Who took the crown of FIRST NXT winner and what does next season have in store for NXT?

All the eliminated rookies are at ringside. The Pro’s are all sitting on the stage, of course no Carlito and Punk comes out with his mask on. Striker then brings all three down to the ring. There will be two Pro’s Polls tonight and there will be a Triple Threat match which I figured they would do.

Season 2 of NXT starts next week…whoopee.

Husky Harris video package is shown, his dad is Mike Rotundo and his grandfather is Blackjack Mulligan. Cody is his Pro.

John Morrison is in the back, he’s a Pro in season 2. His rookie is Eli Cottonwood who’s 7 foot 1. The dude needs to change his name…

In the final season one match, Wade Barrett won a Triple Threat Elimination match. During commentary Josh is down on Gabriel which is odd cause wasn’t he on his bandwagon just last week?! Wade Barrett pins Otunga after Gabriel hits the 450 when Barrett pulled Gabriel out from his pin attempt. Match picked up when Otunga was out. Gabriel goes for the 450 but Wade gets his knees up which sets up the small package and the win.

Pro’s are getting their poll together.

Season 2 Pro MVP shows a video package on his rookie Percy Watson who is flamboyant to say the least…

Zack Ryder in the back, he’s a Pro. Titus O’Neil he’s a football pro.

Striker talks to the eliminated rookies, Tarver would choose himself…uh you ain’t running stupid. Bryan chooses Barrett. Skip doesn’t care who wins. Young picks Barrett. Heath is playing a heel now? Heath is also picking Barrett.

Pro’s Poll #1 Barrett #2 Otunga… Gabriel is out. Gabriel cuts a heart felt promo about making his way back to the WWE. Hardy stops Gabriel at the ramp and tells him they are alike and that Gabriel will not die.

New Pro’s Layla & Michelle McCool…what the fuck?! Their rookie is Kaval. What the fuck, what the fuck?! Jesus H. Christ, you tell me these cock suckers have the best guy in season two?! THIS IS FUCKING RETARTED!!!!

Mark Henry is a Pro and his rookie is Lucky Cannon who’s a former cop.

Now the two last rookies have a promo face off. Otunga goes first, he goes to Wade being ugly. Stupid. This isn’t a bagging contest asshole. Wade says Khali can move in the ring better than Otunga. Wade rocks that shit. Saying you need to add two letters to “it factor” and you got Otunga. Haha

Kofi is a new Pro his rookie is Mr. Perfect’s kid, Michael McGillicutty. Why not call the kid Hennig??? He looked solid.

Next season it’s a 50/50 vote between Pro’s and Universe.

Striker is about to announce the winner when Miz starts yapping and he will be back for season two. He talks shit about Bryan and then shows a video on Alex Riley, some jock looking dude.

Striker then goes to the Pro’s Poll when Regal is starting to congratulate Jericho when Truth gets in Regal’s face. They look like they are going to get into it when Christian tells him to sit down since he hasn’t won a match in a year. Punk left. Jericho and Regal start to banter back and forth. What the fuck dude!? Shut the fuck up and lets get to this, fuck man. #1 Wade Barrett, Barrett wins NXT as it should have been after Bryan got the boot for something stupid. Otunga says he is being Punked. He said he’s been eliminated off of reality shows before and went on to be bigger than that so he will do it again. Wade says he didn’t come to the WWE to get a pat on a back and that change is now.

They then show a recap video of this season. Man they really need to redo this fucking show next season to keep me interested especially with this bullshit of putting McCool and Layla with Kaval. I mean really, what the fuck?!

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