Jim Ross on Lesnar vs. Carwin, Fedor’s loss and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)


Jim Ross shares his thoughts on Fedor’s loss, Strikeforce’s production value, Lesnar vs. Carwin, Daniel Bryan and a whole heap more from his latest blog post!  Here’s an excerpt:

Fedor’s Loss

Werdum’s upset of Fedor was obviously a shocker. Fedor’s ‘people’ lost a good deal of negotiating leverage but that’s not to say that Fedor Emelianenko isn’t still a bigger than life character but his mystique has been lessened somewhat. The Russian made a simple mistake that found him in BJJ skilled individual’s wheelhouse. Strategic error plan and simple that Fedor, exhibiting a great deal of class and humility, admitted in his post match interview.

Lesnar vs. Carwin

I know that Shane Carwin is a fabulous athlete and his record speaks for itself. However, I do know Brock Lesnar on a personal level and I also know that his intensity and focus are amazing traits and that he is at his best when he is either doubted or forced into a corner. Many MMA insiders feel that Brock’s layoff due to illness will be his downfall in Saturday night’s main event on pay per view. I happen not to share in that opinion and am counting the down the hours as this is one airplane trip with which I’m anxiously looking forward.

Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan

When I said Daniel Bryan had become relevant in the 13 or so weeks that he had been on WWE TV I meant that in a positive light and stand by the statement as many outside the WWE world had no familiarity with the talented grappler before he appeared on NXT no matter his exposure on Ring of Honor which does not have a large TV audience.

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