What the F*CK?!

Matt Striker brings outs all of the rookies to ringside. Striker shows a clip of last nights NXT rookies victory, he then shows a clip of Tarver saying he should be eliminated. Striker then tells Tarver he’s been eliminated. He then starts yelling, going what seems like he’s going to business for himself. Striker then shows Bryan the footage of him saying he should be eliminated. He also has been eliminated from NXT, what the fuck?!!? Apparently there will be another elimination tonight with the Pro’s Poll… so now they are cleaning house!?! Ok so WWE management got rid of Tarver and Bryan because of their comments about how they should be eliminated. Man, I’m not sure I’m going to want to keep watching this shit even though I hated what they were doing with Bryan. Fuck you World Wrestling Entertainment.

Wade Barrett beats Heath Slater. Ok match but still distracted by this bullshit with Bryan. Barrett better win this shit now.

Striker in the back with Tarver asking if this judgment was fair, he says yes but the contest wasn’t. When asked what’s next, he just walks off and Striker gives him a “future endeavor”. Striker hated this guy, you can just tell.

Skip Sheffield w/William Regal beat Darren Young. More focused, intense match. Regal approves of Skip’s win.

Striker in the back with Bryan. He asks if it was fair, he said yes. He said he doesn’t make excuses. He said he will find a way to make it. He said you look up “Daniel Bryan” on youtube and all you find is an NXT rookie. He says it might be the end of Daniel Bryan, but not Bryan Danielson. Shoot? Are they really letting this dude go from the WWE because that is just retarded.

David Otunga beat Justin Gabriel with the Uranage slam. Match was alright. Otunga is coming along.

Striker in at ringside again with the remaining rookies. Skip looks like he’s going to piss himself. Matt asks Young who should go home, he says Wade. Slater says Otunga. Gabriel says he doesn’t care but Striker makes him answer so he says Otunga. Skip says Otunga too. Otunga says Slater. Wade says Otunga. Damn, didn’t expect everyone to say him. The Pro’s Poll is…. #1 Wade, #2 Otunga, #3 Justin, #4 Heath, #5….. Young which means Skip has been eliminated… he cuts a promo about guided incorrectly but not by Regal and says he will be back. Too bad the guy was finding his own lately.

Next week ANOTHER Pro’s Poll and another elimination… I thought this shit was going to last at least until October?! I don’t know man maybe its for the best this dies soon now.

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