Jim Ross on UFC 114: RAMPAGE vs. EVANS


Good ol’ Jim Ross gives another one of his insightful commentaries on UFC 114, the upcoming Lesnar vs. Carwin fight and more.  Here’s an excerpt:

One of the reasons that UFC is such a great spectator sport is its unpredictability. Heavyweight Russow’s shocking KO last night in the ‘bottom of the 9th with two outs’ was miraculous. Russow might never look great on a calendar but he’s got a helluva chin.

Don’t you love it that UFC generally always provides actual winers and losers. People pay to see such unlike in the entertainment presentation of pro wrestling where non finishes are often times overplayed.

Would love to know why Dan Miller decided to fight Michael Bisping standing up? One always assume that Fighter A will always attempt to attack Fighter B w/ A’s strength which in this case was Miller’s ground/submission game. Bisping has great charisma and Manchester toughness, without question. Bisping will likely always be booed somewhat in the USA but that would be the least of my worries as long as there is a butt every 18″ to see him fight. I’d like to see Bisping fight Anderson Silva in 6-8 months if it can be arranged. Bisping isn’t quite ready for that task just yet but he seems to be on track.

It was smart marketing for ‘The Expendables’ which will be in theaters in August to be all over the UFC PPV especially with UFC legend Randy Couture in the ensemble cast that also includes Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As a viewer, I did think that times that the in fight promotion of a variety of products and events was a little too much and made some of the bouts feel cluttered or ‘too busy.’

I had been an Evans’ lean all week and never backed away from my prediction and it came to fruition as Rashad won all three rounds and somewhat convincingly defeated Rampage Jackson. Jackson had his chance in the 3rd and final round to win, the only way that he could at that point, by knockout, but he missed at least three, big shots with Evans down and vulnerable that would have won it for the Memphis native. After that offensive flurry by Jackson, Rampage was never the same and looked gassed and unable to pursue Evans to attempt to finish Rashad.

It is tough for any athlete to report to camp in the 250 pound range and then have to pull weight and train down to weigh 205 the day before the fight at weigh in. That’s what Rampage allegedly did while Evens stays around 210 or so full time I am told.

You could the rest of his post at his blog.


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