TNA IMPACT! REPORT (Air date April 19th)


TNA crowns a new World Champion…

TNA World Champion AJ Styles comes out to gloat about his victory at Lockdown against The Pope. He goes long winded before RVD comes out. RVD cuts AJ down and says he’s the best in TNA and how he’s never been impressed by AJ. This brings out Jeff Hardy he cuts a lame promo when then brings out Hogan. He tells the roster to up their game because the bar is being raised…uh ok. Hogan sets up a match RVD and Hardy, winner gets a shot at AJ tonight.

Flair shows up back stage and is pissed about the main event.

TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions The Beautiful People beat Daffney & ODB when Skye pins ODB after spraying her in the face. OBD no sells the shit after but not looking hurt. Lacey is HORRIBLE, fuck!

Flair and AJ are in the back and Flair is flipping out about AJ having to put the title on the line tonight and wants a rematch from the ppv, Team Hogan vs. Team Flair part 2… yippie.

Abyss & Jeff Jarrett come out to the ring. Jarrett shills a “team Hogan” poster that a fan made, sad. Abyss yells a lot. Team Flair comes out and shit breaks out. JJ and Abyss get beat up until Rob Terry comes out and “cleans house”…  Bischoff is now out and makes the rematch for tonight and adds Terry to the match and someone else he’s got in mind…

TNA Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan is in the back and walks up to Shannon Moore offering him the spot since TNA is forcing him to find one. Moore’s book gimmick is retarded.

Bischoff and Hogan on the same page again in the back. They are two seconds from going down on each other… Bischoff brings out some whore who is his assistant. Hogan and Bischoff make tasteless remarks on this whore.

RVD beat Jeff Hardy with the Five Star Frog Splash to move onto the main event tonight. Solid match with the crowd into this from the get go. RVD hasn’t missed a step even after taking that long break. Hardy was just a good tonight but spent a good part of the match getting beat up on.

Christy in the back with both Hardy and RVD. They thank each other for the match. they go into highlights of the match with them talking over it. Interesting but not sure if I mean that in a good way yet.

Team Hogan: Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry, Abyss and Samoa Joe beat Team Flair: Sting, Desomond Wolfe, Beer Money when Joe hits the muscle buster on Storm for the win.

Sting and Jarrett start the match in the crowd. It’s a Lockdown rematch without the cage but still the rules of the match?! These two spend the whole time in the crowd, it gets boring. Wolfe is out next so at least this time they figure out that the heels need the advantage in this style match not the faces. He beats up on Jarrett until Rob Terry comes out takes over on Sting and Wolfe. Orlando Jordan comes out to the stage with his Goldust style gimmick. During the break Storm and Abyss made their way to the ring. Storm is out next. The last guy is the returning Samoa Joe with old school Joe tights and towel. Crowd goes ape shit! After the match, Joe hits the bricks as the rest of his team keeps looking on.

During the break Flair challenges Abyss to a match, Ring vs. Ring….sigh.

Rob Van Dam beat AJ Styles with the Five Star Frog Splash to become with new TNA World Champion! AJ dominated the early part of the match as RVD played off being worn from wrestling a match already tonight. RVD got it a short flurry of moves until AJ got him in the figure four. RVD caught AJ with a powerbomb as AJ was coming back into the ring with a springboard. RVD then headed for the top for the pin and the win. Confetti (that’s fucking red and yellow) shoots from all over the place as Jeff Hardy comes in to celebrate with RVD. Hogan comes out with Dixie followed by the locker room. Hogan then hands RVD the World Title before Team 3D puts RVD on their shoulders.

Great win for RVD and not a bad match but ultimately its still TNA and its not going to change shit very much. Too bad.


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