Smackdown Review [July 9, 2010]


Why the hell is Drew McIntyre back?  Who’s Kane going to accuse next?  What’s Rey’s condition?  Why is Pixar making sequels now?

We open with highlights of Swagger destroying Big Show and Rey’s ankles the last two weeks.

–I really like how they’re hyping up Swagger’s new finishing hold as one of the most devastating finishers in the industry.  This makes his participation at the next pay per view mean so much more.

Drew McIntyre comes in the ring with a mic.  Teddy Long interrupts.  Drew sounds a lot more humble and tries to apologize.  Teddy Long says he’s a liar.  Drew suggests that Teddy Long be inducted at the 2011 Hall of Fame Class.  Teddy Long is delighted to hear that.  Drew also expresses interest in main eventing at Wrestlemania in a World Heavyweight Title Match.  Teddy Long says that the only way to do that is to win a Money in the Bank match.

Teddy also says that in order to even have that opportunity, Drew should beg for it.  Teddy then said he had to earn his way into the MITB Smackdown Main Event by winning a match with Kofi Kingston.

–Any reader of Fighterhayabusa knows that we’re not huge fans of Drew McIntyre.  It was nice to see Teddy Long get revenge for his previous humiliation.  I smell a McIntyre victory.

MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • MVP gets the early momentum and throws Ziggler and Chavo out of the ring.


  • We return with MVP hitting a huge superplex on Ziggler.
  • Chavo teases pinning Ziggler and decides to pin MVP for a close two.
  • MVP hits his finisher on Chavo but the pinfall is interrupted by Vickie.
  • Ziggler then hits the sleeper on MVP.
  • The Ref calls for the bell WITHOUT checking MVP’s arm 3 times.  Odd.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler via sleeper on MVP

–Match was okay.  I liked the tease when Chavo was tempted to pin Ziggler after a superplex.  Of course the WWE didn’t bother to go through proper match protocol when MVP was in a sleeper.  They accomplished what they had in mind without paying attention to the details.


Alberto Del Rio Promo
The “inspiration” commercial from last week airs.

CUT TO THE BACK:  Trainers room.

  • A trainer is examining Rey’s ankle and telling Rey he basically needs to heal his ankle before he even thinks about defending the title.
  • Jack Swagger bursts into the room and yells out, “Everybody out!”
  • Swagger pounces on Rey’s leg and slaps on the ankle lock.
  • Swagger DRAGS Rey through the hallway and swings him headfirst into some plywood.
  • Swagger then drags Rey out to the side of the stage.  He still has the ankle lock applied.
  • Swagger is torquing the hell of the ankle lock until Big Show arrives.
  • HUGE Big Show chant starts.  Awesome.

–I loved this segment.  Swagger is becoming a monster heel not with his mic-work but with the wrath of his actions.


Christian & Matt Hardy vs.  Vance Archer & HBK Curt Hawkins

  • Archer and Hawkins’ high five move is so blatantly Diesel and Shawn that it’s painful to watch.
  • Hardy gets beat up and teases a few comebacks.
  • As Hardy tries to make the tag, Christian walks out!
  • Vance sets Hardy up with his reverse DDT.
  • Hawkins with the Heat-seeking Elbow from the top.  One…two…three.

WINNERS: Archer & The Showstopper Curt Hawkins

–Not sure if this is a full heel turn for Christian.  The crowd reacted appropriately but I don’t see this as some permanent heel turn for Christian.  I’m thinking he rides the tweener fence until the MITB pay per view and goes back to face.


Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

  • A very good back and forth match.
  • Both men barely make a ten count.
  • After Drew sends Kofi headfirst into a ring post, Drew hits him with the Humping DDT(Future Shock) for the three count.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

–Dare I say it:  Good match.  Drew is getting better at bumping every week.  I still don’t like him but his matches are becoming watchable.  Again, the WWE sacrifices Kofi to build another HHH-approved company man.


Alberto Del Rio Promo
“My name is Alberto Del Rio.  Of my many attributes, the one I’m proudest of is my
intelligence.  Fostered by my education.  I attended the finest universities in Mexico, United States and abroad.  It’s been said that knowledge is power.  So many of you have squandered your opportunity at formal education.”

(A servant pours him some red wine.  Del Rio sniffs the bouquet of his glass of wine.)

“For me an institute of higher learning was like a lactating mother and I was a hungry baby, consuming as much knowledge as possible.  That’s why…The product of a superior education…Alberto Del Rio.”

CM Punk enters the ring to join Luke Gallows.  Gallows is holding a mic:

Luke Gallows: “Last week you saw a side of the S.E.S. that you were never supposed to see.”

Serena: “This has been the hardest week of my life.  Punk, you mean way more to me than just my leader.  You are everything to me.  You are my world.  Last week I made a terrible, terrible mistake when I allowed myself to get drunk.  I made a mistake when i defied you.”

“You have to know why I did what I did last week.  I did it to save you and protect you.  Kane is a monster.  He’s crazy.  He’s out of control.  If I hadn’t have saved you I don’t know what would’ve happened to you.  You think I could have let that happened?  I had to put a stop to that.  Punk, please.  Please.  Please forgive me.”

Luke:  “Serena, you’re the most pathetic person I’ve seen in my life.  He’s not going to forgive you.  It makes me sick that I ever considered you a sister in our Straight Edge Society.”

  • Luke goes on to say that he wanted to kick Serena out but it’s up to CM Punk.  Luke says that Serena ruined her role as a model for all women around the world.  Serena tries to apologize.  Punk grabs the mic from Luke.
  • Punk says that it’s not Luke’s decision, it’s his.
  • Punk says that he forgives Serena.
  • Serena expresses her gratitude and swears she will never fail Punk again.
  • Punk retorts, “You better not”.
  • The S.E.S. members embrace in the ring as Luke bitterly stares them down from the stage.


“Dashing” Cody Rhodes vs. JTG

  • DCR and JTG start off with some decent chain wrestling.
  • DCR gains the momentum by throwing JTG down from the second rope.
  • Nice aggressive attack by DCR, without any cigarette breaks or pauses.
  • JTG barely gets any offense when DCR catches JTG with his Crossroads neckbreaker

–Short match.  I know they’re pushing DCR right now but that doesn’t mean they should have easily buried a face who was gaining some momentum.  The sad thing was that DCR didn’t really get to showcase the key holds from his moveset.

CUT TO THE BACK:  Josh Mathews interviews Kelly Kelly.  Layla interrupts Kelly and talks her 7th grade sh*t.  Kelly is about to smack Layla down but Michelle McCool interferes and lays Kelly out.


CUT TO THE BACK:  Josh Mathews interviews Big Show.  Josh asks Big Show about Jack Swagger destroying Rey Rey’s ankle earlier in the show.  Big Show looks upset and concerned.  Show describes how strong Swagger’s ankle lock is.  Show then says he’s putting fear into Swagger.  He’s says he’s going to make Jack Swagger suffer.


Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

  • Swagger goes for Show’s left ankle right off the bat.
  • Show counters.
  • Swagger tries to attack the left ankle again but Show slams down hard.
  • Show hits a huge chop in the corner.
  • Swagger takes a nice bump from a Show shoulder block.
  • There was a nice sequence where Show kept throwing Swagger over the rope with one hand.
  • Show whups Swagger’s ass all the way up the ramp.
  • Swagger dropkicks Show’s left leg and starts attacking it.
  • Swagger then leaves the ring while Show tending to his hurt ankle.
  • Swagger heads backstage but is goozled by Kane.
  • Kane sits him down in a room and interrogates him.
  • Swagger denies it.
  • Swagger says he has an alibi and that he’ll prove it next week.
  • Kane says that if his alibi isn’t sound, Swagger will be condemned to hell.

The show ends and we see that blip again.

Overall this was an okay show.  It had nowhere near the quality of wrestling that was on display on last week’s episode.  The buildup to Smackdown’s matches at the MITB pay per view is tremendous.  Almost everybody on the roster has a key role and every storyline is being developed.  Swagger, Punk, Kane, Serena and Big Show continued to stand out and shine on this episode of Smackdown.

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