Another challenge building up to an elimination next week…

Show starts with footage shot earlier of Matt Striker going through the obstacle course. That fool was blown up after that shit. Ha.

We go to the ring where MVP is doing his lounge segment. He’s brings out his rookie Percy Watson. MVP starts off pissed about what happened last week but understands what Watson was trying to do. Watson apologizes for last week and said he learned his lesson. They hug it out but then Striker comes out and announces there will be an elimination next week. Striker asks MVP why his rookie should be #1. He goes down why he should be then Watson is asked and runs down why he should be #1. Cody and Harris then come out, while Cody is looking at himself it looks like Harris is taking a shit. Striker asks Cody why Harris should be #1, he says he would be a good rep to the people cause he’s 300 pound like them but then calls him an arm tank. Harris says he’s real, not a cookie cutter muscle builder. He stutters over his words a little bit but I’m still pulling for this dude.

Video package on Cannon with the Pros giving their opinion. Partly negative with Miz calling him forgettable even though Henry talks positive about him.

Husky Harris & Cody Rhodes beat MVP and Percy Watson when Harris pins MVP. Ok match started a little slow but picked up a little bit towards the end. Cody’s kick is the fucking shit!

Video package on Hennig is shown. Cody and Miz aren’t that impressed but the others seems ok on him so far.

Lucky Cannon (without Henry who’s selling the injuries from last night) is asked why should be #1, he says he’s had the time of his life entertaining us and thanks us for this journey. Kiss ass.

Riley is asked next, he cuts a decent promo on himself. Miz says he knows what the fans want and they should vote for Riley because the future WWE Champion told you to.

Alex Riley w/The Miz beat Lucky Cannon in a quick short match. After the match Miz hits Cannon with the briefcase then hits the SCF on Cannon onto the case. Why is Michael Cole sucking Miz’s cock so much!?

Morrison is asked about Cottonwood, he says people want to watch him and that he’s a long term investment.

Cottonwood asks Striker who he’s going to vote for and intimidates him into saying Cottonwood. He says no one cause cause as much fear as him. But you sound like a mongoloid dude.

Layla & McCool are asked about Kaval, they run down a list of things he has plus he has them.

Kaval says he has the confidence to take on the WWE greats and the heart.

Kofi is asked about Hennig, he says he is the hungriest of them all and that he was born to do this. Kofi calls the fans the McGilla-Buddies… sweet jeebus… Hennig says he will win because he has the most talent pro to his talented rookie and makes reference to his “perfect” record in NXT.

Hennig goes first in the course, he does it in 26.7 seconds.

Riley has to do the balance beam again so he fucks up his time and does 40.3 secs. He then goes back and gets in the refs face for making him go back and do that part of the course.

Cottonwood stumbles thru most of the shit then the ref tries to stop him so he can go back and do the push ups again but he looks like he’s going to kick beat up the refs. He does 37.2 and gets DQ’d.

Cannon does 28.2

Kaval does 29.1 and was doing well until the end.

Watson does 31.5.

Harris goes right thru one of the walls instead of over. He then takes his time over the balance beeam and finishes in 50.3. The dude is a fucking tank! haha

Hennig wins the challenge and is immune from elimination next week.

Well next week I’m going either Cannon or Cottonwood going home next week.

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