Smackdown Thoughts & Review [7. 30. 10]


Kane is out in the ring with a casket.
He says his bro, The Undertaker, opened his eyes and said two words, “Rey Mysterio”, before going back to his vegetative state. Kane goes on to say how he’s going to put Rey Mysterio into a casket.

–I wish they’d build up to Kane and Taker vs the Nexus or something. I’m going to hate the WWE for turning this whole angle into an eventual Kane vs Taker match.

Drew McIntyre vs Christian

  • Christian back body drops Drew to the outside.
  • Christian dropkicks Drew HARD into the edge of the ring apron.
  • Drew crawls under the ring. Christian chases him and Drew pulls Christian’s arm and rams his shoulder into the scaffolding on the side of the ring.
  • Drew shoulder blocks Christian and Christian falls to the outside.


  • Christian hits a nice neck breaker drop on the ropes.
  • High cross body by Christian from the top turnbuckle. Drew reverses for a two count.
  • Christian hits his falling reverse DDT.
  • Drew attacks Christian’s arm.
  • Drew comes off the top turnbuckle only to be greeted by Christian’s boots to his face.
  • Christian with a sunset flip. One..two…kickout.
  • Christian hits his Flashpoint Flying Uppercut from the second turnbuckle.
  • Christian primes himself for the Killswitch but Drew rams his shoulder into post.
  • Drew goes for the Futureshock DDT but Christian rolls Drew up with a small package. One…two…three.

WINNER: Christian

–Lovely little match. The story of Christian’s injured right shoulder and arm was done really well. The bump Drew took into the ring apron sold the dropkick really strong. Seeing a non-finisher pinfall is always welcome booking in my opinion. Someone give Christian a title already.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
DCR talks about good complexion and wearing a facial mask to save your skin. Clearing your pores is essential.

–Solid. If there’s anybody giving Kane a run for his money with a character re-boot it’s Dashing Cody Rhodes. Great ring work plus great character equals wrestling gold in my book.


Alberto Del Rio Promo
Alberto is about to do a trick shot on a pool table. He discusses excellence. They actually cut for a small moment to show the WWE audience watching the clip. And of course he makes the trick shot. Yay!

“Excellence is an attribute that is the beyond the reach of ordinary men. There are those who will strive for it but fail. And there are those who aspire for it and fail. And then, there are those who are the elite in everything they do. I’m such a man. The epitome of excellence. Alberto Del Rio.”

–Another well-produced promo from the Del Rio and the WWE. Whether you understand Spanish or not, a true WWE fan should be excited for his arrival.


CUT TO THE BACK: CM “Derek Vinyard” Punk is berating the S.E.S. in the back.

“Who’s gonna let me down tonight? Huh? Is it you? No it’s you isn’t it. It’s you. You’re gonna let me down tonight, aren’t you, Serena. No? Lemme smell your breath. LET ME SMELL YOUR BREATH. [She obliges as Punk takes a whiff]

Well, thank you for showing up to work sober tonight. Well how bout you, Joseph. I didn’t see you lift a finger when that mongoloid Big Show was tearing my mask off my face. [Luke chimes in with a “yeah.” Punk turns his attention to him.]

I’m sorry did you say something? Huh? It sounded to me like incompetence. And speaking of incompetence – YOURS dates all the way back to Wrestlemania! You’re the reason I was wearing a mask in the first place! And what about this? Huh!? [Punk lifts up his sling.] See that? It’s a sling. You see it? Look at it! Cuz this is the reason that I couldn’t stop Big Show from tearing off my mask. If I wasn’t wearing this sling I would have stopped him myself. [Joey retorts, “Well he took my mask off too.]

I’m sorry, ‘He took my mask off too. He took my mask off too.’ [Punk mocks Mercury/Mathews.] Do you want a tissue, Joey? Do you have a tissue, Serena? Cuz the crybaby needs one. There is one person standing in this room right now that when he walks out this door will be okay…and it’s me. Without me none of you survive here. You couldn’t stop Kane from injuring my arm. You couldn’t stop Rey Mysterio from shaving my head. You couldn’t stop the Big Show from tearing off my mask. [Punk gets in each of their faces] You’re nothing. You’re nothing. Without me, YOU are nothing! All of you are nothing. So do SOMETHING!!!

[Punk throws a couch pillow at Gallows] Because if you don’t, you can all pack your bags.”

— Holy shit. This is Punk’s defining moment right here. This will be on a CM Punk retrospective DVD if and when he finally gets one. This is probably one of the best backstage segments I’ve seen on Smackdown in a long time. I’m probably exaggerating, but that was one of Punk’s finest performances. And no, I’m not a member of the S.E.S. Punk was reaching the Rock levels when he started imitating Joey Mathews. You could tell Serena and Joey wanted to die laughing as soon as the cameras went off.


Big Show vs Luke Gallows

  • Luke starts the match off hot.
  • Show quickly stops the momentum with vicious body blows and chops.
  • Show gets Luke in the corner and asks Tony Chimmel to bring a microphone over to amplify one of his GIANT chest chops. The audience responds appropriately with a huge “OOOH”.
  • Show goozles Luke out of the ring and pursues him.
  • Punk and the rest of the S.E.S. attack Show on the outside.

WINNER: Big Show via DQ.

The S.E.S. ram Show into the steel ring steps. Punk and Serena stomp on Big Show’s hand against the steel steps. Show passes out from the pain and the S.E.S. head to the back.

–Decent match. Love the ending. Very glad the S.E.S. got a little payback after Punk’s brilliant promo.


Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Kofi and Dolph start off with some strong mat wrestling.
  • Kofi hits a nice monkey flip on Ziggler.
  • Kofi with a huge eurocut. Pin attempt. One…two…kickout.
  • Ziggler gains control and hits a few hard bodyslams.
  • Kofi with a nice rana with his back to the mat to send Ziggler into the ropes.
  • Kofi snaps Kofi’s neck on the top rope.
  • Ziggler hits a very nice inverted powerslam. Lovely.


  • Ziggler with a textbook spinning neckbreaker.
  • Kofi rallies but Ziggler stops his momentum and hits a famouser leg drop.
  • Vicky slaps Kofi HARD from the outside. This wakes Kofi up.
  • Kofi with a Thesz Press on Zigglernad goes to town with face blows.
  • Kofi throws the ref off and gets DQ’d.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

  • Kofi throws Ziggler on the table and rams his head into it.
  • Kofi rams Ziggler’s body into the side rail.
  • The refs try to hold Kofi back.

–They sort of did this whole ‘awakening the madmen within Kofi’ already when he feuded with Randy Orton on RAW. I like it but will it elevate Kofi to the main event level, which he has been ready for the past year? Match was decent for what it was. Let’s hope this pushes Kofi’s character way past the midcard. The dude deserves it.


CUT TO THE BACK: Josh Mathews interviews Jack Swagger. Swagger talks about breaking Rey Mysterio’s limbs in their upcoming DQ match. He talks about throwing Mysterio into the Gulf of Mexico. He also called him a ‘dirty little tequila worm’. Wow.

–Not Swagger’s best promo but it made a point.

Tiffany and Kelly Kelly are walking through the back. They run into Rosa Mendez doing hindu squats.


Women’s Title Match: Layla vs Tiffany

  • Vicky Guerrero interrupts. She declares the title will be defended by McCool.
  • McCool starts doing pushups.
  • Tiffany hits a huge dropkick while McTaker was still on her knees.
  • Tiffany with a giant superplex! Pin attempt. One…two…kickout.
  • Tiffany bounces off the ropes and Layla grabs her ankle.
  • Tiffany goes to the top. McCool sweeps her leg.
  • McCool grabs Tiffany upside down and slams her down with the Styles Clash. One…two…three.


Alberto Del Rio promo

“People who want things. Who want the nice house. The great job. Deep down you all have the power to get these things. But you don’t. Why? Because you are mentally constipated. You keep all your ambitions bottled up, unable to come out. But not me. Not me. I achieve everything I set my mind to. I am not bound by limitations. Or imprisoned by insecurities. I’m an enlightened man. Alberto Del Rio.”

–When is he going to debut?


NO DQ Match: Jack Swagger vs Rey Mysterio

  • Swagger controls early.
  • Swagger misses a Swagger bomb and Rey hits him with a dropkick.
  • Early 619 attempt but Swagger rolls out of the ring.
  • Swagger tries to slap on an ankle lock but Rey pulls him into the steel steps.


  • Rey knocks Swagger off the top rope.
  • Rey with a seated senton from the top turnbuckle.
  • Swagger dodges a high cross body.
  • Rey with a very nice baseball slide hurracurrana that sends Swagger’s face to the guard rail.
  • Swagger flap jacks Rey on the guard rail and throws him over.
  • Rey drops Swagger’s head onto a rail deep into the crowd.
  • Rey with a hard roundhouse to Swagger’s back.
  • Rey climbs a flight of stairs and jumps off a railing for another hurracurrana.
  • COUNTER by Swagger. Swagger powerbombs Rey TWICE into the railing.
  • Rey falls limp to the floor.
  • Swagger slams him against a corridor wall and then over the merchandise table.
  • Swagger throws Rey to the outside of the arena.
  • Swagger rubs Rey’s face in an oldschool aluminum guard rail.
  • Both men are crossing a driveway next to the arena.
  • Swagger is kicks Rey in the middle of the street.
  • Rey fights back with a vicious kick.
  • Rey throws Swagger over onto the shore.
  • Rey climbs over the ledge and hits Swagger with a seated senton.
  • Rey kicks Swagger again over and over.
  • Swagger gabs his leg and starts goes with ground and pound.
  • Swagger gets Rey in a fireman’s carry and walks toward’s the water.
  • Rey counters with a headscissors that sends Swagger into the gulf.
  • Rey is about to leave but KANE pops up like frikken Michael Myers!!!
  • Kane chokeslams Rey into the gulf as well.

End of show.

–Very awesome directing on the WWE’s part with Kane’s chokeslam finale. That looked like a horror movie in a lot of ways. The match itself was brutal. Like I’ve written before – Swagger vs Rey is pro wrestling gold. I can watch these two feud for another few months.

–Another solid effort from Smackdown. This show continues to be must see Pro Wrestling without a hot angle like ‘The Nexus vs the WWE’. They’re giving detail and attention to all the major feuds of the show. Everybody has a strong purpose and the matches have been very solid.

I realize the Undertaker angle is the A-storyline but I’m more intrigued with Big Show’s feud with the S.E.S. Both men, Punk and Show, have brought their A-games when it comes to their in-ring performances and rocking the mic. Not sure if this leads to a confrontation at Summerslam, but I look forward to tuning in to see what they’re going to do to each other every week.

This week I was treated with the sight of the Big Show passing out, two wrestlers thrown into the Gulf of Mexico, an awesome CM Punk promo and another grooming tip by Dashing Cody Rhodes. You can’t get better than that.

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2 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [7. 30. 10]”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Punk’s promo was the best of the night.

    Show’s mic’ing of his chop was new.

    Swagger calling Rey a little tequila worm made me laugh.

    Layla’s ass… god damn!

    I want more of this Swagger vs. Mysterio feud. I’m digging it. Swagger yelling at the driver in the street was funny.

    Tilt a whirl into the ocean was a great spot as was the choke slam into it… but not as much as the Tilt a Whirl.

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