Money in the Bank Thoughts and Review


Kansas City, MO

Smackdown MITB will be first!

Armored Trucks flank the entrance stage.

Lovely ‘SAT’ reference from Matt Stryker.  He introduced the Spanish Announce Team.

SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Big Show vs Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs  vs Dashing Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kane

  • Kofi is rocking a McDonalds colorway.
  • Christian walks up Matt’s back while he lays face first on the ladder.  Nice.
  • Christian climbs a ladder but its knocked down.  Christian falls onto Big Show on the outside.
  • Kofi hit a nice Trouble in Paradise to Drew on the outside.
  • Kofi places a ladder on the outside.  He climbs it and hits a HUGE BOOM DROP on Drew through the SAT table!
  • Ziggler tried to go for a quick win but Show caught him off the ladder and gave him a huge chokeslam.
  • Big Show and Kane hustled their asses off when it was their time to get involved.  I’ve never seen Show run so fast when he rammed a ladder into Kane’s body.
  • Show drags his reinforced mega-ladder from under the ring.
  • Crowd is LOVING the Big Show as he tries to pull the ladder into the ring.
  • DCR attacks Show’s lower leg from behind with a smaller ladder.
  • Ziggler hits DCR with an electric chair drop.
  • Kofi springboards onto Show’s ladder.
  • Show catches him but Kofi hits an awesome looking tornado DDT on Show.
  • DCR hits a missile dropkick on Kofi while he was on the ladder.
  • Ziggler hits a nice ZigZag on DCR onto the ladder.
  • Kane actually tilts Show and his mega-ladder that sends Show to the outside.
  • In an INSANE moment, almost everybody starts slamming ladders onto the Big Show.
  • Dolph slaps on a sleeper on Kane at the top of the ladder.
  • Kane pushes Dolph off the ring apron and onto the pile of ladders on top of Show.
  • Kane also chokeslams Kofi on the pile of ladders as well.
  • Double Powerbomb onto Kane off the ladder by Matt and Christian.
  • Christian and Matt battle at the top of the ladder.  Both men clutch the briefcase while they slug it out.
  • Both men tumble down.
  • Drew comes back into the ring.  CRAP!
  • Yes!  The crowd is going crazy.  Kane CHOKESLAMS Drew off the ladder.
  • Kane unhooks the briefcase for the win!


–Thank goodness it was Kane and NOT Drew McIntyre.  You could hear the crowd groan when Drew was climbing the ladder with no other wrestler in sight.  The crowd was so thankful that it was anybody other than Drew.  Glad Kofi was given the Jeff Hardy spot of the match with his super Boom Drop on the outside.  Having two bigs like Show and Kane did not hinder the match’s speed and flow at all.  Both giants worked hard and made some intriguing angles within the match.

I am officially a huge fan of Big Show’s Mega-Ladder.  The Mega-Ladder is a character in itself and added another dimension to the MITB match.  Seeing four men race up both sides of the Mega-Ladder at the same time was pretty exciting to see.  I hope the WWE keeps it in all MITB matches, even if Big Show isn’t involved.  While I would have preferred to see Matt, Kofi or Christian get the duke here, Kane’s victory was certainly a pleasant surprise in the booking for this match.  A job well done and an superb pay per view curtain jerker.

Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs. Eve Torres

  • Eve starts the match off with a lot of decent looking pin combinations for quick two counts.
  • Fox throws Eve down from the top turnbuckle.
  • Fox slams Eve’s back into the ring apron.
  • Eve hits a nice standing moonsault onto Fox.  Quick two.
  • Eve goes for a second rope flying leg drop (Modiied Harlem Hangover) and Fox gets her knees up and drives them into Eve’s back.
  • Fox goes for her scissors kick finisher.  One two three.

WINNER and Retains her title:  Alicia Fox

–Decent match.  Both ladies are improving every match which is what you want to see.  It’s nice to see Eve show something new every match she’s in.  Fox was solild and I think she’s very underrated.  I’m hoping they keep the title away from Eve until Summerslam.  I think that would be a fitting time for her to win it.

CUT TO THE BACK:  Swagger is talking to his mom in the locker room.  He tells her to chill out and that his father always lived vicariously through him.  It sounds like she’s blaming him for his father’s injury.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs. Jimmy & Jey Uso

  • Harts control early.
  • Nice hurracurrana double team by the Harts.
  • The Uso’s use old school corner tactics and quick tags to gain momentum.
  • Jey Uso hits a nice running Rikishi butt splash on DH Smith.
  • DH makes the hot tag to Tyson.
  • The Usos hit their double team Samoan Drop combo on Tyson.
  • Tyson gets his legs up to counter a huge splash.
  • Tyson makes the hot tag to DH.
  • DH puts Jimmy in the sharpshooter.  Tap out.

WINNER:  The Hart Dynasty

–We all know I’m a huge mark for Tyson Kidd.  He was the straw the stirred the drink for this match.  The match itself was decent and short, which is what it needed to be.  The Usos are still green but performed well in this match.  I’m looking forward to seeing Tamina and Natalya official wrestle for the women’s division.

World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger

  • Rey Rey limps to the ring.
  • Rey is rocking studded black leather.  Interesting in that S&M gimp way.
  • Swagger kills Rey with power moves.
  • Swagger goes for the ankle lock early and Rey kicks Swagger’s face to counter.
  • Nice powerslam into the turnbuckle by Swagger.
  • Rey hits a HUGE seated senton off the top turnbuckle to Swagger on the outside.
  • Swagger does Kurt Angle’s running overhead throw off the top turnbuckle.
  • They botch a modified samoan drop/tornado DDT spot but they recovered nicely.
  • Rey moves out of the way of a Swagger splash.
  • Rey hits a nice springboard split-legged moonsault.
  • Huge wheelbarrow slam by Swagger.
  • Swagger counters a tilt-a-whirl by Rey and turns it into a gutwrench powerbomb.  One…two…Rey grabs the bottom rope.
  • Swagger goes for a HUGE powerslam off the top rope but Rey reverses it and hits an epic TORNADO DDT.  Pinfall.  One…two…kickout.
  • 619 by Rey.
  • West Coast Pop…no – Swagger counters slaps on the ankle lock!
  • Rey gets out of it.
  • TWO devastating Swagger Bombs on Rey.
  • Swagger destroys Rey’s injured ankle with vicious stomps.
  • Swagger applies the ankle lock again but pulls off Rey’s boot (Eddie!).
  • Rey hits a nice ‘rana pin combo.  One…two…three.

WINNER and Retains the World Title:  REY MYSTERIO

Swagger attacks Rey post-match and puts Rey in an ankle lock.  Kane interferes and takes Swagger out.  Kane heads back up to the stage and RETRIEVES his MITB briefcase!

Kane and a ref walk back to the ring and Kane officially cashes in his contract!

MITB CASH IN MATCH:  Kane vs World Champion Rey Mysterio

  • Kane attacks Rey’s ankle.
  • Chokeslam.
  • Kane hits a tombstone on Rey.  One…two…three.


–The Rey vs. Swagger match was very hot from start to finish.  Rey playing keep away with his injured limb was pulled off well.  Swagger officially OWNS the ankle lock as much as Angle ever did.  I know that sounds blasphemous but he looks very comfortable with utilizing the hold seamlessly in his matches.  Rey’s epic Tornado DDT off the top rope counter was a sight to see.  I didn’t mind the Eddie finish since it hasn’t been done since Uncle Eddie did it.

Great f*cking booking with Kane’s MITB cash in.  I loved every moment of this.  Rey doesn’t lose a thing here since he already came into the match as an injured lamb.  Swagger was brilliant and Kane played his part perfectly.  It was noted by the announcers that it’s been more than a decade since Kane was World Heavyweight Champion.  Great moment for Kane and it adds another layer to the Veggie-Taker storyline.

CUT TO THE BACK:  Jericho and Edge go all soap opera on each other and talk smack on who’s really going to win.

Women’s Champion Layla vs. Kelly Kelly

  • Kelly comes out blazing and screaming like a banshee…a very sexy banshee.
  • Layla uses the ring skirt to slow Kelly down on the ring apron.
  • Layla attacks Kelly’s injured left leg.
  • Layla throws Kelly to the outside.
  • Kelly goes back in and gains momentum.
  • Kelly hits the K2.  One…two…Layla grabs the rope.
  • Layla rolls Kelly up.  One…two…three.

WINNER and Retains the Women’s Title:  Layla

–Sloppy sloppy match.  Michelle McCool and Tiffany didn’t do much to add to the match.  Both women have done a lot better on their regular televised matches.

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs John Morrison vs Evan Bourne vs United States Champion The Miz vs Ted DiBiase vs Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry (replacing R-Truth) vs Edge.

  • Edge slides outside of the ring as soon as the bell rings.
  • As soon as all the wrestlers are paired up outside the ring.  Edge runs and sets up a ladder.  Orton catches him and takes him outside.
  • Mark Henry smashes a ladder onto Miz’s ladder.
  • Bourne hits a nice hurracurrana from the middle of the ladder onto Edge who was standing on the ring.
  • Orton hits his second rope DDT on Bourne from the middle of the ladder.
  • Morrison does a nice flapjack on the DiBiase onto a suspended ladder in the corner.
  • Orton, Jericho, Morrison and Edge are on two ladders fighting for the briefcase.
  • Mark Henry knocks both ladders down.
  • Bourne springboards with a ladder and slams it into Henry.
  • Maryse walks into the ring and sets a ladder up and climbs it for herself?!?
  • Morrison gets her down and asks her to leave while DiBiase sneaks onto the ladder.
  • Morrison catches him as well.
  • Morrison does an incredible spot where he climbed a ladder leaning on the corner post and then used another ladder as a lever to reach the ladder in the middle of the ring.  Awesome.
  • Henry hits his falling slam on Dibiase.
  • In a beautiful sequence, Morrison hit his kick on Mark Henry on the outside, followed by a Jericho Codebreaker and finished off with an Edge spear.  Henry is out.
  • Orton hits an RKO on Edge.
  • Orton hits another RKO on Morrison.
  • Bourne hits his Shooting Star on Orton!
  • Bourne climbs the ladder as Jericho is hanging at the top by his leg.
  • Jericho hits Bourne with the briefcase and sends him crashing down.
  • Edge and Jericho battle at the top.
  • Jericho staggers near the top and falls only to be greeted by a mid-air RKO.
  • Orton pulls off Edge.
  • Orton is at the top but the Miz pushes the ladder down and sends Orton crashing on the ropes.
  • The Miz climbs up and retrieves the briefcase.


Miz grabs a mic:

You are all living in my moment.  Call it over rated or created, or however yo call it.  Winning this MITB contract means I made it!  I make believers out of all you cynics, skeptics and critics.  Get a good, hard look at the man with the briefcase.  I am Mr. Money in the Bank.  I am a future WWE Champion!  Me! Me! Cuz I’m the Miz…and I’m awesome.  Awesome!

–Great booking and I have no problem with the Miz getting his come-uppance in this match.  I expected to see a little more from Morrison but I guess they wanted to highlight Bourne in this match.  The finisher combo on Henry by Morrison, Jericho and Edge was great.  Call me crazy but I still liked the Smackdown MITB a more.  Seeing the Miz as the WWE Champion is going to be a great moment.  However, I have a feeling this will set up a Viper title win over the Miz in the future.

WWE Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena (Steel Cage Match)

  • Collar and elbow tie up.
  • Slow methodical offense by both men and it’s a shame that this match is the main event of the pay per view.
  • If this were in the 90’s, both men would have been bleeding after the tenth minute in the match.
  • Sheamus hits a huge clothesline and goes for a pinfall.  One…two…kickout.
  • How do you slow down an already plodding match?  Yes, that’s right, a Sheamus sleeper hold.  Someone kill me.
  • Sheamus tries to climb out of the cage but Cena pulls him down and both men collide with the mat.
  • Shemaus hits a HUGE Bro-Kick.  Pinfall.  One…two…kickout.  Of course Cena kicks out.  Weak.
  • Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment out of nowhere.  Pinfall.  One…two…Sheamus kicks out.
  • The NEXUS walk towards the cage with bolt cutters.  They try to punk a ref into giving them the keys to the cage.
  • The ref throws the keys into the crowd.
  • Sheamus and Cena knock the ref inside the cage out.
  • Cena locks the STF on Sheamus but there’s no ref to see Sheamus tap.
  • Cena climbs the cage but is met with Justin Gabriel.
  • Cena tosses Gabriel down to the mat.
  • The Nexus block Cena’s path to the floor as Sheamus climbs out the opposite side of the cage!

WINNER and Retains the WWE Title:  Sheamus.

Cena eyes Darren Young and rams his head into the cage.  Cena clotheslines Michael Tarver on the outside of the ring.  Cena grabs the ring steps and rams Tarver with them.  Cena grabs a mic and reminds the Nexus that he’s going to take every one of them out as the show ends.

–Brutal main event.  It’s hard to comment on a Cena or Sheamus match since they don’t do anything spectacularly well enough to catch my attention.  Glad the Nexus still gets major heat and is still going strong.  I wish they were able to use the bolt cutters and just destroy Cena and Sheamus to ruin the main event.  That would have been over the top and way more effective in keeping the Nexus over.  Sheamus is still the champ and I’m actually happy about it.

Overall this was a good pay per view.  The pacing of the matches was great since the audience was allowed a breather in between the main event caliber matches.  Smackdown provided most of the memorable moments in the show.  Rey’s win was a nice surprise and Kane’s immediate MITB cash in was unexpected, yet awesome.

Kofi Kingston is the new Jeff Hardy and his giant Boom Drop will certainly be replayed for years to come when the WWE hypes up future MITB matches.  The best part is that the Nexus won’t be the only hot angle on RAW.  Seeing how the Miz milks this opportunity to shine and become WWE Champion is going to be a pleasure to watch in the upcoming weeks.  This pay per view certainly lived up to its name with two very entertaining Money in the Bank matches.

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