04-19-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest MacGruber Cast )


If you haven’t heard because you’re under some rock or live in the mountains and only come out for the “matches on tv”… Because of the volcano in Iceland, the RAW crew is stuck in the UK still but the Smackdown crew has made it back and will be taking the reigns of the show tonight which is awesome! I enjoy Smackdown more than RAW! Lets see what bizarro world brings tonight!

The show starts with the only dude who bitched out on the UK Tour, Triple H… go figure. He brings up the volcano and the volcano gets booed. He makes a dumb joke about The Big Show and says the entire RAW crew is stuck. He really makes it sound like he’s the only dude in the arena. He then cuts a long winded promo on Sheamus and his match on Sunday, if he ends up making it back! CM Punk and the SES interrupt Triple H, THANK GOD! Punk says fortunately for this show the Smackdown crew has the fortitude to make it to the show. Punk brings up the draft and how he might be part of RAW next week. He’s bringing the entire straightedge society with him. HHH wants to know why Punk doesn’t have to shave his head. He said his hair stands for purity. Haha!

They go into Punk’s match on Sunday against Rey and possibly losing his hair. Punk then tells HHH that he could be a proponent to straightedge. HHH goes into some freedom bullshit speech. They are trying to kill time and much as possible… HHH is now going around the crowd talking about freedom…sigh. Lillian Garcia is back for one night!.. and HHH just made a horseface joke about Lillian…oh man. SES then jump HHH and start beating up on him! Finally. Serena pulls out the clippers and they are going to shave HHH’s head until Rey Mysterio saves the day. At the end Punk is left alone with Rey who has the clippers and HHH who holds Punk.. FUCK they actually cut a chunk out of Punks hair!!! Punk hits the bricks and heads for the stage. Too long of a segment with dumb HHH jokes. It’s a god damn shame they just gave away the ending of Rey and Punk’s match on Sunday cause there is no way Punk goes over now with a big ol’ chunk of hair missing.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre pins Matt Hardy after sweeping Hardy’s legs when he was on the 2nd rope, hitting his head. Odd ending. Match was ok I guess.

WWE Champion Jean Shorts is via satellite in Ireland, he apologizes for not being on the show. He then cuts a promo about his match against Batista at the ppv. He says that at the end of the match “the champ will be here”… does he mean here as in Ireland or here, here?!

Hey look another RAW guy, Vladimir Kozlov is in the middle of the ring and wants Jerry Lawler to read his statement. The statement talks shit about the fans and calls them weak. This of course brings out MacGruber, yes in character. Kristen Wigg too. She reads HIS statement. She says McMahon has made a big 6 man tag tonight. MacGruber lists off great people from Jersey which included people from Jersey Shore. He then makes a mom joke on Kozlov saying his mom’s uterus is full of spider webs. He puts Kozlov in a match with R-Truth. MacGruber says that if Kozlov tries to escape that the whole place is rigged with explosives….R-Truth just blew up….christ. Only shoes are left. Uh… yeah anyhow…. I guess its MacGruber vs. Kozlov tonight….ugh.

MacGruber in the back trying to escape the arena when HHH shows up. HHH points out that MacGruber might have pissed himself. He’s trying to convince HHH that he didn’t pee himself. Fuck. Kane shows up and MacGruber says he’s the buddy of his who pee’d his pants.

They go via satellite to Randy Orton in Ireland. He says where ever he ends up in the draft is where the World Title will be.

World Champion Jack Swagger comes down to the ring and says its hard for Orton to talk shit when he’s 3000 miles away. Swagger then issues an open challenge. He says this wont end up being a typical open challenge that ends with the person who sets the challenge getting fucked up. No one comes out and he’s about to leave… but then the arena goes black and The Undertaker comes out! Interesting how this is going down at what would be the end of TNA tonight. Done on purpose? Hmmm!?

The Undertaker beat World Champion Jack Swagger with the Tombstone for the pin. STRONG Undertaker chants even before the match started. I know it didn’t make sense to job Taker but did it make sense for them to job the World Champion…again!? They could have had Swagger walk out and get counted out, that would have saved both! The match was a good ground and pound match. I could see these two feuding if not for this job.

Jericho in the back with the SES. Punks wearing a towel on his head looking like Bin Ladin. He says to stick with him and things will go well. Jericho then runs into MacGruber in the back. He says Jericho for advice for his match. Jericho says to go out there and extend his hand and then smack him in the face. Jericho is money, even in stupid segments like this.

MacGruber and CHAL-uber beat Vladimir Kozlov by….countout?!!? Kozlov was going to hit the Uranage on MacGruber but Ryan Philipe shows up and brings in CHAL-uber, MacGrubers “twin” which is Great Khali dressed as MacGruber. Wasn’t this fool supposed to take time off!?!? Ok, maybe its time to kill off the guest hosts now.

While going through the Extreme Rules ppv, The King say Edge was taking on Christian… haha.

Triple H, Rey Mysterio & Edge beat Chris Jericho, Luke Gallows & CM Punk when Rey hits the 619 on Punk into the Triple H Pedigree for the pin. While HHH was coming down to the ring they show Sheamus via satellite. He beats on some dude to make an example. Good main event with a lot of action. I think they did a great job putting a show on last minute while still pushing the ppv. The opening segment was longwinded but I got what they were doing. I think they did their best to send the crowd happy. I saw on WWE.com that you can get a refund for the show if you want it. I think that’s pretty fucking lame. You still got to see the WWE and best of all instead of Jean Shorts, you got to see the Undertaker so fuck you if you actually get a refund.


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