05-03-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Wayne Brady)


RAW seems a little Edge-r and Jericho forms an alliance with the Miz.

Batista comes out to the ring, he’s pissed about his loss at Extreme Rules saying that getting duct taped for win was the most embarrassing thing in Cena’s career. He say that was something Hornswoggle would have done. Ha! He’s wrestling Cena tonight in a beat the clock challenge for the stipulation at the ppv. This brings out Sheamus who says HE won his match at the ppv and took out Triple H. That he should get the match at the ppv and he wants Batista tonight for the title shot. Batista ain’t having it and tells Sheamus to hit the bricks which he does but not before saying he’ll be champion sooner than he thinks.

Miz comes out for his match with Batista but he’s not dressed for it. He tells Batista he cant face him tonight because he’s still injured and has a doctors note, it says so on the envelope haha. Miz puts Daniel Bryan in the match instead. Bryan is pissed and said he’s going to make Batista tap out… shit, I wish.

Batista beats Daniel Bryan in 5:06 in the Beat the Clock Challenge. Bryan starts strong even getting an ankle lock on Batista. Batista manhandles Bryan even though Bryan tries numerous submissions on him. Bryan gets Batista in a version of the crossface and the crowd is into it. A spear and a Batista Bomb later Bryan loses again. After the match Batista hits Bryan with 2 Batista Bombs.

Wayne Brady walks in on Eve’s Title win. Jillian then walks him and wants to sing his theme song. He dances Jillian right out of the segment. Maryse then lays Eve out with the title.

Edge in the back with some backstage guy, he’s telling to use all of this hardcore footage from his matches and the guy keeps telling him they wont be able to use it…? So now they are clowning the fact they are PG? Josh Mathews then shows up and asks him about Orton. He says even though the WWE is PG, he is Rated R! DOPE! Line of the night! He says its live and he can do whatever he wants and its time to bring back things in the WWE…PLEASE?!

Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase and comes out talking shit about R-Truth and his one song. He said he’s going to get an assistant to beat some sense into Truth.

John Morrison beats Million Dollar Champion Ted DiBiase via countout after Morrison took it to Ted. Morrison is pissed and wants a restart. Ted keeps walking but Morrison says if he loses he’ll be his “Virgil”…ah crap. This isn’t going to end well is it?

The second match ended the same way as the first with Morrison beating Ted. This time Ted goes for the Million Dollar Dream but Morrison rolls thru and gets the pin. This match was obviously a few minutes longer but still not enough time for these guys to go. Truth makes the save after the match when Ted is beating up on Morrison. I’d prefer shit, who ever Ted ends up feuding with between these two guys is fine with me…. But more so Morrison. Ha.

John Cena comes out for his match. Jericho comes out but he’s still dressed in a suit. He said he isn’t going to use the same excuse that Miz used but that he’s embarrassed Cena enough already. Jericho has handpicked someone who hates Cena..Wade Barrett? Jericho says he’s sculpted and modeled Barrett and Cena isn’t going to win.

In the other Beat the Clock Challenge match, WWE Champion John Cena beat Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho. Barrett looks impressive and believable. Jericho is hilarious at ringside yelling at the announcers to keep talking about Barrett. Haha at the 35 second mark Cena gets on the STF beating Barrett shortly after. He gets to pick the stip and is about to announce it when Sheamus attacks Cena and leaves him laid out.

Maryse beat Nicki Bella w/Bre with the DDT. Didn’t watch it. After the match Maryse says some shit in French then introduces her latest film shoot with her posing over the knocked out Eve… this is kind of naughty. Ha. Eve comes out and tries to attack but she gets held back by the ref who should be arrested for the feels he was copping.

Zack Ryder in the ring sayings he’s single. He has Alicia Fox and Gail Kim sitting at ringside to check him out. He calls out Primo and said he’ll check his papers like they do in Arizona. Is it just me or is RAW a little ballsy tonight? Wayne Brady on the screen and says Ryder is actually wrestling… Mark Henry.

Mark Henry beats Zack Ryder with the World Strongest Man. Maybe Ryder should have been moved too… Fox and Kim leave with Henry.

Jericho in the back talking to the Miz about what happened to them at the hands of the Big Show. How they carried Show for months. Miz says it doesn’t matter now that they are on RAW now but Jericho has an idea. Oh man Jericho and Miz together!?

Brady in the back with Vladimir Kozlov, he’s glad he is getting competition. Santino comes out as a “Brady” as in Brady Bunch. Regal comes in and is going to tag with Kozlov but Santino says he cant trust him. Regal says they’ve worked out their issues. Well shit, at least they are explaining shit before they throw it out again. Goldust comes in wearing some sort of dress and says “he’s Goldust, witch”… come on WWE you coulda said bitch ONCE!

Jericho and Miz are at ringside for the next match.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty beat William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov when Smith gets the sharpshooter on Regal. Miz and Jericho spend the time talking shit about Show. Sounds like they are scoping the tag champions so they can get to Smackdown and take shit out on Big Show. After the match Miz & Jericho attack Smith.

Edge comes out for the Cutting Edge. He says he was playing with our emotions. He said was coming to Smackdown to be the white night. He was pissed about getting drafted to RAW because of DiBiase’s battle royal win. He says what he did to Orton was an act of defiance. He’s about to bring out Orton when Wayne Brady comes out instead. Edge says Orton can wait since Brady is out he shills pro wrestling. He wants to see what it feels to be in Edge’s shadow. Brady cuts a promo on past guest hosts. Orton comes out shortly after with his t-shirt of the month. Edge and Orton do a stare down when Brady walks into an RKO! Edge backs off and says he’s not getting RKO’d. He says Orton was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He then brings up Rated RKO and how it can happen again. Doesn’t look like Orton is having it and Edge is pissed and is now glad he speared Orton. He’s pissed his face turn didn’t go “according to plan” with the injury return, commercials and giving us something to chant. How he doesn’t get it that Orton chanted. He says nothing is fair about any of this. He says Orton will join him or he will spear him on a weekly basis. Orton doesn’t say anything and goes for the RKO but Edge avoids it. Edge then tries to spear Orton but gets an RKO instead. Crowd is eating this shit up. This should be a solid feud!

Not a bad night, they spent a good amount of time building up the “new” guys on RAW. I also think it was a good showing for both NXT rookies.

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