Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up

Draft? Swagger’s Title run? TNA moving back to Thursday’s? Jim Ross? YES We are talking about that and more!
Mascara De Fuego: Welcome to another Hayabusa Wrap up! Puma, how are you this evening?

Great Puma: I’m feeling a little like the ROH TV title belt, absurd and a little ‘off”.

Mascara De Fuego: ROH might need to learn if it ain’t broke, why fix it. So lets get into it!

What did you think about the WWE Draft?

Great Puma: I think from a smark perspective it’s great. Smackdown has some of the WWE’s best workers not named Chris Jericho. I look forward to seeing Smackdown’s Main Event scene this year. I loved what they did with their new additions on their first post-draft episode. The booking of Big Show becoming the number one threat to the World Championship in a single night was spectacular.

Great Puma: RAW has all the true stars but I’m confident that more than a few big names will get lost or buried in the undercard. I’m hoping Edge and Jericho makes things a lot more interesting but you never know when the RAW roster is under the thumb of HHH.

Mascara De Fuego: I think it was a little lack luster of all the drafts. They spent too much time padding RAW and making Smackdown the “build up show” which is actually fine by me since Smackdown is the show to watch. It should finally give Punk, Swagger, Kofi, Show and hopefully MVP time to shine. Its going to be really hard to stand out on RAW now with the over packed roster. I get that they wont put too much work into Smacky until its on SyFy but I hope they don’t sleep on that show. It is interesting that they overlooked shows in the WWE are always the better ones.

Is it too soon to turn to turn Edge heel?

Great Puma: Yeah, I felt that was a quick turn for Edge’s character but he so natural being a heel it didn’t take long for me to adjust. That being said, I was looking forward to him earning a title and winning his matches clean. But if his heel turn is for the greater good of the RAW main event scene, I’m all for it.

Mascara De Fuego: I understood why they did the face turn when he came back from the injury but I am glad to see Edge back as a heel. I think it was cool to see him clown the WWE being PG even though he’s “Rated R”. I think they could have played that up more but I hope he and Jericho will be the top heels on RAW. Edge just looked forced on us as a face with the “spear, spear, spear” chant. Stupid.

With our first NXT elimination next week what do you think of the NXT rookies so far?

Great Puma: I think some of them have tons of potential to be compelling characters that folks can invest in for years to come. We all know Daniel Bryan is ready to go. Wade Barrett is solid and should be Intercontinental Champion before the year is over. I’m not completely sold on anybody else though. We both agree that the whole format of the show isn’t working so it’s tough to buy in to the other rookies with the way they’re presented. I feel like they’re protecting Justin Gabriel more than the other rookies. I can’t recall a match of his where he had ample time to show how well he works in the ring. Odd. Everybody else just seems a little too green to be brought up to the big shows.

Mascara De Fuego: I think Barrett is the guy to beat with Gabriel second with Young and Otunga tying for 3rd even though Otunga is only tied because of his skills OUTSIDE the ring. After that, I don’t think I really give a shit. These challenges are stupid and are only making these guys look weak. I don’t understand what the fuck they are doing with Daniel Bryan and its really turning me off on his WWE run. Without a doubt I see Michael Tarver getting the boot first.

Great Puma: I hope so. They wasted our time and his time with the way he’s presented on NXT. I actually thought Tarver’s character was interesting in FCW. It’s a shame how they’re dropping the ball with Tarver and especially Bryan.

TNA’s run on Monday Nights is over, any thoughts?

Great Puma: Sorry. Being the bad wrestling fan that I am…I haven’t seen or heard anything about it…by choice. What’s going on over there in Hulkster-ville?

Mascara De Fuego: What is there to say? I knew it wasn’t going to be long. I think I gave them three months so at least they beat that. Now they can go back to Thursdays and work on their ratings there. It’s what they should have been focusing on. Focus on building up RVD as your World Champion and give him a solid run, other than that I don’t care much about TNA until they start giving a shit about themselves.

With rumors on Jim Ross’ contract ending it looks like he will be staying with the company but not in a commentary role, is that a mistake?

Mascara De Fuego: I think this is a huge mistake. You don’t get any better than Jim Ross and right now the current announcers are horrible. Ross could lead by example and make these guys step up their game. Unfortunately the WWE doesn’t see it that way and keeps putting Cole and Grisham on television. I think the WWE announcers are going the way of the tag team division in the WWE and that’s really sad. Ross could make an ok match amazing. Oh well.

Great Puma: That’s a huge mistake. J.R. is far from retiring and his mind and his mouth are still the best in the business. J.R. is to pro wrestling like Chick Hearn was for the evil Lakers. If he does come back, I’d love to hear what a combination of J.R. and Matt Stryker would sound like.

Mascara De Fuego: It was really a shame not to hear JR call Shawn Michaels last match, a damn shame.

What do you think so far of Jack Swagger’s World Title run?

Great Puma: I’m loving it. I do hate that he jobbed to ‘Taker and a few of RAW’s top stars already but he has shown that he can carry a match and hang with the main event guys. I hope he keeps the belt for a long time. He’s got legit heel heat, has a great moveset and is truly a good wrestler in the ring. His title run has been refreshing to say the least.

Mascara De Fuego: I think he has the most promise of all the younger guys that got title runs. He is a talented guy that is ready for his main event spot. Now that Smackdown will be the build up show, Swagger has the opportunity to stand out which Sheamus didn’t on the over packed roster on RAW. I think it also helped that Swagger had been around for a while before giving him the ball to run with. This is going to be a great time to be on Smackdown, especially for Swagger. It is time to shine!

Mascara De Fuego: That brings us to the end of another Wrap up! Join us next week when we break down WWE’s newest PPV Over the Limit. Until All Are One!

Great Puma: Cool man. I’m out like Sayid on LOST. Now I’m sad.


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