Promo challenge time, who cuts it and who…sucks.

Show starts with Striker bringing out the pros to the stage. He asked about last weeks poll, Ryder is pissed about Titus being eliminated last week. Morrison shills the crowd then said the Miz should have been voted off. Striker then brings out the rookies. Harris is asked about staying in the competition. He says he’s dangerous and Striker knows it. Riley is asked about the poll he’s pissy about being #4 and makes fun of Kaval. Kaval is asked about the poll but he shills the crowd too. They do the talk the talk challenge this season with winner getting their own talk show next week.

Percy’s topic is glasses. He says his glasses give him the vision for the future. He did ok.

Kaval’s topic is chicken. He shills the crowd again while saying he isn’t a chicken.

Eli’s topic is mustache. He blabbers on about this…

Hennig’s topic is breath. He starts off about his lineage but says he’s taking our breathe away. At least he kept on topic. Good touch.

Harris’ topic is door knob. He used a door knob to get here, his father was a pro wrestler too and since we voted him 7th we don’t deserve to hear him talk.

Lucky’s topic is deodorant. He trails on in a lame way.

Riley’s topic is pigeon. He says he’s a rooster surrounded by 7 pigeons.

Percy Watson wins the challenge. Not a good showing for most of them really.

Michael McGillicutty w/Kofi beat Percy Watson w/MVP. Both pros are on the ring apron for some reason. The new chick how’s the ring announcer sucks. Hennig wins with the sunset flip, the guy is on point.

A video package is shown on Titus O’Neil which makes no sense since this fool just got eliminated. Morrison, Miz and MVP hate on him, his ring skills and his promos.

United States Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley beat Kaval w/Layla & McCool. Its weird that they are keeping people on the ring apron, not sure how I feel about it. Miz dominated most of the match but when it was Kaval’s turn, he was fucking ON point!… but Miz wins with SCF…fuck man. Yeah, I get you don’t want to make the rookie look too powerful but still, its fucking KAVAL bitch!

Video package on Cottonwood is shown. Basically they all say he needs a lot of work…

Video package on Harris. Positive for the most part.

The Nexus is on NXT next week, I smell all around beat down!

Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris beat Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon. Quick match that ends with Cody hitting the Crossroads on Cannon. Harris is fairly solid, the dude looks and moves like a wrestler.

Kind of an “eh” night for the most part. Intriguing what next week will be like with the Nexus showing up.

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