Smackdown [June 11. 2010]


Rey comes in the ring with the mic hand.

“What it do, Tampa?”

He talks about second chances and being included in the World Title Fatal 4-Way match at the Fatal 4-Way PPV.

Jack Swagger interrupts and walks out to the ring and also grabs a mic.

He says Rey Rey didn’t earn a damn thing and capitalized on the misfortune of the Undertaker. He goes on and on about himself while the crowd starts a “Swagger Sucks” chant.

Rey disagrees and clowns Swagger with a Sylvester reference. Yes, a Tweety and Sylvester reference.

CM Punk saves this interaction. He gingerly walks towards the ring and sells his NXT-RAW invasion injury. Dope!

Punk calls himself an extraordinary man among normal men etc.

The fourth combatant in the Fatal 4-Way, the Big Show, comes out to a nice pop. He’s smiling and profilin’ and tells the boys to relax. He says Swagger has issues. Period. He tells Punk to quit frontin’ with the mask and rock the baldness.

The arena turns crimson and Kane talks about revenge for his brother’s demise. Kane talks about conspiracy theories and a possible scenario for the cause of the Undertaker’s downfall. Good stuff.


World Champion Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio

  • Excellent mat wrestling to start this off.
  • Swagger dominates the beginning with strong take downs and grappling.
  • Rey comes back with huge offense.
  • Rey gets the 619 and a West Coast Splash to a pin. 1…2…foot on the rope!


  • We join the match with both men in the ring.
  • Swagger is dismantling Rey with grinding offense.
  • Swagger moves on to power moves, including a killer lariat.
  • Swagger does his version of Angles run-up-the-turnbuckles belly to belly overhead throw. Nice.


  • Rey dodges a Swagger charge and sends Swagger’s shoulder into a turnbuckle
  • Every time Rey gets momentum Swagger kills it with a power move.
  • Rey finally hits a 619 and hits a West Coast Legdrop to a pin. 1…2…3

Winner: Rey Mysterio. Solid solid match.

Seems odd that Rey barely got any offense and managed to get the pin. The WWE sells the 619 as one of most dangerous moves in the industry.

Kane comes out and chokeslams both men. Lovely. Kane’s character is on fire right now, literally and figuratively. Heh.


Lay-Cool come out with Low-Ki KAVAL. They do their ABDC routine and then toss their sweatshirts on Kaval’s face. I wonder if Kaval wants tap Layla. Just a thought. They reach the ring and then pile their belts on Kaval’s shoulders. They diss the crowd to huge boos.

Out come Tiffany and Kelly Kelly, The Blondetourage (Yes, that’s what Stryker called them).

Layla vs. Tiffany
Winner: Layla via the Layout Neckbreaker. It was what it was.
Kaval is playing the bewildered rookie very well. His expressions are classic!

The announcers hype up the NXT-RAW invasion.


They go back to the NXT invasion and recap it.


Christian vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Christian takes control early and hits a nice dive on the outside on Ziggler.


  • Ziggler now has control of the match.
  • Lots of close pinfalls and high impact offense from both men.
  • Ziggler reverses the Killswitch and slaps on the sleeper. Christian rushes to the corner and sends Ziggler’s face to the turnbuckle. Christian does his corner sunset flip for a pin. 1..2..3

Winner: Christian. Decent match. I wish Christian was involved in the upper tier.

HBK Curt Hawkins and Vancer Archer come in and destroy Christian. Stryker calls them the ‘Gate Crashers’. I call them the ‘Party Poopers’. Ehhh.

Dolph follows up with a sleeper on Christian.

CUT TO THE BACK: Kane is talking to Undertaker’s casket. He talks about loss and emptiness since ‘Taker is gone.


Drew McIntyre comes out, whines to the crowd and also bitches to Teddy Long. He then states that Matt Hardy is suspended from all WWE programming.

Kofi interrupts and whups Drew’s ass to the crowd’s delight. I’d like to see this happen every week.


Drew announces that he and Teddy have a match next week.

Big Show vs. CM Punk

  • Punk plays the stick and move strategy but keeps getting pushed around by Show.
  • In a great sequence, Punk gets some strikes in and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Show gathers himself, holds up his big right hand and dares Punk to jump off and do something. Punk climbs down in frustration and is consoled by the S.E.S.


  • Show slaps the sh*t out of Punk’s chest.
  • He tells to the crowd to shhh again and continues to abuse Punk’s hairy ass chest with huge chops.
  • The crowd starts a “take it off” chant for Punk’s mask.
  • Show gets Punk in a choke and threatens to take the mask off.
  • The S.E.S., including the hooded masked member #3?, come in a attack show.
  • Kane comes in and wrecks shop on everybody, including a chokeslam on Show. Great stuff and a cool way to end the show.

Good show overall with the exception of the Drew McIntyre angle. Rey vs Swagger was match of the night and a pretty awesome curtain jerker to start the show. The Kane/Undertaker angle is just as intriguing as the NXT Invasion angle. I wonder if they’re connected? Hmmm.


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