06-28-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Host Rob Zombie)


The Nexus makes a jump even though they were warned they’d be fired. No Barrett?… and RAW gets its own Money In the Bank match.

Cole and Lawler start the show somber finally addressing the former NXT guys as Nexus. They bring up the beating of Mr. McMahon but don’t have an update on him yet.

WWE Champion Sheamus comes out to the ring, he says he’s disgusted what happened last week so he’s making a statement for the company and this fool says “the champ is here”…well said moron. He then says Cena isn’t #1 contender because he used up his rematch clause. He then goes down a list of things that he will never again have to see or hear. He’s pissy about being called white as mayo. This brings out ass clown Cena and Sheamus is pissed. Cena says he’s out here to ask this fool for help cause of all this Nexus shit going on. All of a sudden Cole gets an email but it wasn’t loud enough so it goes off again. Haha Cole who’s now at a stand with the laptop says Nexus can’t touch anyone tonight or they will be fired. But if RAW guys touch any Nexus guys they will get suspended. Cena then goes back to talking shit about Cena and tries to get himself another match with Sheamus. Another email comes in and Cole says the GM is making Sheamus wrestle Mark Henry tonight. Cena is being a goofy fuck, even more than ever. Another email comes in about about MITB, he says there will be two of them… great. The GM emails again and all of a sudden a steal cage starts to come down. GM then makes a match for MITB with Cena and Sheamus in a steel cage. whoopee…

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs. The Uso’s and Tamina doesn’t happen when the Uso’s jump the Hart’s before the match. Tamina then Superfly’s Natalya. Its funny how they play up these dudes having fashion sense but still wear shitty tights.

Josh in the back with Truth asking about the Nexus. He says he’s the zoo keeper to their wild animals. Good luck with that shit man.

Vladimir Kozlov beat Santino Marella. This stip here was that if Santino beats Kozlov he will be forced to be Santino’s tag partner. After the match Kozlov tries to pick up Santino but he keeps falling. Regal is out and congratulates Kozlov as he leaves. Regal then jumps Santino and Kozlov makes the save. Kozlov then helps Santino to the back with a fireman’s carry. Strange segment that could have been done differently to get to the same place.

Josh in the back with Khali and Runjin, they are ask about Nexus. Runjin then goes heel with his translation talking shit about Khali. Uh ok so now Khali has no promos and Runjin has no on screen job. Oh well.

Rob Zombie then comes out the dude need to shave his dick. That fool raised his hands and that’s all you saw was fucking hair. He announces the MITB guys as Orton, Miz, Truth, Jericho, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, Morrison and Edge. Edge then comes on the screen and says they haven’t talked since Edge dumped Zombie’s song. Zombie says he dumped Edge and leaves. Crappy, short showing for Zombie. Edge goes down the list of his MITB wins and a video package on his MITB experience. Funny how they over look the win over Mr. Kennedy. An emails comes in from the GM while Edge was on screen. The main event tonight will be all 8 guys from the MITB match in an 8 man match.

WWE Champion Sheamus beat Mark Henry. That’s all I got.

Josh in the back with The Nexus. They are asked about this stips tonight. Sheffield then beats up on some behind the scene guy and scare the piss out of Josh.

Lawler is in the ring he shills the Steamboat DVD that comes out tomorrow. He then plays the commercial for it before bringing out Ricky Steamboat. Lawler then brings out people to honor his career… Arn Anderson, Deal Malenko, Mike Rotundo (not IRS) and  Michael Hayes. Malenko chills Streamboat and makes a joke. Really. Rotundo says to pay taxes on the DVD’s. Hayes says he just come out to do his “P.S” Hayes bit. Arn is still the motherfucking shit still, youtube his ass…PLEASE! Solid promo by The Enforcer! Hayes is retarded. Ah shit, The Nexus then comes out slowly but no Wade. They are teasing getting in the ring and the HOF’ers keep them at bay until Arn is pulled out of the ring and beat up! Then Malenko. Hayes, King and Ricky are left they get jumped shortly after. They bring Steamboat in the ring, surround him and beat him up. Well at least they are keeping each weeks beatings original. Sheffield is looking scarier. If he doesn’t talk they could build him to the new Batista. Gabriel hesitated a little longer this time before hitting the 450.  Maybe it was cause Steamboat was a little farther out? After that Nexus take off.

They really need to get Barrett into the MITB match.

Cole is back on the mic he explains the angle out loud to us, or should I say the stips the GM put out earlier with Nexus not jumping Superstars but how Legends down count because they are Legends. Then explaining why Superstars didn’t come out to help because they would have gotten suspended. Thanks Cole, I think we got that earlier.

Josh is now on commentary.

Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox and Maryse beat Eve and Gail Kim. Maryse comes out looking not happy about this shit. After that I didn’t pay much attention. Fox scissor kicks Gail for the Kim.

Did Josh just say Nexus jumped the Legends like the wolf pack? You mean nWo style?

John Morrison, Randy Orton,  R-Truth and Evan Bourne beat Edge, Chris Jericho, United States Champion The Miz and Ted DiBiase. Good match showcasing each guy to build up the PPV. Orton makes the HOT tag hits the RKO for the win. Short night for that dude. Edge then attacks with a ladder until Bourne and Morrison fight back. Miz is now in the ring alone and goes to put up the ladder. He climbs but Orton knocks the ladder over. Randy is getting the best pop of the night by far. He climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase. God I hope that shit don’t happen.

I don’t like having TWO MITB matches at the ppv, let alone THREE in one year!

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