Which brand ended up with the better drafts….

They are doing the three man team tonight with Lawler, Cole and Striker.

MizShow come out to the ring for their match. Miz gets on the mic and brings up the three matches last night and how the Hart Dynasty got handed a title shot. How they’ve gotten everything handed to them by “Uncle Bret”. He clowns the Harts for getting a trained by an 80 year old man in Stu Hart. He called Bret the biggest loser and wants Bret to come out and declare that ShowMiz the greatest tag team in WWE history. This brings out Bret Hart, he says ShowMiz is the greatest tag team of all time and says that the Mountie is the greatest I-C Champion of all time and that David Arquette is the greatest world champion of all time too. Haha He says talk is cheap and they will declare the Dynasty the new champions tonight.

The Hart Dynasty w/Bret Hart beat Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz for the Titles! The Harts are playing up the face turn a lot tonight who had the advantage on Miz until Show was tagged in. Solid spots by the Harts with Smith’s standing suplex and Kidd doing a cradle pin attempted on Miz. Harts hit the Hart Attack before Kidd locked on the Sharpshooter on the Miz for the win! Crowd was really into this match, good opener tonight! All four Harts celebrate in the ring as the crowd is on their feet.

During the break the Big Show knocks the Miz the fuck out!

The announcers play as Triple H is out for a long time… GOOD!

Josh Mathews in the back with World Champion Jack Swagger, he says he did what he said he was going to do. He plays up how smart he is. Edge comes in and says he’s next in line as long as he doesn’t get drafted back to RAW.

Smackdown’s Michelle McCool & Layla w/Vicki Guerrero beat RAW’s Diva’s Champion Eve Torres & Maryse when McTaker hit a big boot on Maryse while Eve watched and didn’t even try to stop the pin…?! Its not too long before Eve and Maryse are going at it. I find Layla entertaining and growing. McCool?….well she still sucks and is fucking annoying. What did Striker say about Joey Styles and futureendeavors.org?? Because of this…

Kelly Kelly gets drafted to Smackdown. It’s a wash, this pick doesn’t matter or change shit.

Smackdown’s CM Punk w/SES beat RAW’s Evan Bourne with the G2S. Punk comes out cocky as fuck signaling he still has his hair. Good striking match. Bourne goes for the Shooting Star but Serena distracts the ref and the masked man from last night trips Bourne’’s leg which set up the G2S for the pin.

The Big Show gets drafted back to Smackdown. Makes sense and hopefully they will use him more so in singles matches instead of tags. Well, to this point JeriShow are back on the same show…hmmm.

After the break, The Big Show is in the back when Teddy Long confronts him and is all excited. Show mad dogs Teddy for a sec before smiling and hugging him. Teddy acts like his ass won the Lotto.

Sheamus comes out to the ring he says HHH wont be drafted to Smackdown and that he will never wrestle again. He said he career ended because he made it end. Now Sheamus wants the WWE Title. He starts to address Cena when Randy Orton comes out instead. Orton says he’s done some shit to HHH to but at least he did it face to face. He says Sheamus doesn’t deserve a title shot. Sheamus says Orton got his and he lost so hit the bricks or he will put him on the shelf too. They bicker some more until Jean Shorts music hits and the clown comes out trying to do jokes. He said tonight’s guest host is… and he starts to do Shane McMahon’s dance. Fool says his phone is ringing THEN says this is why he wears jean shorts… he does more stupid jokes before he makes a match between Sheamus and Orton for the #1 contender spot. I hate Jean Shorts. Sheamus and Orton tried to hit their finishers but they miss and the segment is over.

Santino and Ted DiBiase won a RAW vs. Smackdown Battle Royal with Kane, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, Shad Gaspard, MVP, Mark Henry, Santino, Yoshi Tatsu and Ted DiBiase for three draft picks. Rey and Ted had a good exchange towards the end of the match. Ted is pissed that Santino is celebrating so he gets hit with Dream Street.

RAW gets…

John Morrison. I hope they actually use him better than they have lately.

R-Truth. I think this dude will end up better on Smackdown than RAW.

Edge. Really!? They better push this fucker to the moon here too god dammit!

So far Smackdown isn’t being padded like it should be with the huge move to SyFy!

Chris Jericho comes down to the ring. He says he was a victim of an attack from Edge. He wants Edge suspended. He blames himself a little for being distracted by losing to a nameless rookie on NXT. He said he wont lose to a nameless rookie ever again. He wants an apology from Slater. Heath Slater comes down to the ring and says he’s sorry he didn’t beat Edge or himself. And he is sorry he wont beat Christian tonight.

Smackdown’s Chris Jericho beat RAW’s Christian w/Heath Slater when Christian came off the top rope and Jericho hit the Codebreaker for the pin. Before the match Slater dumps Jericho on the outside and Jericho runs back in pissed. I hope Christian gets moved to Smackdown, they aren’t doing shit with him on RAW and it would make sense since they’ve already moved Edge since they are keeping these two apart from each other for now. After the match Jericho beats up on Slater.

Kofi Kingston gets drafted to Smackdown, he runs down to the ring and hits Trouble in Paradise on Jericho. Fuck I hope this means something good for Kofi, fuck.

Smackdown’s World Champion Jack Swagger beat RAW’s John Morrison with the Gut Wrench Power Bomb when he caught Morrison on the top rope trying to hit Starship Pain. This is a good back a forth match! Too bad we wont see this match happen for a long while. Match of the night so far. I hope Morrison gets a big push on RAW, I hope…

Christian gets drafted to Smackdown! I called that one, now lets hope they invest in it. Christian is money dammit!

Wayne Brady is the Guest Host next week…bitch.

Ted DiBiase in the back with Carlito. Ted has made Carlito an offer but he doesn’t take it. R-Truth comes in and Ted offers Truth someone to watch his back and carry his bags. Truth says Ted wants his own Virgil. Truth makes the shit out of Ted and says Truth don’t play that. Haha Yeah, I laughed at that shit.

The WWE and Jean Shorts shill the military. Two words….cheap pop.

RAW’s Hornswoggle beat Smackdown’s Dolph Ziggler by countout. Why the fuck is this match happening?! This is for the last draft pick, this is retarded. Ziggler gets countout when Hornswoggle wouldn’t let Ziggler back in the ring. Stupid but at least it was fast. After the match Ziggler puts the sleeper hold on Hornswoggle. Jerry Lawler comes in and Ziggler is out.

Chris Jericho gets drafted to RAW. This is solid for whatever roster Jericho ends up on but this has been a pretty horrible draft for Smackdown. What the fuck?!

Before the ring announcer can announce Orton and Sheamus, Batista comes out to the ring all pissed off saying he is still the number one contender. He said last night was a joke. He says he ain’t leaving until Cena gets out there. Instead Sheamus comes out for his match. Sheamus says he needs to get it in his head that he lost. He calls Orton and Batista losers which brings Orton out. Orton says he’s had to listen to Batista whine for 7 years. Orton says that if he beats Sheamus tonight he will go on and face Batista. Sheamus ain’t liking this shit. Jean Shorts brings his ugly head out again and makes this match a triple threat match.

In a Triple Threat match for the #1 Contender spot, Batista beats Orton and Sheamus. Sheamus looked good in this match, like he belonged to be in the ring with Orton and Batista. Good, entertaining Triple Threat match. Orton hits the RKO on Sheamus but Edge is in and spears ORTON! HA! Batista puts his arm over Orton after that for the win. Looks like Edge is a heel again but how is that going to impact the fact that Jericho is also on RAW AND a heel!?! Is the Rated R Superstar back!?

Mostly a good RAW but kind of a shitty draft with RAW making out better than Smackdown in the draft which made no sense seeing as Smackdown needs the padding for the October switch to SyFy. These fuckers still thing RAW is the #1 show of the WWE, stupid.

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