t the only one who’s taken HHH out. And that at SummerSlam its his turn.

How the fuck did they get Danny Glover to do a movie with fucking John Cena!?!? Oh Christ Cena is teaching this kid how to amateur wrestle. Hopefully Cena doesn’t fuck up his back. I guess that would fuck up the movie. Haha

Great Khali w/Runjin beat Ted DiBiase w/Maryse. Khali manhandled Ted for most of the match. During the match Wade and Sheffield come down and distract Ted which sets up for Khali’s head squash for the win. This is odd, did they really give that match to KHALI!?

They show a video bit with Marky Mark, Ron Burgundy and the Bella’s. Marky’s trying to get Burgundy’s sloppy seconds.

Randy Orton beat United States Champion The Miz with RKO. Before the match Miz says Orton made a mistake last week because of what he did to him. He then warns Orton that if he wins at SummerSlam he will cash in on him. During the early goings of the match Sheamus shows up to the stage to watch the match. Good match which shows Miz is ready for the main event. After the match Sheamus goes to run into the ring but holds back when Orton does his fist stompy thing that fucked up his arm a few months back.

Good show I thought for a RAW that was pre taped. Looking forward to seeing SummerSlam in person… oh wait that’s not happening anymore. Ugh.

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