The World Title for Fatal 4 Way is set and CM Punk has a new look…

Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out to talk about the Fatal 4 Way pay per view and sets up Punk vs. Kane and Mysterio vs. Taker. Drew McIntyre comes out all pissed off that he isn’t the I-C Champion. This of course leads to Drew pulling out a Mr. McMahon letter that states that Matt Hardy is suspended because of what he did at the ppv. Drew then threatens Teddy saying the next letter he gets will be a termination letter. Teddy starts to leave when Hardy starts his way down to the ring. Teddy and security stop Matt telling him they are going to make him fire Matt and not to do this. Drew says some cocky shit to Matt and this segment is over.

Drew is still in the ring as World Champion Jack Swagger comes out for their tag team match. Swagger has his ribs tapped up and a black eye. He says his still World Champion 4 times in case we didn’t get that shit.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & The Big Show beat World Champion Jack Swagger & Drew McIntyre. Slow, methodical match that focused on Swagger and McIntyre taking Kofi out. Show made the hot tag which lead to Drew getting knocked the fuck out. Decent match, Swagger and McIntyre looked more aggressive.

The SES in the back consoling Punk who’s hiding his head under a towel. He makes it sound like he will be proud when he goes out there and take the towel off.

Vick Guerrero in the back with Vance Archer and Kurt Hawkings, she’s all pissed in Spanish and kicks them out of her office. Ziggler comes in and she’s thanking him for what he did last week for her. She starts to hit on him and says she can do things for him. He tries to change the subject. She’s made a match for tonight Ziggler and Chavo vs. Christian and a surprise. Vicki hitting on the young’ins is gross.

Punk with the SES comes to the ring with the towel still over his head. He goes to leave but the SES pulls him back. Haha Punk comes in the ring and signals to take off the towel, he finally does and Punk is wearing a mask! Haha! Its kind of a cool mask too, all black with two starts on the side of his face and SES down the nose. Punk’s “new look” is genius! These fuckers when 360 and instead of leading to someone unmasking its lead so someone actually masking themselves. This could be a dope new angle that leads to new merch and a mask vs. mask match with Rey, hopefully at WrestleMania. Yeah, they’ll probably pull the rigger on this earlier but how dope would it be for them to actually wait on this until then. I’m just saying…. No I’m not wishing for Kane to go back to the mask… ha.

CM Punk w/SES beat Kane to qualify for the Fatal 4 Way World Title match. Decent match with Kane trying to go for the mask which led to a punch from Gallows and a G2S for the win.

Christian & Hornswoggle beat Chavo Guerrero w/Vicki Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler when Christian hit the Killswitch on Chavo. I don’t get how Hornswoggle is still rocking the DX gear. Think Pint Size Brawlers or whatever that Spike show is called would make a play for Hornswoggle? Seems like he would be there “Hulkster”. Haha. After the match Diggler puts Christian to sleep. Man, how cool would it be if this Vick vs. Christian feud end at a Edge vs. Christian program. At least a legit one I hope.

Josh in the back with Layla and McCool, they both are still carrying a Woman’s Title each. This is retarded that they are trying to be the Beautiful People. I have no idea what they were saying…

Luke Gallows w/Serena beats MVP with helped of the hooded guy from under the ring. Striker used a dope nickname for Gallows, the sin-free solider. Great now MVP thinks he’s Lebron James. MVP has his wrestling suit down and a do rag, looks dumb.

The Undertaker beat Rey Mysterio to move into the Fatal Four Way main event. Really good entertaining match. Would be nice to see Rey go over Taker for once, come on it would be dope. Taker had blood coming from his nose but they didn’t try and clean it up.

Good Smackdown for the most part.

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