05-30-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Host Mark Feuerstein)


The NXT aftermath…

The show starts with Wade Barrett in the middle of the ring by himself, he introduces himself and says he is there because the RAW GM told him to apologize for last week. Barrett then calls out the NXT guys and they come thru and into the ring. Lawler and Cole get the hell outta dodge, in case shit. Barrett asks Slater to apologize but he doesn’t and says he would do it again. He moves onto Gabriel who says never. Then Sheffield who says, no regrets. Tarver says why would he apologize when there is no one to make him. Young says not a chance. Otunga says they need to apologize to us. Barrett says its unanimous and that they were treated like animals so they acted like animals. The runs down the NXT show and WWE management and plays up what they did last week. Bret Hart’s music his and the GM comes out to the stage. He says they are cowards. Barrett says Daniel Bryan had remorse which is why you wont see him anymore, well that’s how they write him out. Hart says Cena will be at the ppv but Barrett says they don’t have an issue with Cena, its all about WWE management. Barrett says his men have demands. Otunga says they all want contracts, their own locker rooms and first class travel or else. Barrett says they will change history and they deserve contracts but they get shot down by Hart. Bret Hart then fires Wade Barrett and tell them to get the fuck up out of the ring.

Good opener I thought, sucks that’s the way they explain Daniel Bryan. It will be interesting how this goes from here now that none of them have a “WWE contract”.

The announcers play up that these NXT guys are not out of here since Barrett doesn’t have a contract anymore.

In a Fatal 4 Way match for the United States Title, The Miz beat United States Champion R-Truth, John Morrison and Zack Ryder. Sick spot with Morrison powerbombing Miz onto Ryder on the outside. HOT opening match, the crowd was on their feet for most of this one. Morrison hits the Starship Pain on Truth only to have Miz throw him out of the ring and make the cover himself for the win and the title. Good match.

Josh in the back with Orton, he ain’t sweating the shoulder. When asked about last weeks actions, part of him respects them but they deserve to get their brains kicked in. He says they were lucky Barrett got fired.

Feuerstein in the back with the Bella’s he’s sucking up to them when Ted DiBiase comes in. He wants to be co-guest host and will give him a car to do so. He gets shot down and starts talking shit to Ted but only because Big Show is behind Ted and Virgil. Show wants a tag team match with Feuerstein as his partner against Ted and Virgil tonight.

In the back John Cena does the walk of shame… I mean the walk to the ring.

Evan Bourne beats Chris Jericho by DQ when he wont stop beating up on Evan after he kicks out of the Codebreaker. After the match Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press. Short match but did the trick.

WWE Champion John Cena comes out and says he was given the night off but he didn’t take it, he’s also glad that Bret Hart didn’t cave in to the NXT guys. He says no one wears a bigger target than the WWE champion but he’s use to it, whatever man. He kisses the fans ass and calls the WWE ring sacred ground…?! This fools says he wont press charges but wants them to finish this. The NXT guys start to come thru the crowd, Lawler, Bourne, Santino, Truth, Regal and Henry come out to stand next to Cena and the brawl is on. Orton then comes out and joins in. Edge with a spear to Barrett. Sheamus shows up with a steel pipe. See this makes shit feel big time when its main event guys running off NXT not mid card dudes. The NXT guys run straight up out of the arena.

Sheamus walking in the back, Josh stops him and asks him why he helped Cena. He said no NXT rookies are going to stop him from taking care of Cena himself at the ppv.

Diva’s Champion Eve and Gail Kim beat Alicia Fox & Maryse when Even beats Alicia with a neck breaker. Other than that I didn’t really watch this shit… well except Maryse, I watched that shit.

Feuerstein getting pumped up for his match while Big Show watches him bump off his own chest.

The Big Show & Mark Feuerstein beat Ted DiBiase & Virgil. Show does most of the dirty work with Feuerstein getting involved with bringing Virgil back into the ring. Show choke slams Virgil then tags in Feuerstein who does the worm then drops an extreme wound up elbow for the pin and the win. After the match Ted takes a hundred dollar bill, sticks in Virgil’s mouth and is about to leave but then goes back and gets the bill up out of Virgil’s mouth.

Santino beats William Regal with Vladimir Kozlov as the ref. Not much to talk about in this match. Bret Hart comes out after the match and wants all three guys to come up and stand with him. The stage then fills with a bunch of Superstars. Hart says he will not let history repeat itself.

The locker room is still on the stage while the intro’s for the main event begin.

John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Sheamus & Edge doesn’t get a decision… With “everyone” out in the arena this would be a perfect time for the NXT guys to attack someone in the back like maybe Bret Hart! The crowd is hot shit for this one. All of a sudden while the match is going on, they shoot to the back where the NXT rookies are breaking down the back stage area, they put a beaten Bret Hart in a limo and the limo goes into a roller derby against other cars, bashing its way around the back area. They then pull out Hart next to the cars where he is fucked up they tell him they need a decision by the ppv!… and the show ends!!!

Much better show overall than last week and the NXT guys get a big rub on this one where they are make to look more menacing than previous “invasion” angles.

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