Smackdown Recap (airdate April 9, 2010 – Chicago)


Great opening package on Swagger’s MITB cash in on Jericho’s World Heavyweight Title.  Oh the drama.

Swagger comes out with his new championship strut down the aisle.

They hype the show’s main event of Jericho vs Edge.  The winner gets to face Swagger at the Extreme Rules PPV.

Swagger talks about how he shocked the world and became the World Heavyweight Champion and other points:

  • It doesn’t matter who wins because he’s the odds on favorite to walk out of Extreme Rules with the belt still around his waist.
  • He’s born to be a champion.
  • He’s the greatest natural competitor in the WWE since Shawn Michaels retired.

John Morrison’s music plays.  Nice crowd pop for Morrison.  Morrison says Swagger got lucky and more:

  • Swagger didn’t look lucky on the last Raw vs Cena and Orton.
  • Swagger hasn’t changed and still has a stupid haircut, stupid nickname and a speech impediment.

Swagger counters with the notion that Morrison still lives in the shadow of the Miz.  Burrrrn!

Morrison goes wise-ass and cracks on Swagger’s speech impediment again.  Swagger attacks and Morrison pulls down the ropes and sends him outside.  So Swagger needs to pad his Championship defenses and Morrison is successful defense number one?  Great.  This is somewhat unfortunate since this feud could probably do some good business if they nurtured it over a decent amount of time.  Oh well.


Match starts and Morrison gets in some early offense and scores a close pinfall.  Swagger catches him with a knee.  Swagger controls the tempo with his power moves.  Woah, Stryker references Gary Busey to describe Swagger’s deceiving “look”.  Stryker rules.

Match pauses to clean up blood on Busey’s…Swagger’s face.  Match goes to the mat and Swagger punishes Morrison with wear down moves and a HUGE power belly to belly takedown.  More wear down moves from Swagger (stomps to the abdomen, leg scissors).

Swagger uses Angle’s rush to the top turnbuckle throw!  Styrker calls Morrison the “Abdominal Superstar” and “Jo-Mo”.  Morrison hits his “Flying Chuck” (springboard flying kick).  Swagger moves out of the way of Starship Pain.  He sweeps Morrison’s leg on the apron and gets rolled back inside the ring.  Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb and gets the 1,2,3.  World Championship retained.  (Good match for what it was.  I wonder how long will Morrison be used in the midcard.)

*commercial *


Jericho and Wade Barrett are discussing how crazy Jericho’s week has been.  Swagger interrupts him and explains why he took the title from him.  Jericho says that the title is still his.  Swagger blows him off and Jericho is fuming.

Shad Gaspard unplugged heads to the ring.  No jive talking or jive walking.  I like it.  Shad grabs the mic and unloads.  No hip hop persona here.  He talks about how he wants and deserves his proper respect and felt that JTG took way too much credit for all of Shad’s work.  Shad discusses about ‘taking’ what he deserves.  This is his time, Shad Gaspard’s time.

JTG comes out and Shad ambushes him outside with a HUGE boot.  I’m guessing JTG is the Marty Jannetty in this here situation.  Heats sink and the crowd boos.


Drew McAvatar McIntyre comes out to boos and occasional silence.  He too grabs the mic and has something to say.  He chooses not to speak or waste his breath on the crowd.  Matt Hardy comes out to a decent pop.  Matt comes out with a fury of punches and more punches.  A deafening “Hardy” chant fills the arena.  McAvatar gets some offense in but Hardy controls with his methodical offense and a neckbreaker.

*commercial *

Back and forth action and McAvatar actually hits a nice belly to back suplex that sends Hardy’s head into the turnbuckle.  Hardy hits a side effect and gets a close pinfall.  Hardy hits another side effect and then hits his legdrop from the 2nd turnbuckle.  McAvatar counters the Twist of Fate but then gets his humping DDT countered with a back body drop.  The match goes outside and Matt chops McAvatar from the ring apron.  McAvatar recovers and throws Hardy’s head into the steel ring scaffolding.  He then hits his humping DDT on Hardy on the outside!  McAvatar rolls Hardy in and gets the win.  (Great effort from Hardy but I refuse to give McAvatar any kudos.)

*commercial *

The Straight Edge Society come out with NXT rookie, Darren Young.  Serena has Punk’s barber kit in hand and Luke is carrying the folding chair.  Darren Young is said to be getting “saved” tonight.  We’ll see.

It’s Punk’s turn to talk and the Chicago CROWD is giving him Canadian-style love.  Punk hands the mic over to Serena who rocks it.  She calls Punk an “angel” and craps on the crowd and their meaningless lives.  Now it’s Luke’s turn to preach.  Luke talks about the moment of realization and recalls being saved.

More CM PUNK chants.  Punk does his Savior spiel and crowd seems to politely boo at the right moments.  He talks to Darren Young and tries to convince him to convert to Punk-ianity.  Punk mentions he was there in spirit when Young defeated Daniel Bryan on the last NXT episode.

Young sits in the chair.  Punk discusses Young’s hair, which is definitely a nice foreshadowing of his hair stipulation in his match vs Rey Rey.  Punk states that his own hair represents all that is good and righteous.

Darren Young raises his hand to accept CM Punk as his savior.  He starts to pull it down slowly and has second thoughts.  Young gets on the mic and decides to change his mind to a huge crowd pop!  Young pushes Punk down but then gets taken down by Luke.  Punk threatens to shave Young’s hair while Luke holds him down.

Rey’s music hits and provides the biggest moment of the night.  Rey springboards off the top rope and hits Luke with a flying seated senton.  Rey gets on the mic and says he’s gonna put an end to the Straight Edge Society.  Catch phrases are spoken and the S.E.S. walk to the back angry and flustered.


Dudebusters, Croft and Barreta come out.  They try to be funny and diss the Harts and talk about how hard they had to work to get to the WWE.  Croft says Barreta beat Call of Duty in one day.  Barreta says the Dudebusters are gonna change your life!  The Hart Dynasty walk out.

A video package hypes the Hart and Soul DVD and shows old MSG footage of the Hart Foundation.  Lovely.

Tyson Kidd starts the match off with Barreta.  Tyson teases the Sharpshooter early but gets kicked outside the ring for his efforts.  Dirty tag team tactics ensue from Croft.  Baretta hits a nice suplex and plays up to his cocky jerkwad persona.  After getting more punishment, Tyson tags in David Hart Smith.  Smith cleans house.  Tyson teases the Springboard Hart Attack but ends up dropkicking an interfering Croft.  Smith then gets Barreta in the Sharpshooter.  The crowd gives a HUGE pop and Barreta taps out.  (Good stuff from both teams.  Dudebusters can easily become fan favorites if they keep working the mic.  I’m loving the Sharpshooter being used as a tag team finisher.)


Josh Mathews interviews Double J Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler puts Josh in a sleeper.  Great.

*commercial *



Edge and Swagger are seen talking to each other.  Swagger gives a backhanded compliment to Edge.  Swagger says if Edge wins, he’s going to put Edge back on the injured reserve list.  Edge said he won his first Championship using his MITB opportunity just like Swagger did.  He then mentioned that he lost it three weeks later.  Edge then says he’s going to regain the title in 3 weeks at Extreme Rules after hitting Swagger with the SPEAR.  Another Swagger speech impediment joke is said.  Yay!

*commercial *

Jericho comes out first and he’s still taped up heavily.  Edge comes out to a huge pop.  The Canadians circle the ring and Jericho controls with a headlock.  Edge pushes Jericho off the ropes but gets knocked down with a shoulder block.  Jericho cross the ropes but gets thrown outside the ring.


Edge hits a flying cross body to Jericho’s back while he’s tied up on the second rope.  Nice!  Edge works on Jericho’s injured torso.  Jericho hits his springboard dropkick to send Edge outside.

They show Swagger watching from the back.

Jericho sends him back into the ring and works on Edge’s head and back.  Edge tries to come off the ropes and attack Jericho hits him with an elbow.  Edge then tries a catapult sunset flip but Jericho counters with a sit down pinfall…1, 2…kickout.  Jericho greets Edge with another boot to the head.


Jericho continues with the taunting and slaps to the Edge’s head.  Jericho kicks Edge to the outside.  Jericho then does the corner turnbuckle lounge move to the crowd’s disdain.  Edge comes back in only to get dominated again. Snapmare by Jericho into a chinlock/choke combo.

Edge throws him into the turnbuckle and rushes Jericho.  Jericho counters with a boot to Edge’s midsection and attempts to attack Edge from the 2nd turnbuckle.  Edge counters that with a slug to the stomach and Jericho flips over in pain.  Edge hits 2 consecutive clotheslines and a flapjack.  Edge hits the Impaler DDT.  Pin…1, 2…kickout.  Jericho kicks Edge in the midsection and this the bulldog.  Edge tries to counter a Lionsault with his knees but Jericho counters with a WALLS OF JERICHO!!  Edge teases a tap out but climbs to the rope.  The crowd is on the edge of its proverbial seat.

Jericho rushes Edge but gets hit in the face with a huge boot.  Pinfall by Edge – 1, 2,…kickout.  Edge goes for another impaler but it’s countered by the WALLS of Jericho, which then gets countered into a leg scissors pinfall by Edge! 1, 2…kickout.  CODE BREAKER by Jericho!  Edge falls to the outside.  Jericho pushes Edge in the ring for a pinfall.  1, 2…kickout.  Jericho attacks with slaps to the head and stomps.  Edge catches Jericho with another Impaler DDT.

Edge sets Jericho up for the spear.  The crowd is buzzing but Jericho leapfrogs Edge’s first spear attempt.  Edge dropkicks Jericho to the outside.  Both men go over the black barrier into the crowd.  Unfortunately, both men are counted out as they brawl all over the Allstate Arena.

This is probably going to set up a Triple Threat Title Defense for Swagger at Extreme Rules.

Both men get back to ring side.  Jericho viciously throws Edge shoulder and head first into the steel steps.  Jericho tosses Edge back into the ring.  Jericho grabs a black steel chair and climbs into the ring.  Edge pulls off the spear as the crowd pops.  Edge’s music plays as the show ends. (Pretty good match despite the double countout finish.)

Decent show overall.  The Smackdown main events are going to be pretty solid since all three competitors can definitely put on some great matches together.  I look forward to seeing Swagger’s in-ring work grow leaps and bounds in the coming months working with two of the WWE’s best.

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