Smackdown (April 23, 2010)


The show opens with Jack Swagger heading to the ring with the mic.
Swagger discusses his recent win over Jericho and Edge.  He figures he’s actually the best in the world at what he does and not Jericho.  He also claims to have dominated the Undertaker on Raw, which something nobody has been able to do, including Shawn Michaels.  The crowd boos.
He tells the crowd to check out a video package of him battling the Undertaker.  The video is heavily biased in Swagger’s favor and doesn’t show Taker Tombstoning his head at the end.  Swagger continues to self-indulge in his delusions of championship grandeur.  He then goes on to speak about The Rattlesnake The Viper, Randy Orton.  He ends his promo with, “I’m not gonna play with the Viper.  I’m going straight for the Viper’s neck…and I’m gonna cut it’s head off”.

Morrison’s music hits and the crowd pops huge.

John Morrison vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger toys with Morrison with mat wrestling moves.  I wish Haas and Benjamin would have been able to display this when they were first coming in the WWE.  Morrison counters and hits his running knee.  Swagger counters Morrison with an awesome overhead belly to belly suplex buster (well, that’s how I’d describe it).


Swagger has Morrison in a body scissors.  Morrison manages to escape but is greeted with a right fist from Swagger.  Swagger tries to go for a superplex but is knocked down to the mat.  Morrison lauches an off the top drop kick.   Morrison tries a pinfall attempt.  1…2…kickout.  La Magistral Cradle by Morrison.  1…2…kickout.  Morrison continues to be on the offensive.  Swagger counters Morrison’s springboard roundhouse kick with a boot to the face.  Pinfall attempt.  1…2…kickout.

While Swagger wears down Morrison with power moves and strikes, Morrison gets in a few strikes of his own.  Morrison gains the upperhand with his lucha inspired tornado DDT.  Morrison scores a few close pinfalls but can’t keep Swagger down.  Morrison attempts a second springboard roundhouse kick and rollup.  1…2…kickout.  Morrison attacks Swagger by the ropes but Swagger drops Morrison neck-first onto the ropes.  Swagger hits his gutwrench powerbomb finisher and covers.  1…2…Morrison puts his hand on the rope to break the pin count.  The crowd is HOT at this moment!  Swagger continues with stomps to the midsection.  Swagger attempts to powerslam Morrison escapes and stuns him with a Pele kick.  Swagger is knocked down!  Morrison hops up into the corner.  Starship Pain!  Cover!  1…2…3.
Winner:  John Morrison.

Real solid match and I hope this potential feud is reignited down the road.  This  elevates Morrison’s status as a real contender to the World Heavyweight Title.  This is also further proof that Swagger can carry a great match with various kinds of opponents.  I smell a Swagger victory at Extreme Rules.


They show the cage hanging over the ring.

CUT TO THE BACK: Punk is maniacally complaining to Teddy about Rey Mysterio cutting his hair.  Teddy says he hopes Punk will win because Punk is going to look real ugly with a bald head.  Teddy goes on to say only a handsome devil like himself can pull it off.  He also sets up a tag match between the S.E.S. vs Rey and another baldy, Kane.

R-Truth comes out.  I guess he wasn’t blown up by MacGruber after all.  R-Truth is joined by Matt Hardy.


Dolph Ziggler comes out and the announcers hype up Dolph’s newfound mastery of the dreaded sleeper hold.  McAvatar follows and the crowd is pretty silent with a smattering of boos.

Matt Hardy & R-Truth vs. Drew McAvatar & Dolph Ziggler
Matt and Drew start it off.  Matt sends Drew to the outside.


We join the match in progress as Dolph has Matt in a side headlock.  Dolph and Drew do classic distract the ref heal tactics.  Drew stomps on Matt’s head against the steel steps and Matt is looking like he just saw a TNA PPV, dazed and confused.  Ref calls for the bell because he’s had it with the constant rule breaking.  The official announcement is that Hardy could not continue due to McIntyre’s vicious stomp to Matt’s head into the steel steps.

Officials come out from the back to help Matt to his feet.  Drew and Dolph attack Matt and R-Truth as they walk away from the ring.

CUT TO THE BACK: They show Jericho and his rookie, Wade Barret, walking through a hallway.  The announcers hype up the upcoming cage match between Jericho and Edge at Extreme Rules.


Chris Jericho and his NXT rookie, Wade Barret are in the cage.  Jericho rocks the mic.  He dares the crowd to chant ‘spear’ all they want.  He says his greatest triumph will happen in that steel cage and he will hurt Edge with so many different ways using the cage.

Of course Edge comes out.  Edge admits Jericho injured his ankle as he hobbles towards the cage.

Funny tidbit:  Some asshole in the crowd loudly chants, “Two men enter, one man leave”.

Edge’s delivery goes into his dramatic soap opera mode.  Edge strikes both men.  While Edge attacks Barret, Jericho chop blocks Edges injured heel.  The heels get the advantage and stomp Edge into the mat.  Edge fights his way to gain the upperhand.

Jericho cowardly escapes the cage and accidentally locks Wade Barrett in the cage with Edge.  Edge goes apeshit and rams Wade’s face into the cage.  SPEAR.   Edge crawls towards Jericho as they have a face off through the links of the cage.  Edge’s music plays while Jericho looks worried as he walks to the back.


We see that Shad, adorned with a leather strap around his neck, has joined the commentating team.  JTG comes out to the ring to a decent pop.  Shad continues to hype himself up and how he’s going to dominate JTG at Extreme Rules.  Mike Knox comes out.  I like this because it makes perfect sense for JTG to have a similar sized “warm up” opponent.

JTG vs Mike Knox
Former WWE Superstar, Mike Knox, dominates early with power moves, clubbing forearms and stomps.  Knox throws JTG into the ropes.  JTG counters a charge and then hits Knox with an impressive flying plancha from the second turnbuckle.  JTG is dominating.  Shad says it’s all flash.  Knox goes to the outiside only to get smashed by JTG’s slingshot cross body to the outside.  JTG throws Knox back in.  Knox gets in some offense, throws JTG into the ropes.  JTG comes back and hits his Shout Out lariat neckbreaker to a cover.  1…2…3.  Winner:  JTG.

JTG celebrates for a moment and then gets attacked by Shad with the leather strap.  Shad continues to beat him and down and emphasizes that it’s his time.


The announcers hype up Cena vs Batista 2 at Extreme Rules.

They also show Punk and Rey’s brilliant performance on the last RAW.


Divas Match:  Simply Flawless vs. Beth Phoenix & Mickie James
Weird seeing Mickie James come out on Friday Night Smackdown after seeing her dismissal all over the internets the day before.  Beth and Layla start the match off.  Layla gets some offense in before Beth starts dominating her with power moves.  Stryker busts out a Hiroshi Hase Giant Swing reference!  Big ups to Stryker for that.

McTaker comes in to double team Beth.  Beth fends them off with ease.  Beth actually gorilla presses Layla until McTaker kicks Beth in the leg to break the slam.  McTaker works the leg.  Quick tag to Layla and she continues to work the leg.  Beth pushes Layla to her corner and tags in Mickie James.  Mickie hits Layla with two hard clotheslines and manages to get a nice cheapshot on McCool.  James hits an awesome Thesz Press off the top rope on Layla.  Cover.  1…2…McCool interferes with a boot to the head.  Beth and McCool brawl to the outside.  Layla hits ex-WWE Diva, Mickie James, with a crisp Rick Rude-like Neck Breaker.  Stryker wants to call that the “Layout”.  We’ll see if that sticks.  Cover.  1…2…3.  Winners:  Simply Flawless.  So long Mickie James.  Thanks for all the great memories.

Simply Flawless set up an ironing board in the corner and ram Beth Phoenix head first into it.  It’s funny how the Divas have to use domestic objects like ironing boards to do hardcore damage.  What’s next?  An iron?  A mop?

CUT TO THE BACK: They show Rey and Kane strategizing.  I wonder if Kane speaks any Spanish.  Random thought.


The S.E.S. make their way out to the ring first.  Punk has the mic:

Rey Mysterio, after tonight, I will be the one done talking.  And come Sunday, at Extreme Rules, I will let my actions speak.  Just like last Monday Night on Raw, you let your actions speak to tell them you are nothing but a coward when you grabbed a handful of my hair and you chopped it off.  Oh, Rey, I hope you find solace in that single lock of hair because that is all you’re going to get.

When Sunday night is in the books, I will be victorious.  My hair will remain on the top of my head and it remain as pure as the driven snow.  And my focus, and my purpose, and my vision will be complete.  And that is exactly why this barber’s chair has been brought to ringside.  Because somebody here tonight is going to be saved.  Somebody here tonight is going to take the pledge.  Somebody here tonight will accept me as their savior.  They will join my Straight Edge Society.  Somebody here tonight is going to get their head shaved.

Rey’ music hits.  Rey comes out to a great reaction as usual.  Kane follows without ring pyro.  Good to see Kane in the main event.

Rey Mysterio & Kane vs. The S.E.S.

Luke and Rey start it off.  Luke catches Rey with a clubbing forearm.  Luke follows with a slam and an elbow drop.  Punk is tagged in and aggressively attacks Rey with stomps  Punk rams Rey’s chest into the turnbuckle.  Punk with the Thai clinch and knees combo.  Rey reverses a back body drop and tags Kane.  Punk backs up  quickly into his corner.


Kane and Luke are in the ring.  Luke catches Kane with a hard clothesline.  Luke tags Punk and Punk attempts his spring board clothesline.  Doesn’t work.  Kane strikes him with a goozle.  Punk is stunned badly and Kane delivers the hot tag to Rey.  Rey comes blazing in with a drop kick.  Rey gets in some quick offense but Punk flips Rey head first into the turnbuckle.  Running Knee by Punk followed by his patented Straight Edge Bulldog.  Punk kicks Rey’s back and bends him into a modified side bow and arrow.

Luke and Punk do some quick-tag dirty offense in their corner on Rey.  Rey is able to counter Luke’s offense with a nice standing tornado DDT.  Rey tags Kane in and Kane cleans house and hits Punk with a flying clothes from the top turnbuckle.  Kane goes for the pin!  1…Luke breaks it up.  Rey sends Luke to the outside.  Punk tries to attack Kane after he bounces off the ropes but is greeted with a huge boot.  Punk is knocked down silly.  Kane tags Rey and sets him up on his shoulder.  Rey splashes Punk from Kane’s shoulders and makes the cover!  1…2…kickout.  Rey dropkicks Punk into the ropes.  619 time.  No.  Serena gets up on the apron to sacrifice herself and distracts the referee.  Luke pulls Rey by the legs and drags him out of the ring.  Kane comes to the rescue and knocks Luke over the barrier into the crowd.

Rey goes back into the ring.  Punk attacks Rey with vicious elbows.  Punk throws Rey into the ropes but Rey stops his momentum.  Punk advances but is met with Rey’s boots.  Rey springboard moonsaults into Punk’s GTS carry!  Rey counters and slides down Punk’s back for a half sunset flip pin combo.  Punk counters, grabs Rey’s legs for the pin attempt.  1…2…3.
Winners:  The Straight Edge Society.

Punk continues to attack Rey after the bell.  Rey sets up Punk into the ropes for the 619.  Punk escapes but gets baseball slide-kicked into the barber’s chair he was cutting a promo about.  Rey kicks Punk head and grabs the clippers.  Serena covers Punk quickly to save his ‘pure’ hair.  Punk and Serena scramble to the back as Rey celebrates with clippers in his hand.

If this match is any indication of their match at Extreme Rules.  The WWE fans are in for a big time treat.  I may have to shave my head to celebrate.


A very good Smackdown that did a fine job of promoting the Pay Per View this Sunday.  The S.E.S. vs. Rey & Kane tag match was excellent as well as Morrison vs. Swagger. It was somewhat sad to see Mickie James in her last WWE match but I’m sure her future is bright. Since Mickie and Katie Lea are gone, it’s going to be up to Eve and Beth to carry the women’s division.

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