Scott Lost Retirement Match Tonight!


We normally don’t cover the indies here at FighterHayabusa, but if and when we do, it’s probably because we really believe in, and truly enjoy the promotion.  We’ve always felt there are enough sites out there that cover what goes on in the indies but when it comes to PWG’s Scott Lost, we’ll support the guy time and time again.

Tonight, one of Southern California’s greatest ring technicians is going to retire. Scott Lost, in his final pro wrestling match, is wrestling Scorpio Sky at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s “Seven” tonight. If you’ve seen him in action you don’t need to read this article to know how good of a pro wrestler he is.

Back around 1999 the two writers of FighterHayabusa trained at Rick Bassman’s UPW training center in Orange County.  Scott Lost was the guy that stood out of all the dudes when it came to pro wrestling knowledge. We fancied ourselves as pretty big wrestling geeks but Scott could definitely hang. He spoke of Eddie Guerrero’s pin counters and how Matt Hardy could sell his ass off. It was nice to hear someone else speak about the un-celebrated acts and nuances of the wrestling business. We all wanted to be pro wrestlers, but Scott Lost was destined to become one. He picked up everything really quick. He had a trampoline in his backyard. He was a west coast Hardy Boy if you will.

A year later, we quit and moved on with our young adult lives, but Scott Lost kept at it and was soon wrestling for UPW as one-half of the Lost Boyz. He’s had quite a career and has wrestled against or with a list of names that would be considered a who’s who of the pro wrestling world today. He has wrestled in the ECWA Super 8 tournament, Ring of Honor, Chikara and Japan. From Samoa Joe (we all trained with him at UPW) and Bryan Danielson, to Christopher Daniels and the Great Muta, Scott Lost has been in the ring with some of the best pro wrestlers of our generation.

Scott Lost, thank you for all your sacrifice and good luck.

Here are some video treats of Scott Lost in action.

PWG 2009 BOLA Profile: Scott Lost

The Top Ten Moves of Scott Lost

*UPDATE: Scott Lost vs Scorpio Sky was the fourth match on the card before intermission.  Scorpio Sky defeated Scott Lost.
From pwtorch:

Before the match, fans threw purple and gold streamers into the ring for Lost, who is a noted Lakers fan. After the match, Lost gave a farewell speech noting he didn’t want to wrestle past the age of 30, which is why he’s retiring.

From 411:

Scorpio Sky d. Scott Lost via KICK TO THE HEAD?!?
Scott Lost hit Scorpio with a drop kick early. He grabbed streamers thrown for his going away party and flung them as he hit the move, making it look so much more awesome.

Scorpio wound up hitting his finisher twice before a screwed referee’s count(He counted two and made his hand softly hit the mat for three, when it shoulda been a three count) which made the kick to the face finish anti-climatic. Lots of near falls. I felt the match started out slow but picked up steam as it went. Neither man was really at a loss, step wise in the ring. Quite a few high spots. Big spot was a belly to belly suplex from inside to outside the ring.

Scott Lost got on the mic and said that he promised his family if he wasn’t supporting himself completely through wrestling by the time he was thirty, he promised he’d quit. But he also said tomorrow he has an announcement to make on twitter, wrestling related. So who knows.

*Pics courtesy of Swindle Magazine and PWG.


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2 Responses to “Scott Lost Retirement Match Tonight!”

  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Thanks for writing this piece Puma.

    Indie wrestling is losing an extremely talented individual. All I can say is at least he is leaving on his own terms.

    • Great Puma Says:

      You welcome and thanks, MDF.

      Very true. Like many talented wrestlers before him, It’s a shame he didn’t make it to the ‘show’. That being said, I’m sure Scott Lost is very satisfied with the career and imprint he has left in pro wrestling.

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