Matt Striker in the ring with the rookies to start off the show. The rookies have to sell merch in 60 seconds. The guy with the most money at the end wins a match next week against who ever they want.

Sheffield goes first, this is odd. He makes $60.

Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett beat Christian & Heath Slater when Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Slater for the pin. Decent match, Barrett is there.

Bryan goes next in the challenge and gives all the product away in the crowd. Well at least he just screwed Tarver out of doing this cause you knew it was going to go that way.

Tarver & Carlito footage is shown from earlier today. Carlito tells Tarver to take his bags into the arena. He’s pissed and he should because he sucks.

Gabriel is next and he’s actually trying. He sells 22 programs $210 worth! Cole and Mathews are retarded at math…

Darren Young w/Serena & Luke Gallows beat Michael Tarver w/Carlito with the fullnelson face drop after Serena distracts the ref and Gallows sweeps Tarver’s leg. They show a video package before the match on what the Pro’s think of Tarver, it’s fairly mixed but mostly bad. Match was ok, too bad Tarver just cant wrestle and keep his mouth shut.

Otunga gets himself a personal assistance since celeb’s don’t do manual labor. Haha This fool isn’t giving change. Haha $315 for Otunga.

The show a video package of the Pro’s talking about Gabriel. Punk clowns Hardy saying all he is teaching Gabriel is to Myspace and Twitter! Haha Line of the night. Mostly positive on Gabriel.

They show Truth & Otunga from earlier tonight. Otunga wanted Truth to cheat last week but he isn’t having any of that.

Slater is up next in the challenge he seems to struggle. He didn’t make much.

Young is up next he says he’d take on Punk if he wont. He’s slow as fuck and no one is biting. Looks like some dude was trying to start shit!? Doesn’t look like Young beat Otunga either.

Tarver gets clowned by the announcers before they cut to him. He’s pissed he lost the match and that the WWE should sell him not the other way. This fool then walks off. Announcers clown Tarver again. It’s the only thing Josh and Michael agree on.

Barrett is next he takes the money that Striker gave him to make change, puts it in his back pocket and takes off too. Haha. See there is the different in doing things RIGHT, Tarver bad, Barrett good.

Video package with the Pro’s giving their opinion on Bryan. Jericho, Regal, Hardy and Christian build him up while Miz knocks him down.

Striker in the back with Otunga who won the challenge. He challenges his own Pro, R-Truth.

United States Champion The Miz comes out with a crappy makeup job done to tell The Big Show’s punch. Following him is Bryan. Before the match starts, Miz muffles that he wont be able to wrestle tonight because of the Big Show’s sucker punch so he is putting Bryan in the match instead.

Skip Sheffield beats Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out hard taking it to Sheffield, Sheffield gets in two moves and its over. WTF!?

Great facial expressions from Bryan tonight. One more week and they eliminate one of these fools, aka Michael Tarver.

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