Rookies are in action with Pros and Striker gets bitched out again…

Oh christ, I new ring announcer….ugh. her voice is as annoying if not more so than Stephainie when shen was playing a heel. This bitch intros the Pros to the stage. Christ. Looks like Striker is gone from NXT…

Alex Riley & United States Champion The Miz beat Percy Watson & MVP. Riley and Miz could be brothers, same manurizums and all that shit. Crappy cross tattoo on Riley’s back. These fuckers should really wait until the big leagues to get tatted up, they’d be a lot pickier. Interesting dropkick splash by Watson but he over sold Miz’s slingshot which lead to the SCF on him for the Miz pin. That was ok.

Video package of Titus O’neil is show, good piece. Most of these are I guess.

Michael Cole covers the NXT jump on McMahon, calls it a terrible situation. Sell that shit Cole!

Mike McGillicutty w/Kofi Kingston beat Titus O’neil w/Zack Ryder. Before the match they go to a split screen promo with Hennig who talks about a conversation with his mom about his win last week. It looks like he’s going to go heel in the promo but doesn’t. Slop-fest spot botched by Titus, no good. Messy match but Hennig’s neckbreaker is the new move to beat, its solid.

Eli Cottonwood w/John Morrison beat Kaval w/Layla & McCool. Kaval is the fucking shit! He’s making this big goof look solid… but he loses to some flap jack kind of move, lame.

Video package on Lucky Cannon, Lucky was unlucky when get got knocked the fuck out for reals.

In the back Layla & McCool check on Kaval, its annoying. They give him a fucking pink shirt that says property of LayCool. Stupid. Why do they have to clown guys like Kaval and Danielson!? Fuck!

Striker is now on commentary when they show what happened last week with him and Cody. Stiker just wants to move on when he’s asked about what happened.

They go to the footage of McMahon getting fucked up by the NXT guys. Probably the first time ever anyone has chanted “NXT”. He reads a statement from the GM Laptop of Doom.

Cody Rhodes w/Husky Harris beat Lucky Cannon w/Mark Henry with Crossroads. Before the match, Cody says that Lucky cant beat him in 5 mins so they have a count down clock. Its funny that Cody hasn’t been around for that long of time yet his now a pro enough to teach someone else. Cody wins with 1:02 to spare.

They bring out the rookies for final words until next week. Kaval is wearing his pink shirt…  Striker gives them 45 seconds to plead their cases. Riley plays up the cocky jock shit and gets buzzed a couple of times to stop. Kaval he said 10 years ago he was told he was too small but here is here now and gets the mic cut off… Titus says he’s had to work for everything he’s had like the rest of us. He’s the only one who keeps it short. Hennig says he posesses no weakness. Dope 45 seconds. Eli he says he’s the badest and meanest. This dude looks like a perv. Watson does… what he does. Lucky runs down why he’s “lucky”. Not a bad job but eh. Harris says he doesn’t need 45 seconds and then beats up on Striker and leaves. The rookies look over Striker while Cody leaves with Harris. He’ll probably be the first dude to jump into the NXT faction.

Well at least these rookies did a lot better on promos than the first season! Maybe this is hope for these rookies…

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