Kaval and McGillicutty look impressive tonight. Cody is pissy…

The show starts with Striker in the ring in the middle of the ring welcoming us and then bringing out the rookies one by one before bring out the pros. Striker says the pros will explain why the pros kicked their asses last week. MVP says last week was an initiation but there was a message of sending a message to the season 1 rookies. He says season 2 is going to do it the right way. MVP wants to know if “we cool” and everyone makes the fuck up. Striker then says in 5 weeks there will be an elimination, he then asks for Riley and Kaval to take a step forword, they are facing each other tonight.

Alex Riley beat Kaval w/Layla & McCool. A video on Kaval is shown before the match. Footage of his time in Japan is shown which is solid. Hey Tom Howard in the Japan footage! Good video. Layla and McCool are on commentary during this, Christ this is annoying… Riley’s hair cut is bad, not good and that’s saying something coming from me and some “interesting” hair styles I’ve had… fuck. Kaval is looking DOPE in this match, the WWE really needs this dude is so many ways! Kaval dominated the match so it was hard to get an opinion on Riley just yet.

Striker interviews Riley after the match about the Miz not being there. He defends the Miz by saying he is celebrating after winning the US Title last night. Layla & McCool talk about Kaval and say they are going to help Kaval out even though he lost. Morrison is asked about the rookies. Morrison makes fun of Miz, then says both did a good job tonight. Ryder says he doesn’t care about them just his rookie then hits on the new ring announcer.

Eli Cottonwood video is shown. I don’t know why I thought this dude would have some weird accent. I guess it’s the big guy stigma. Dude came out good, sounded good but I’m sure very coached.

The reply last nights recent attack by the S1 NXT guys. They need to start incorporating this onto this season of NXT also. Like have Barrett talkings to the guys about leaving the show to join them or Barrett talking the eliminated guys to join.

“Hidden camera” footage is shown in the back of Ryder and Titus, they kiss and make up from some shit. Ryder cuts the cocky shit with Titus.

Video is shown on Husky Harris. Good video for him showing his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan and Mike Rotundo.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston & Mike McGillicutty beat Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon.

Hennig wants to start the match against Henry, that doesn’t go well for him. Josh mentions that “McGillicutty” is Hennig’s mothers maiden name, someone needs to Wikipedia that shit. Not me though, too lazy. Beautiful spinning neck breaker by Hennig to pin Cannon. Striker asks Kofi about Hennig, he seems to approve. Henry and Lucky shake hands with Hennig after the match. Henry says Lucky has potential and that he will get there. Cody says Lucky has a real dumb look on his face and gives him shit for shaking Hennig’s hand. He then calls him a loser and runs him down. He says he’s all style and no substance. Henry defends Lucky and tells Cody to wrestle Lucky. Striker runs up the ramp to ask Cody about that and he saids he’d be “lucky” to last 5mins to last with Cody. Cody then accepts and says  but he needs a week. Striker then asks what can we except from Cody next week. Cody then punches Striker and he goes over the side of the ramp. Well, you shouldn’t have asked a stupid question Striker! Sell that shit Striker!

And the show ends… not a bad show, Kaval and Hennig definitely stood out and will probably be the two guys at the end of the season.

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