Matt Striker has the rookies at ringside for their next challenge, let’s see what bowlshit they will have to do this week…

Next week is the first elimination but first… an obstacle challenge with monkey bars, ladders and a whole lot of running out to concession all the way back to ringside then do that stupid do circles with a bat thing. The winner gets immunity for next week and some other shit but I didn’t understand Striker explaining it.

Bryan goes first, he’s in pain as his ribs are all bandaged up. He’s having a shitty time drinking the soda cause I think he said he doesn’t drink soda. This is painful. 2:45.5 is his time. Miz then comes out almost tripping over the shit on the stage. He’s pissed Bryan did shitty. He says you don’t use injuries as excuses. (even though Miz did that shit last night) Bryan is facing the other winless guy, Tarver. Miz says he has to win this match because he doesn’t know how any Pro would vote for him if he doesn’t.

Micheal Tarver w/Carlito beats Daniel Bryan w/Miz with a reverse style power slam. Tarver is wearing an nWo style nXt shirt. Tarver is looking more aggressive tonight which is good but maybe its too late. Tarver then picks up Bryan and Carlito hits him with the Backstabber. Miz just leans over Bryan.

Darren Young in the back with SES. Punk is acting Young what he’s “sick” of? Punk says Young better win the challenge tonight or he’s going to vote his ass off the show.

Back to the challenge…

Slater gets 1:35.9

Young gets 2:07.8 he did pretty bad. Worse than Bryan.

Gabriel makes it in 1:29 and is now in the lead.

Otunga gets to the drink challenge and says “this ain’t diet” haha. He does 1:35. Otunga breathing heavy now has to wrestle his Pro as per his win last week.

R-Truth beat David Otunga with the spinning elbow. Otunga used a lot of basic moves and was on top for most of the match. He’s coming along.

Michael Cole is a fucking idiot.

Back to the challenge…

Barrett walks off when he complains about the monkey bars being slippery.

Sheffield does 1:30.2 almost beating Gabriel.

Tarver isn’t going to win this, he gets hung up in the soda part and gets DQ’d…

Justin Gabriel wins the challenge and talks some shit to Otunga. Tarver says he should get eliminated if he’s not going to get a real opportunity. Striker looks pissed at Tarver’s shit. Sheffield thinks Tarver should be eliminated. This shit is getting heated. Slater says Tarver is gone next week. Otunga and Gabriel are bickering still. Barrett says he’s the old man in this competition and that Tarver should go. Bryan says he’s the only guy who hasn’t won a match and it should be him going home. Young says he wants it more than all the other rookies, Barrett pain brushes Young and they go at it at ringside… is this real?

This was an odd ending…

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