Jim Ross on Strikeforce’s Saturday Night Slobberknocker


Jim Ross had this to say about Strikeforce’s Saturday Night debacle on CBS.

Miller tried to ‘cut in line’ of the list of challengers for Shields’ title and to obviously make himself relevant to Strikeforce fans and create a ground swell to earn a main event fight with Shields who beat Miller in 2009.

The most negative thing that came our of this mêlée was that the ‘thug element’ perception that many casual sports fans have regarding elements of MMA was underscored. The NFL is a cash cow for the networks and the NFL is held in high esteem but even the NFL is trying to clean up their act through the efforts of Commission Roger Goodell. MMA isn’t established to the level that their unsavory moments will be tolerated or taken lightly by a network partner such as CBS.

You can read the rest of this at his blog.

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