05-30-10 WWE RAW VIEWERS CHOICE REVIEW (Guest Host Cast of the A-Team Movie)


Messy cluster fuck of a show…  The Cyber Sunday concept is officially dead.

It was like RAW for retards tonight… that IS… until the end of the show’s shocking ending that NO ONE saw coming!

The show starts off with the RAW and Smackdown General Managers coming down to the ring. They build up tonight’s Viewers Choice night. Long brings up Orton which brings him out to the ring. He wants Edge tonight and pleads his case to the GM’s. This then brings out Edge who’s all for giving Orton what he wants so he can finish the job. They leave it up to the arena if the match is going to happen, in a debate, a situp contest or a arm tied behind your back match. I think its obvious which one wins.

Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show is the first match…. choices are Over the Rope Challenge, Submission Match or a Body Slam Challenge. This is getting voted on the website over the commercial break which screams rigged.

Matt Striker is playing host on RAW like he does NXT and he announces that the match will be a Body Slam Challenge…yeah this is fucking rigged who gives a shit about this stip!?

The Big Show beats Chris Jericho in a Body Slam Challenge. Show is letting Jericho try to body slam him but Jericho slaps Show instead. That doesn’t go well for Jericho and the match starts with Jericho attempting to body slam Show. After the match, Show puts Jericho in a submission hold and they call another win for Show?! Show then throws Jericho over the top rope doing all three stips. The match definitely put Show over but Jericho did take the bitch role.

Next match will be to name the opponents for the Hart Dynasty. Either the Uso’s, The Dudebusters or Khali and Hornswoggle (retarded). The Uso’s, the Dudebusters and Khali & Hornswoggle all stating their cases…

Striker at ringside with the Unified Tag Team Champions in the ring, they get Khali and Hornswoggle… I’m starting to fucking hate tonight and its not even 30mins in.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty beat The Great Khali & Hornswoggle. Thank god it was a quick match with Kidd pinning ‘Swoggle after he missed the Tad Pole Splash. After the match the Uso’s attack the Hart’s but the Hart’s get the best of them.

Jerry Lawler then says there is a problem like he’s looking for something then walks off.

Bradley Cooper comes out by himself to push the A-Team movie then seconds later heads to the back again.

Lawler is in the back looking for someone. Lawler then gets pushed into a locker room by Rampage and Copley. Lawler is looking for his crown. Rampage and Copley are off to find his crown when the Bella’s stop him but they are playing up that they are Murdock and Baracus…ugh.

Santino gets Kozlov in a match, Arm Wrestling Contest or a Dance-Off… fuck I hate this night. Striker announces that it’s going to be a Dance-Off…

In a Dance-Off, Kozlov…WINS…the dance off. Santino & Kozlov do some funny shit I must say but still, this shit makes no fucking sense.

The locker room is full of Diva’s which mean we’re getting some bowlshit. Its either a 6 on 6, a battle royal or a Champion vs. Champion. They Diva’s come out to the stage after the break and Lawler announces it’s a Battle Royal, great.

I did a forward job on this shit, Maryse wins this shit after jumping Jillian who helped her get rid of Eve.

In the back Kane is scoping people out trying to find out who took out Taker. He stops Sheamus and gets in his face. Sheamus says if it was him he woulda dragged about that shit.

Sheamus’ opponent is either Kane, Mark Henry or Evan Bourne… Striker announces its Kane. That has to be the fastest build for a match ever. Maybe this Taker shit will help build Kane back up since he’s been in fucking limbo forever.

Kane beats Sheamus via count out. The crowd is behind Kane pretty decently, shit maybe this will work for him. Short hard hitting match which did what it was suppose to. Of course the WWE could fuck this up by making Kane the attacker.

Wade Barrett is in the back with Savannah, he says the result of that show was never in question. He says something in a weeks time will happen.

DiBiase & Virgil in the back when Rampage and Copley come in asking about King’s crown. IRS has the crown cause King didn’t pay the taxes on the crown. DiBiase gases the locker room. What the fuck, this is so stupid.

The next match is R-Truth tagging with either Christan, MVP or Morrison against Miz and either Ziggler, Regal or Ryder.

Miz & Zack Ryder beat United States Champion R-Truth & John Morrison when Miz pinned Morrison after the SCF. Miz comes out before the match clowning the whole views choice shit. Fuck I guess Morrison really is the Marty Jannetty in this shit, sucks.

Edge in the back with Bret Hart, they were arguing about something when Bret walks off and gets confronted by Kane. He wants to know if it was Bret who took out his brother. Bret doesn’t say shit after Kane walks off and actually looks quite confused but real life confused.

Randy Orton with his arm in a sling beat Edge with an arm tied behind his back by DQ.

It doesn’t take long before Edge gets his arm untied and beats on Orton which led to the DQ. Edge goes for the spear after the match but Orton boots Edge to the head. Edge recovers to take a chair to Orton’s shoulder. He pops Orton good on the arm with the chair before he takes off. I really had to wait for the last hour for something decent to watch?!

WWE Champion John Cena will take on either World Champion Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio or CM Punk.

Cena in the back with Bourne, they are sucking each others dicks. Savannah stops Cena and asks him about not knowing his opponent tonight, he sucks the cocks of the WWE Universe. Fuck I hate this dudes promos.

Copley in the back waking up and the Fink is in the back! I’m not sure what the point of this is. Josh Mathews is there too and he resents Fink talking shit about him. Such a strange night…

Drew McIntyre comes to the ring. Teddy Long is in the back with out choices, Yoshi, Goldust and a mystery opponent… who is obviously Matt Hardy. Striker at ringside and he announces Drew gets the mystery opponent…Matt Hardy. Drew gets on the mic and says this isn’t going to happen since he’s suspended. Long comes out and says Hardy was suspended on Smackdown…not RAW.

Matt Hardy beats Drew McIntyre with the Twist of Fate. Hardy actually gets chants as he dominates Drew from the get go and makes short work of Drew. Drew hits the bricks while Matt is still holding to strands of McIntyre’s hair.

In the back Rampage is chained to a chair. DiBiase, Virgil and IRS are behind it and this gets dumber.

After the break IRS, Virgil and DiBiase bring Rampage out to the ring. Ted is playing this bullshit up like someone wanted “B.A.”… Rowdy Piper then comes out! He said he silenced Mr. T and now he has to start over. He said he’s going to beat the Mohawk off of Bad Attitude. The Fink, Dusty & Copley then come out to save the day. Rampage breaks the cuffs and Rampage spinbusters Ted and chokeslams Virgil. Rampage has a career after the UFC too bad it had to start like this. This has been the most painful guest host shit in a LONG time.

Josh in the back with Rey, Swagger and the SES about the match tonight. Punk took this promo home saying Cena should want to face HIM not the other way around.

WWE Champion John Cena and CM Punk w/SES go to a no contest. Crowd goes into a solid “you cant wrestle” chant, and no they weren’t talking about Punk because he out maneuvered Cena easily in this one. During the match, Wade Barrett comes out to ringside. All of a sudden all of the former NXT rookies come out and beat up on the SES, they then surround the ring with Cena in the ring on his own. They then jump Cena!!! This is the best shit they’ve ever done with this NXT shit!!! This is like when ECW was reborn and joined the Alliance shit! Barrett is leading the pack. Striker and Lawler get attacked!!!! They are destroying the set and beating the shit out of anyone in sight! This is fucking awesome! Where is Cole in all of this!?! They are beating on Justin the ring announcer and destroying the ring! This is straight out of the LA fucking riots!!! Cena is still in the middle of the ring taking an ass whoopin’! All of the NXT guys are wearing arm bands with an “N” on it! fuck are they finally going to do NXT as a brand and not just a fucking bullshit reality show?! PLEASE! Punk is back in but he gets fucked up! This totally made up for 3 hours of bullshit! Bryan is yelling in Cena’s face, you are NOT better than me! He then kicks Cena in the back of the head. The NXT guys then hold up Cena for Barrett and he hits Cena with the Fireman’s Carry setting up for the 450 splash from Gabriel. Cena is DEAD! The NXT guys them leave while they are still destroying shit and Cena is left for dead with trainers now checking on him and now are carting his ass OUT!

Ok so Cena is out of the Fatal 4 Way, the Title is up for grabs in the match and Barrett takes his place, I’m calling it now!

Can you say season 1 guys are taking over the show tomorrow night!


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6 Responses to “05-30-10 WWE RAW VIEWERS CHOICE REVIEW (Guest Host Cast of the A-Team Movie)”

  1. D.Hackley Says:

    I was watching
    the show with my little brother and I started to fall asleep then I see the end of cenas match and was like what the hell, but I can’t wait to see NXT tomorrow.

    • Great Puma Says:

      Agreed. This was pretty much a joke of a show with an exception of the ending. The wrestlers of NXT season 1 couldn’t get any more heat than they’ve got right now. Thanks for posting, D.Hackley!

  2. Rolling Stone Cold Says:

    Well, blame it on.. the viewers!!!
    This is what you get when you allow retards to choose matches and stipulations. The ending was definitely the merit of the general managers since it was obviously planned all along, but the rest was pretty sucky.

    • Great Puma Says:

      True, Rolling Stone Cold. We can really only blame it on the WWE Philistines oops Universe, which tends to eat up everything Cena and circus-like in the WWE. I wish the WWE left all that stuff behind in Wrestlemania 9. Oh well. NXT should be great tonight. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    I think its even more frustrating when they take a concept that COULD work out and turn it into a joke. I mean how could you take a viewers choice seriously when all the options you have to vote on are stupid? I couldn’t care about any thing on this show except what happened at the end.

    Now let’s hope they don’t fuck it up and either let it fall on its face or job these guys the next week. They’ve done it in the past. These NXT guys have a huge chance to get over and its up to the WWE to follow through…

  4. devin n. wiechert Says:

    bret hart bret hart bret hart rock ‘s mother fucker’s

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