Super hot show off the heels of The Money in the Bank pay per view! SummerSlam starts to take shape, Miz teases a cash-in and we have a big return… but not maybe the one you were hoping for…. read on suckas!

Randy Orton beat Chris Jericho and Edge in a Triple Threat match to become #1 contender at SummerSlam for the WWE Title. Good opening match which could have rightfully ended the show tonight. Crowd was hot for this shit! They are going to have an uphill battle for the next hour and a half after starting the show so hot.

After the commercial break, Edge is still in the ring pissed off and wants Jericho to come back out to the ring which he finally does. Edge goes off about how this has been going on for years and how it has to end tonight. Jericho says Nexus is there because of him and that all he has to do is snap his fingers and they will come out and take out Edge. Edge says he can offer Nexus a lot more especially when Jericho is claiming all of their success. Nexus then comes out to the ring… what the fuck is wrong with Young’s hairdo!? Wade tells them both that they would be lucky to have either one but that Jericho was ring that they’d end Edge’s career. All of a sudden the Edge beat down takes place with Jericho giving orders. HARDCORE spear by Sheffield. Jericho then gets the Walls of Jericho on as Nexus stares at Jericho. Wade then says that Edge was right and that they would like to shut up the person taking credit for their success. Jericho attacks Barrett but then Nexus attacks him too. Sheffield then holds him up and head butt the shit out of Jericho while yelling that he didn’t teach him anything. Otunga hits the Uranage and Nexus stands over him briefly before they leave to loud boos from the crowd. Good shit which could lead to Edge and Jericho teaming up once again.

In the back Nexus heads for their locker room when Wade is stopped by Josh Mathews. He asks if any of them can withstand the power of Mark Henry. Wade didn’t like that shit. He said he’s writing a new chapter and it doesn’t end well for Henry. Sheamus shows up and has a proposal for Wade but he’s not having it and heads back into the Nexus locker room.

Ass Clown Cena in the back is asked about this Nexus shit. He cuts a somber promo and wants to meet with Wade and Nexus in the ring tonight because if you cant beat them… then this fool walks off. Ok WWE like I don’t know what you are doing here… come on.

Eve beat Maryse w/Ted DiBiase. Quick match that ends with Eve making the pin with Maryse having her foot on the rope. Ted gets into the refs face then Morrison is out, fucks up Ted and lands Starship Pain on his ass. They are building SummerSlam FAST here folks.

WWE Champion Sheamus comes out to the ring and says he’s beat Cena all kinds of ways in all kinds of matches. He said it can be explained by word, dominance. How Cena wont get another shot anytime soon. He says he demanded a truce between he and Nexus and how they are the biggest things in the WWE. They don’t have to like each other but they have to stay out of each others business and that the truce is in effect starting tonight. He talks some shit on Orton before MITB winner, US Champion The Miz comes out to the ring. Miz says Sheamus has a Miz problem since he controls the fate of the WWE Title not like Sheamus. He says he will be watching Sheamus every moment he’s in the ring. He gives Sheamus examples of when he could do it and says every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you! Haha nice reference chief! Sheamus is pissed and goes to leave but the fucking GM sends an email… The GM sets up a match with Sheamus and Bourne tonight and told Miz to take a seat at ringside if he is going to cash tonight. Bourne comes out like he wasn’t ready to compete tonight, taping his hands while walking to the ring.

WWE Champion Sheamus beat Evan Bourne with the bicycle kick. Fucking Miz was at ringside petting his briefcase. Haha. Crowd was hot for this match too, good crowd so far tonight.

Miz clocks Sheamus with the briefcase and the crowd is losing their shit. Miz goes for the SCF on Sheamus onto the briefcase but Sheamus fights back, he tries to break it but Miz hits IT!!! The crowd is losing their shit, MIZ IS CASHING IN!!! Ref is waiting for Sheamus to get back up!… WAIT?! What the fuck!? Truth’s music hits!? Miz waves the match off, takes is case and tries to run but Truth catches him. They brawl for a sec but Miz hits the bricks. Sheamus’ ass got saved!

God damn I love the MITB briefcase!

In the back Miz is with Josh. Miz is pissed that Truth just cost him the title but says he has other opportunities. He says no matter what he will be WWE Champion.

Sheamus in the back with ice on his head when he walks into Diva’s who are laughing but not at him he takes the shit personal and keeps walking. Orton stops him and says its too bad what happened to him out at the ring. He says it doesn’t matter who’s the champion at SummerSlam and says some stupid shit about targets and RKO’s.

Santino & Kozlov beat Ryder & Regal. Damn man this was such a hot show, couldn’t they have saved this match for WWE Superstars??

Wade Barrett beat Mark Henry. Wade Barrett needed to look fairly strong here in Nexus’ first official solo match but yeah I don’t think that happened. He didn’t get much offense until The Nexus came out to the stage. He did get Henry up for the Fireman’s Carry slam but dropped Henry prematurely and awkwardly so it wasn’t so impressive looking. After the match Barrett dumps Henry out of the ring and the rest of Nexus joins Barrett.

Barrett then calls Cena out for their meeting. Tarver said they give their word that they will at least hear Cena out. Somber Cena comes out to the ring with mic in hand. He brings up the Sheamus truce and how he should have done that a long time ago. He then asked them for the same thing. Wade says their answer is NO! He says he wants Somber Cena he wants him to join them, to be part of the Nexus. That Somber Cena can accomplish 10 times great with joining them. Somber Cena says he cant do it. Wade says he then has 2 choices, leave with his tail between his legs like a coward or he can get his ass beat like no other Nexus beating. Somber Cena then get out of the ring and starts to walk back up the ramp but then stops and says he will take each and every one of them down. He said Nexus sealed their fate by saying no for the peace offering and that he’s formed a team to take the Nexus out at SummerSlam. His team is… Edge!!… Morrison… Truth… Khali (what a fucking waste)… Jericho!… and BRET HART!?!?!? They run into the ring and Nexus runs the fuck up out of dodge thru the crowd! Nexus looks on from the cheap seats as Cena’s team stares them down from the ring and the show is OVER!

Wow that was a really hot show almost the entire time! The only thing I was hoping for was instead of Bret that it would have been Bryan Danielson… oh well, wishful thinking.

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One Response to “07-19-10 WWE RAW REVIEW”

  1. Great Puma Says:

    That’s hilarious. I was hoping for Bryan Danielson as well.

    Yes, Darren Young’s hair was bothering the hell out of me.

    Barrett might have strained his back.

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