Over the Limit Results


How did Over the Limit do in its first showing?…

Kofi Kingston beat Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre to win the title. The match was lead more so by Kofi who landed a boom boom drop onto Drew who was laid between the second rope and the third rope. Solid win.

Drew wants Teddy Long to go to the ring and reserve the decision, inside Matt Hardy comes out at hits a Twist of Fate on Drew. Good pop from the crowd for Hardy.

CM Punk in the bacvk with SES. Punk cuts a solid promo in a mirror.

R-Truth beats Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase w/Virgil with the Lie Detector. Another solid match, nothing to complain about.

Teddy Long in the back talking to “some one on the phone”. Drew comes in and wants the decision of his match and wants Hardy fired. He flips out and starts to take out Teddy’s locker room and is about to take out MLK’s picture but he stops saying he’s more like him than Teddy will ever be. This was about to get racist as fuck, that god it didn’t.

Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk. During the match Punk sends Rey to the outside and head first into the barbers chair, solid spot. Shortly after this spot the ref is tending to Punk who’s cut open. God dammit WWE you’re killing this match. while this is going on they focus on Rey trying to get back into the ring from that spot into the barbers chair. The crowd chants boring and Punk runs to Rey hits a flurry of quick moves on Rey. It was the shit like he was making up for the WWE slowing this shit down. Rey goes for the West Coast pop but Punk sits up, Rey then locks the Crucifix for the pin. After the match the “mystery man” comes out and beats on Rey. SES come out and they are going to handcuff Rey until Kane (!?) makes the save. Rey then handcuffs Punk to the ropes and hits a 619 to Punks face. Rey then handcuffs Rey’s other hands and Punk is crucified on the middle rope and Rey starts to shave Punks head. Punk’s face is bloody but they aren’t cutting away. Punk is begging for Rey to stop but he’s not. Chant starts for Punk’s chest shaved. Haha. Punk covers his head until Serena comes with a towel to cover him up. Rey comes back with a mirror to show Punk what he looks like and Punk is losing his shit. Like I said before, match of the night.

The night ppv is an all Fatal Four way matches.

Jericho walks in while Show is getting ready. Jericho thanks Show for helping get MizShow together. Miz is behind Show but Show knows and threatens to knock both of them out.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty beat Miz and Chris Jericho with the Hart Attack. Solid Y2J chants from the crowd. Good match that saw Smith in the match for the most part until Kidd’s hot tag for the finisher and the win.

Randy Orton and Edge goes to a double count out. It looks like Orton got injured when he was getting ready for the RKO and doing that pounding mat thing, he seems to injure his arm, both end up on the outside for the count out. Orton was favoring his arm. Looked like a decent match until this moment. Oh well.

The Big Show beat World Champion Jack Swagger by DQ when Swagger attacks Show with the World Title belt. Show had the advantage in the match until this shit. After the match Swagger beats on Show with a steel chair. Show keeps trying to get up but Swagger keeps swinging. Swagger goes for one final chair shot but gets choke slammed, hit with the chair (to the back) then choke slammed on the chair. Swagger then gets knocked the fuck out.

Josh in the back with Batista. He’s gonna make Cena tap out.

Diva’s Champion Eve beat Maryse to retain. I wasn’t really watching but I did notice Maryse looked distracted.

WWE Champion John Cena beats Batista in an I Quit match. Hard hitting match, which saw Batista powerslam Cena from one announcers table to the other. After this spot they end up going thru the crowd. Batista ends up going over the railing and onto security guards. The fight back to the stage which has cars on it and Batista tries to back up over Cena but the fool moves and pulls Batista out of the car and Cena FU’s Batista onto the hood of the car. Cena then goes to FU Batista off the roof of the car and Batista quits. Cena still FU’s Batista and he goes thru the staging to the floor. The ppv is ending and the credits are about to roll when Sheamus bicycle kicks Cena to end the ppv.

Not a bad ppv, some bowl shit but for the most part it was good.

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