People start to pick sides in the Nexus feud, Cena doesn’t apologize to Barrett and Truth gets knocked the fuck out…

The show starts off with The Nexus in the middle of the ring. Barrett who’s back this week says he cant say why they fucked up McMahon but its part of a “bigger picture”. He says Vince didn’t control them. He passes the mic to Sheffield, he says they did what they did to the Legends for fun. He said more people are interested in Steamboat after what the Nexus did to him. During this an “email” comes through from the GM. The GM says he is punishing the Nexus by not letting them compete for a title in the WWE. The GM also lifted the ruling of Nexus not touching WWE guys and vise versa. All of a sudden assclown John Cena’s music hits and this fool comes out to the stage. He says some shit I don’t pay attention to but then he comes down to the ring with Orton, Morrison, Truth, Bourne and the Harts but then all of a sudden Cena’s crew gets jumped from behind by Miz, Edge, The Uso’s, Ted DiBiase, Sheamus and Jericho. Nexus takes off leaving these fools to beat each other up.

Sheamus’ crew heads back to the stage while Cena’s crew stay in the ring. They banter back and forth. Sheamus says his crew respectfully decline helping Cena against Nexus. After Orton is done an email comes out, GM says all 8 guys in the MITB match will be fighting each other. Also Cena will take on Barrett… but not in a match. The GM wants these dudes to hug it out. Cena talks shit until the GM emails again and says he needs John to be the bigger man and that’s the bottom line because the GM said so….ok nice try but it aint going to be Stone Cold…

Ted DiBiase w/Maryse beat John Morrison. During the match Cole and Maryse banter back and forth  about Maryse and Ted being a couple, stupid. Maryse then puts on Morrison’s jacket which distracts him long enough to get hit by Dream Street. Lame. After the match she dumps the jacket on Morrison.

Kozlov in the back while Santino is right behind him telling them they are going to be the greatest tag team. Kozlov says he’s going to fuck up Santino if he loses.

Santino & Vladimir Kozlov beat William Regal & Great Khali w/Runjin Singh. Kozlov e can makes short work of Regal after he is tagged in by Santino. Khali sees no action. After the match Santino is celebrating when Khali comes into the ring and had Kozlov and Santino hold up Regal so he can chop him in the head. After that they celebrate with Khali. Mid-card stable?

After the break Lawler cuts a promo on Nexus and their beating of Steamboat and the Legends last week. They then cut to the video of last weeks beat down.

Josh in the back with Arn Anderson, he’s talking about Steamboat when Sheamus comes up behind him. Arn tells Sheamus needs to put his problems aside because he needs to open his eyes on what’s going on in the WWE. Great segment with Arn trying to warn this fool of what could be coming. Arn is still the shit.

United States Champion The Miz vs. R-Truth doesn’t happen. Miz comes out doing another version of Truth’s song but then Miz attacks Truth and fucks his shit up and takes out his left arm…WASSUP?! Miz then cuts a promo on MITB while they help Truth out. Solid shit for Miz, this just builds this fool up that much more.

Edge comes out to the ring for the Cutting Edge. Edge makes fun of Truth saying he only knew one song but did it oh so well. Haha. He then goes on to say that it doesn’t make sense to make 7 enemies with the Nexus. He then goes on to talk about the MITB match and how he’s done it twice. (well sorta) He calls out Evan Bourne his guest but gets Jericho instead. He says he knows why he’s kissing up to Nexus but that he trained Barrett and he is doing everything Jericho taught him. They go back and forth about their past, their WrestleMania match and Jericho insists that Edge has always wanted to be him! Ha They finally start to beat the shit out of each other until Evan Bourne comes in and takes them both out but hits the bricks before they can get him. The GM emails and plays up being Stone Cold again, the GM sets up Jericho & Edge vs. Bourne & Orton.

Randy Orton & Evan Bourne beat Edge & Chris Jericho. Cole and Lawler spend a good amount of time building Bourne up, like the WWE would have Bourne win the MITB match…riiiight. Cole said something that might have slipped where he said Nexus cant get a title shot for 3 months… no one said that prior to this. Hmm. During the match Jericho talks shit to Edge which gets him speared setting up for the Shooting Star Press for the pin. Bourne starts to celebrate but gets caught by an RKO. Good match.

In the back Orton is confronted by Nexus, they just want to talk. They apologize to Orton about Fatal 4 Way but said they wont interfere in the MITB match but cant promise they wont jump the winner of Cena and Sheamus setting up for whoever wins the briefcase to cash it in. Orton just tells them to beat it.

Truth has been taken out of the MITB match because of the injuries earlier in the night.

Josh in the back announces The Harts will defend against the Uso’s. The Uso’s come out and bet that Josh doesn’t know who he’s talking to, Jimmy or Jay. They bounce and Alicia Fox shows up, she’s pissed cause she hasn’t been interviewed since she’s won the title. She said its not a fluke she won the title.

Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox beat Eve Torres. Alicia pulls a Bret Hart by playing up a hurt leg only to hit the scissors kick for the win.

Wade Barrett comes down to the ring for his “truce” with Cena. Wade says everything they’ve done to Cena has a purpose but for Cena to come out so they can shake hands like men. Ass clown comes out looking behind himself to make sure he isn’t getting jumped. Wade tells Cena he’s not part of the Nexus future plans and wants to move on. He says they can make life easy for him or harder, the choice is his. Cena asks if this will really stop if they shake and wants Barrett’s word. Cena puts his hand out and Wade is about to shake it when Cena pulls back and doesn’t then goes into one of his stupid funny bits. Cena threatens Wade and the Nexus but Wade says again its not about him but this is the last time, he shakes his hand or he’s going to pay for this shit. Cena shakes his hand but then goes for the FU but Slater is in and now Nexus is beating on Cena. Morrison and Bourne try to help but get stopped. The locker room then empties out and Nexus hits the bricks. An email then comes in from the GM and the GM says that he wanted peace but then Cena puts the STF of the black Cena. Another email comes in and the GM says because of his actions, Cena takes on ALL of Nexus next week on his own. Cena then goes on to beat up Young further. He throws Young into the buckle which makes Young fly out of the ring. Cena then picks up the ring steps and throws it at Young. Young then gets thrown over the ring announcers table. Cena then looks so angry he pooped himself while he celebrates in the ring.

Good build up on the MITB match, so far both shows are doing a good job of that. Nexus need to fully take out Cena next week to really put them over.


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