The rookies tonight are doing American Gladiators shit… oh man. Its that one competition with the big Q-Tip looking things…

In the Challenge…
Slater beats Otunga
Sheffield beats Barrett and they almost go at it when Barrett throws his baton at Skip
Bryan beats Tarver when Tarver quits and walks off after pushing Bryan.
Young beats Gabriel easily

Really good promo on the Pro’s talking up Wade Barrett.

Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy goes to 5-2 beating David Otunga w/R-Truth with a sunset flip. Otunga needs a lot of work in the ring still. Gabriel just need to tighten up his moves and follow through after big moves.

In the Challenge…
Sheffield beat Slather
Young beat Bryan

Michael Tarver w/Carlito comes out to the ring he says he ain’t playing by NXT rules. He is daring anyone to come out and stop him. We know how these open challenges go… Sheffield comes out cuts a promo of his own and challenges Tarver. Both did just ok in promo work. CM Punk and SES come out to the stage with Young. Punk was Young is looking for competition too. Punk plays the footage last week with Young beating Gallows. He wants to keep Gallows and Young sharp. Punk calls the challenge the “stick fighting thing” haha! Punk adds Young to the match making it the first triple threat in NXT.

Darren Young beats Skip Sheffield & Micheal Tarver when he beat Tarver after hits full nelson to a flapjack style move. Beginning of the match saw Tarver and Sheffield beating on Young. Things break down when Sheffield goes for the pin and Tarver stops it. Young was taking advantage when Gallows threw him off the top rope. Young still fought back and won. I think Young and Sheffield didn’t look too bad in the match.

Heath Slater promo video with the Pro’s taking about him. Didn’t sound as convincing as Barrett’s.

In the finals of the challenge…
Sheffield beats Young but this needs a replay because this looks like a toss up! Couldn’t have written a better ending.
Matt Striker calls for a rematch.
Sheffield makes it a solid win this time. They should have left it up in the air and had a match better both of them next week… Sheffield gets feature on WWE.com as his prize.

Heath Slater w/Christian upset Chris Jericho w/Wade Barrett when Jericho goes for the Wall of Jericho and Slater small packages Jericho for the victory. Jericho spent most of the match on top when he lost. Which was a good build to the roll but up I would have preferred a few others in NXT getting that nod than Slater. After the match Jericho flips of and starts throwing shit around, this was a great way to end NXT this week.


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