Smackdown Thoughts & Review [7. 23. 10]


I apologize for this being a few days late, which almost makes it moot. I was on the road at the always awesome SDCC and wasn’t able watch Smackdown. And yes, I’m still very bitter I wasn’t able to come home with a 19 inch Galactus figure. Grrr.

Kane comes out the ring wearing the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist.

He talks about his Money in the Bank victory and how he won the World Heavyweight Championship from Rey Mysterio.  Dramatic film score music plays in the background while Kane speaks.  He says that he brought the title back where it belongs, to the dark side.  Undertaker’s assailant is still at large and that Kane will have vengeance.  Kane Flame On.

–The background music was an excellent touch.  Kane is more compelling than ever right now.

Christian & Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre & Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Nice flapjack by Christian on DCR.
  • Christian hit a beautiful flying splash off the Matt Hardy’s back.


  • DCR does a solid dropkick to Christian’s back.
  • Very dope Alabama Slam escape to a roll up to a double clothesline by DCR and Christian.
  • Matt does an interesting Side-Effect where he drops Drew’s head in a modified Side-Effect reverse DDT position.
  • Matt accidently forearms Christian, Side-Effects DCR but then gets a huge boot from Drew.
  • Pinfall.  1…2…3.


After the match, Christian and Matt shake hands after a long pause.

–Decent match that pushed the eventual feud between Matt and Christian forward.  DCR is solid.


Alberto Del Rio Promo
The passion promo from last week airs.

CUT TO THE BACK:  LayCool are in the back celebrating.  They give each other “Best Friends” pendants.  Wow.  Teddy Long informs them that Layla will be defending their title against Tiffany.  Real talk.

They show Kofi and his rookie, Mike McGullicutty walking towards the ring.


Non-Title match:  Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Ziggler dominates early.
  • Kofi shows signs of feeling the effects of his MITB participation.
  • In a weird sequence, Kofi is tossed out of the ring.
  • McGullicutty checks on Kofi and Vicky Guerrero and Dolph convince the ref to ban him from ringside.


  • Ziggler continues to control the match.
  • Kofi hits a nice backslide for a two count.
  • Kofi skins the cat but Vicky grabs his leg.
  • Ziggler hits
  • Ziggler stalls for the sleeper and locks it in with a grapevine.

WINNER: Ziggler via knockout.

–Good match.  I like how Kofi was selling his ribs throughout the whole match.  I also enjoyed seeing them give an NXT rookie a little more air time.


They replay Show’s unmasking of CM Punk in slow motion.

Big Show vs Luke Gallows Joey “Hooded Mystery Guy” Mathews/Mercury

  • Show chops the hell out of him.
  • Show grabs him by the throat and unmasks him.
  • Show KO’s Joey Mercury for the pinfall.

WINNER: Big Show.

–Love Stryker’s Giant Machine reference.  I hope the S.E.S. gets their revenge eventually.  As for now I love how Show is dismantling the S.E.S. piece by piece.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
DCR talks about grooming nose hairs with an infomercial soundtrack.

–Very entertaining.  DCR is definitely more comfortable in his new persona than Ted DiBiase Jr. is in his.


Alberto Del Rio Promo

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you ashamed of what you see?  Do you look at yourself and say “my goodness!  Look at me!  What happened?”?  That’s because most people are weak.  Weak in the body and the mind.  You, you take no pride in yourself.  I on the other hand, take tremendous pride in myself.  From the way I dress, to the way I talk to my physical appearance.  If you cannot love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?  I have no problem and say I do love myself and why?  Because I have the one thing most of you want but you will never have…pride.  I take pride in myself.  Alberto Del Rio.

–This time they showed the crowd watching the promo on the Smackdown Tron.  Another great promo.  This guy needs to debut soon though.  I haven’t seen this much hype since Taz’s glowing 13.

2 out of 3 falls: Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger

  • Rey is rocking the McDonalds colorway – yellow with red trim.
  • Rey hobbles up the stairs.
  • Rey goes for a quick rollup.  One count.
  • Rey and Swagger trade blows.  Rey hits leg kicks while Swagger gains the upper hand with clubbing forearm blows.
  • Rey with a splendid baseball that sends Swagger to the outside.


  • Swagger with a nice front headlock takedown.
  • Swagger controls with power moves.
  • Holy sh*t.  Swagger with an amazing northern lights overhead powerslam!?!
  • Swagger works on the body with stomps and a methodical leg scissors on Rey’s torso.
  • Swagger then works Rey’s right ankle and slams it into the ring post.
  • Rey almost catches Swagger with a springboard highcross body.  Pin attempt.  One…two…kickout.
  • Swagger counters Rey’s Wheelbarrow Bulldog into a vicious inverted powerbomb.
  • Swagger quickly flows into an ankle lock hold on Rey.

Rey grabs for the ropes but Swagger holds on past the five count (‘Bryanson’would have let it go at FIVE) and loses a fall with a DQ call.



  • Rey hits a nice head-scissors takedown from the top turnbuckle which leads to Swagger’s head perfectly in place for a 619 attempt.
  • Swagger grabs Rey’s legs and slaps on the ankle lock.  Rey taps.


  • Swagger pulls Rey out by his legs and powerbombs him on the floor.
  • Two Swagger Bombs.  Pin.  One…two…kickout.
  • Swagger goes for a third Swagger Bomb but is met with dual boots to the gut.

In a great sequence:

  • -Rey hits a seated senton from the top rope, winces and hobbles on his right ankle when he lands –
  • -Swagger hits Rey in the neck when he runs off the ropes, then goes for the gutwrench powerbomb, –
  • -Which Rey counters out of, via mid air cartwheel, lands and bounces off the ropes.
  • -Rey hits a very crazy looking crucifix pin that sends both men across the ring, –
  • -Which Swagger fights off for a quick pin attempt –
  • -before Rey counters Swagger’s pin attempt and rolls Swagger up.  One…two…three.


WINNER and Number One Contender: Rey Mysterio


  • Swagger goes for Rey’s ankle.  Kane comes down and chokeslams Swagger.
  • Kane then helps Rey up and raises Rey’s hand in victory to the crowd’s delight.
  • Kane comes back to the ring and tries to chokeslam Rey.
  • Rey counters with a headscissors and rocks Kane with a 619.
  • Rey doesn’t go for a West Coast Pop and immediately runs up the ramp as the show ends.

— Awesome awesome match.  I had to rewind Swagger’s modified powerslam more than a few times to analyze what exactly I was looking at.  I hope Swagger breaks that move out again…soon.

The match was perfectly built as it started out slow and ended with one of better pinfall sequences I’ve seen this year.  I really enjoyed the crucifix pin, which leaves me craving for more of Swagger vs Rey.

The ending of the show was also a nice surprise.  Kane’s run as a tweener is truly captivating.  Kane is supposed to be on the decline of his career but his character has never been more fresh and more entertaining.  I’m hoping the WWE doesn’t ruin this ethos Kane has created because someone needs to fill the shoes of the Undertaker, who seems ready to retire and ride McCool into the sunset.

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