Matt Striker brings out the Pros to the stage, the sit down and Matt wants them to explain what they are looking for.

Miz is looking for someone who can get a bigger audience for the WWE.

Regal is looking for people who can adapt, going from funny to serious.

Punk, he says he’s lost the will to be in front of the fans.

Christian is looking for someone who can take the contest and has “it”.

Hardy is looking for potential and the complete package can survive in the “back”.

Jericho says he wants someone who would make him pay money to see them.

Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho beat Darren Young with the forward fireman’s carry throw. Punk looks like he is going to walk down with his rookie but doesn’t and goes back to the stage. Basic match, I hope Young gets threw to next week but this don’t look good.

The go to a video package on Otunga and the Pro’s commenting on him, Punk was the most interesting saying he doesn’t get it and how this kid is going to hurt himself as he is the worst rookie.

Striker in the ring with last weeks eliminated rookies, Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan. Striker asks what he thinks a week removed. He is pissed about being eliminated by the WWE office not the pros. Striker then asks Bryan, he says the same thing about WWE management. He says Vince likes big men and he wasn’t made by the WWE. The best Bryan promo in the WWE. He then addresses the pros and says that Jericho and Regal knows he’s that good and that he was better than Miz. Miz and Bryan argue back and forth. Bryan stops Striker from interrupting him. Bryan then goes off on Cole and how he is a parrot. Bryan then starts pushing Cole and starts to beat on him while he calls him a poor mans replacement to JR. Wow this was good (and shoot) but was this too little too late!?

The come back from break and Cole is pissed cause he cant take criticism and because of that he is never going to be in the WWE and how he wants to press charges.

Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy beat Heath Slater w/Christian with the 450 splash. During the match Cole is pissed and takes off because he is going to press charges on Bryan. Good now we get Josh Mathews on his own, so commentary should be better. Haha Match was quick. After the match Gabriel helps Slater up.

Ship Sheffield in the back taking about being voted off by the Pros and how they are intimidated by him.

Cole comes back out to take his place and talk about the ppv. Hey Cole, fuck you.

Video package on Young with the Pros comments. Mostly positive for him.

Striker on the stage with the Pros. They are going to tally up their Pros Poll.

Striker has the rookies at ringside. They go to the poll

#1 Barrett

#2 Otunga

#3 Slater

Wow I thought Slater would lose this one….

#4 Gabriel

#5 Young, he is out.

Striker gives Young the mic so he can tell the Pros what he thinks of their choice. He thanks the fans, he says he has respect for all the Pros not like the other rookies. He thanks the Pros. Good showing on Young’s part. The crowd chants goodbye, assholes that’s rude. He just stands there while they chant. He then says its not the last time you will see him.

They end the show by replaying the Cole beating. Haha Yet another elimination next week.

Interesting what they did with Bryan but lets see if this shit actually turns into something.

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