Jim Ross on Bryan Danielson, Chuck Liddell and more


Jim Ross discusses the great career of Chuck Liddell, the odd termination of Daniel Bryan, the legacy of Grizzly Smith and so much in his latest blog entry.  Here’s an excerpt:

On Chuck Liddell

Watching Chuck, a man I have never met but feel like I know, get KO’ed was like watching my boyhood hero Mickey Mantle not be able to beat out a routine infield hit during the later days of the career of the fabled New York Yankee and #7. It was sad. That was not the memory that I wanted to remember my fellow Oklahoman. I wanted to remember the magnificent switch hitter hitting towering home runs just like I want to remember Chuck Liddell knocking people out with Government Mule toughness and tenacity.
Liddell should have a job for life in UFC as he laid many blocks in the foundation of the fastest growing sports entity in the world.

Your work is done Chuck. Thank you so much for all the memories. Now take your passion, charisma and knowledge and help UFC grow even bigger by focusing outside the Octagon.

On Bryan Danielson

Bryan’s release from WWE was a head scratcher but none of us likely know exactly what caused this matter to occur. I know that I don’t. I do know that I am a fan of the young man’s work and wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in WWE in the future. If he made a mistake, hopefully it was simply a human error and those sorts of indiscretions are forgivable over time or at least they are in my eyes.

Bryan was arguably the most talked about, most talented guy on NXT’s first season and  I just don’t think that we’ve seen the last of him in WWE and that is not ‘official’ but merely my opinion. Bryan can become a star in WWE and I hope that opportunity presents itself for this respectful, young man of high character who is deserving of all the good things that can come his way. Call me an optimist if you choose but I think that this matter will have a happy ending.

You can the read the rest of his blog here.

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