How Extreme did the WWE get??…

Street Fight between Triple H and Sheamus doesn’t officially get started when Sheamus takes HHH out in the back. When was the LAST time Triple H opened a ppv?! WOW! Triple H gets intro’d but he doesn’t come out as he and Sheamus are brawling in the back with refs trying to stop it. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a Street Fight match if the refs are stopping it. Sheamus takes out Triple H with a lead pipe and they call for the trainers. Maybe this is HHH’s way of getting further on to the ppv! Haha

Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz come out to the ring and Miz clowns how the show starts. Sounds like they are going to do the Bret Hart angle tonight since ShowMiz got stuck in Europe because of John Locke’s smoke monster. Miz brags about his team until Smackdown GM Teddy Long comes out and says if his team beats them, they get a title shot. Long then adds another team to the mix but Miz keeps taking shit so Long adds another team to the mix. In the end Long says they are facing three teams, the team that beats them gets a title shot tomorrow night.

John Morrison and R-Truth come out as the first team.

Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz beat Morrison and R-Truth via DQ. It annoys the shit out of me that they don’t bring up the history between Miz and Morrison anymore. If there was a dope team in recent history in the WWE it was Miz and Morrison. Solid spot that saw Show go for the choke slam but Morrison went for the submission hold and ended up in the ropes which got them DQ since he didn’t break before the 5 count.

Unified Tag Team Champions MizShow beat MVP and Mark Henry when MVP Playmaker but Show hit the right hook from the outside and Miz went for the pin. Quick match.

The Hart Dynasty w/Bret Hart quickly come in and make short work of MizShow with the Hart Attack off the top rope for the pin and the win. They get the title shot tomorrow night.

In the back Todd Grisham is outside of HHH’s dressing room, Sheamus shows up and says he is going to win the match either way, by HHH coming out and forfeiting or beating HHH again.

CM Punk w/SES beats Rey Mysterio with G2S for the win. Rey came out posing in front of the barber’s chair. The match starts off slow and methodical. CM Punk with the Eddie Guerrero style stenton from the ring apron onto Rey then did a one kneed pose, dope! Mid way through the match Rey goes for the 619 and Serena sweeps Rey leg and the ref threw Gallows and Serena out of ringside. Punk goes for the G2S and rey turns into the Hurricanranna into a close 3, so dope! Rey finally hits the 619 but someone comes from the bottom of the ring and slides a chair into the ring, then that dude takes Rey out with a reverse powerbomb setting up for the G2S for the pin and the win… I think that dude was Lo-Ki!!!! Punk and the SES pose in the barbers chair, so fucking dope! Solid match!

In a Leather Strap match, JTG beat Shad Gaspard with by touching all four corners. It’s the one stop the ALWAYS do with this match where both guys touch all three corners and the face gets the last corner. Crowd is dead for this shit until the end.

Todd Grisham in the back saying HHH has nerve damage and probably wont wrestle tonight which means he will…

In an Extreme Rules match, World Champion Jack Swagger beat Randy Orton with the gut wrench powerbomb for the win. The King calls Orton snake like and that he has stone cold eyes in one sentence… can you be more blatant? The way the commentators are building up this match they are obviously building it as Swagger as Kurt Angle and Orton and Stone Cold. During the match they play Orton as this vet and Swagger like he just starting in the fucking company, its annoying. The match is slower paced but the crowd is definitely eating Orton’s shit. Orton when for an RKO on the chair but Swagger made Orton’s back hit the chair which set up for the gut wrench powerbomb for the win. Solid victory for Swagger even though I thought the match was a little slow. After the match Orton hits the RKO on the outside. Crowd chants Randy.

Sheamus beat Triple H after four bicycle kicks. While Orton was leaving Sheamus comes out and brow  beats Orton on the way to the ring. Sheamus wants to be declared the winner. The show Grisham in the back saying HHH wont show up but of course HHH busts out of his dressing room and heads to the ring, fuck you. This match is annoying. No matter what Sheamus does, HHH kicks out. Fuck! Sheamus hit HHH with the lead pipe and it meant shit because he kicked out. Its retarded Sheamus had to do four bicycle kicks to finish this match. I would be VERY curious to see where HHH’s career was if he wasn’t a McMahon…

Josh Mathews in the back with Edge, he wants to know Edges mind set. He’s not letting Jericho escape that cage.

In an Extreme Makeover match, Beth Phoenix beat Women’s Champion Michelle McCool w/Layla and Vick Guerrero to win the Women’s Championship. Michelle McCool is the Triple H of the Women’s division, that’s right I said it. This should have been called the home makers match with fucking ironing boards, brooms and irons. Good to see Phoenix win the title, getting so fucking tired of McTaker.

Josh Mathews in the back with Chris Jericho. Josh asks him about his loss to an NXT rookie this last week and how that will affect this match. Jericho says one loss doesn’t change anything. Good Jericho promo.

In a steel cage match, Edge beat Chris Jericho with the spear for the pin. Solid back and forth match. Jericho tried to escape the cage and slammed Edge’s head with the cage door. Jericho then walked out to the steel steps but came back into the ring only to get speared by Edge for close 2 count. Moments later Jericho hit a Codebreaker for the 2 count. Solid springboard Codebreaker from Jericho from the top rope. This is good shit that they are giving a good amount of time to.

In a Last Man Standing match., WWE Champion John Cena beat Batista. The early goings of the match saw Batista get the advantage on Cena even getting a figure four on Cena. Batista beats the shit out of Batista and he keeps getting up. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb onto the table but Cena reverses it and hits the FU threw the table for a 7 count. Batista ends up getting his revenge by putting Cena threw a table with a spinebuster. So far this is a good back and forth match. Cena ends up duct taping Batista’s legs to the ring post to keep him from getting up interesting ending which keeps both guys strong! I hate to say it but that was a good match too.

Overall, not a bad pay per view.

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