Someone is going home tonight!

Striker brings the rookies out to start off the show. Cottonwood is wearing a shirt that just says “mustache”. He gives the rookies a minute to talk about anything except themselves…

Lucky talks about friends and not having them and gets booed.

Cottonwood talks about eyes and how he can look Kane, Show and Takers eyes. Stupid.

Harris’ topic is husky. His subject actually turns to “looks like Tarzan but fights like Jane”, ok promo.

Kaval’s topic is dreams and how his dream is being in the WWE. He pauses for a bit then brings up being Lo-Ki. It was just ok.

Hennig is asked what his topic is but says he’ll get to that later. He brings up his win last week and the video package where Miz calls him “mediocre”, he calls Miz out. Miz says until he gets a contract it aint happening so get can continue to be a rookie and a wannabe.

Riley’s topic Starbucks. He then goes off about how if it was up to the Pro’s he would be the only choice not a guy doing a Morgan Freeman imitation (Kaval) or a bad Eddie Murphy (Watson). He says that in this WWE Universe, in the NXT galaxy he is the Sun (dope) just surround by a bunch of Starbuck employees. Best so far.

Watson’s topic is having a good time. He does his typical Watson thing…

Watson video package is show with Pro’s opinions. Positive though focused on his character mostly.

Percy Watson w/MVP beat Zack Ryder with a dropkick splash. Watson ends up being the first rookie to beat a Pro. Match was short, eh ok I guess.

Morrison with Cottonwood in the back, he replays Eli’s obstacle course try from last week. John is trying not to laugh and says people are calling him “Eli Rottenwood”. Eli tries to do comedy here but uh yeah he ain’t good at that shit either.

Michael McGillicutty w/Kofi Kingston beats Eli Cottonwood w/John Morrison with the swinging neckbreaker to go to 5-0. Good match for Hennig, not so much for Cottonwood.

New chick Ashley in the back intro’ing the Kaval video package. Cody gets the comment of the night saying, “if we lived in a fair world, Kaval would be the next break out star”…. Too bad we don’t.

Kaval in the back with Layla and McCool when Harris walks into him to talk shit. Harris is on point on promo work. Kaval laughs Harris off and walks off with his chicky’s.

Harris w/Cody Rhodes beats Kaval w/Layla & McCool when Kaval was checking on Layla and McCool when they got shoved off the ring apron. Good match. I dig Harris, he’s my dark horse.

Striker is at ringside with the rookies and its elimination time.

#1 Hennig

#2 Kaval

#3 Riley

#4 Watson

#5 Cannon…Really!?

#6 Harris

#7 Cottonwood is going home!

Striker gives Cottonwood a sec to say something. He then attacks Harris while the other rookies try to stop him. Eli then takes off up the stage and pushes Morrison before he goes back stage.

Harris is asked about being close to being eliminated and what’s not connecting. He said they’ve watched what he’s been doing and if they don’t like that he doesn’t know what they will like.

Hennig is asked about his #1 spot and not needing to use his immunity from last week. He said he will be undefeated and he will go undefeated.

Riley is asked about Cottonwood jumping him just now. He said he’s not worried and that he’s better than #1 and #2.

Riley and Hennig then go at it. Cottonwood then comes back out and attacks Harris again and the show ends as Eli takes out Cannon.

Glad Cottonwood is gone, now if they could only get rid of Cannon…

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