Matt Striker brings the rookies to the ring. Striker asks Tarver and Otunga if they are feeling the presser after big loses. He then talks to Gabriel but I didn’t understand what the fuck he said. Winner of tonight gets their own theme music, I kind like that prize. Smart shit. They need to do promos tonight.

Bryan was horrible.

Barrett didn’t do to bad, definitely had the crowd behind him.

Gabriel got a shit question so he sucked too.

Slater sucked.

Otunga did it.

Sheffield did a stupid cheer,

Tarver got the crowd yelling some shit but he didn’t say anything.

Young, I liked what he did.

Tarver got all pissy and said something stupid but he already went.?!!

Barrett and Sheffield tie so they have a talk off.

Sheffield is off topic. And trying to do Stone Cold.

Barrett rocked it.

Barrett wins it decisively.

In the back Young is apologizing to the SES for last weeks Smackdown. Punk makes a deal with Young in his match tonight with Gallows. Young wins, all is forgiven. Gallow wins and they shave Young’s head.

Christian w/Heath Slater beat Wade Barrett w/Chris Jericho with the Killswitch when he got help from Slater on the outside. Barrett looked convincing. He’s definitely my front running to win this. Jericho is got solid “Y2J” chants from the crowd.

They show Otunga on Access Hollywood. The kid is getting out there.

Miz is pissed off at Bryan, calls Bryan the Susan Boyle of the WWE. Miz was on fucking point and shit, was actually making at fucking point.

Daniel Bryan w/The Miz

William Regal w/Skip Sheffield

Bryan got to wrestle one of his teachers! The match was short, maybe one day we’ll see these two go at it. Miz beat up on Regal before hitting the SCF on Bryan. Man, I hope this is going somewhere because “WWE Daniel Bryan” is wack as fuck.

Darren Young beat Luke Gallows w/SES with a rollup. Nothing great but it progresses the story line. Punk comes in and looks to jump Young but ends up raising the hand of Young. Gallows is shocked.

The end.


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