The show starts with three F1’s going over the arena. Damn, way to pull out the stops here!

Fantasia does the Star Spangled Banner and doesn’t fuck it up.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Big Show & United States Champion The Miz beat R-Truth & John Morrison when Show knocks out Morrison. Good opener but they should have gone with the MITB match, that usually wakes the crowd up.

Randy Orton beats Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes when he hits the RKO for the pin on DiBiase. Beginning of the match was more of a two on one but things even out when Cody and Ted end up going at it when they break up pin attempts by each other. Orton gets solid RKO chants when he takes the advantage. Orton gets off a double hanging DDT on Legacy when they both were trying to come back into the ring. Orton ends up punting Rhodes before hitting the RKO on Ted for the pin.

Josh Mathews in the back with Vicki Guerrero, Layla, Michelle McCool, Maryse and Alicia Fox. She brags how this is her first WrestleMania and how she will create a WrestleMania moment. Jillain Hall comes out and sings Simply the Best when Santino comes in and cuts a Slim Jims commercial. Hall then turns into May Young, Mean Gene then Melina each time Santino takes a bite of the Slim Jim….odd.

Jack Swagger wins the Money in the Bank Match beating Kofi Kingston, MVP, Evan Bourne, , Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre, Kane, Christian. There was just way too many guys in this match this year. Christian hit a CodeBreaker/Monkey Flip on Kofi who went into the ladder in one of the first high spots of the night. Bourne hit the 450 onto Christian from a horizontal ladder, solid spot. Lots of new MITB spots! Ziggler gets choke slammed onto the ladder by Kane. Kofi takes a broken ladder and stilts it up to try to get the briefcase until Drew breaks it up. Swagger took too damn long to get the briefcase off the hook. The MITB match this year was just ok with NO Shelton spot.

They introduce the 2010 Hall of Fame, its crazy to see Inoki on WWE television.

Triple H beat Sheamus with the Pedigree. I didn’t watch, I didn’t care.

CM Punk and the SES come out for his match. He cuts a solid promo before the match. Punk is wearing tights with his name on it that looks like the GI Joe cartoon logo.

Rey Mysterio comes out for his match and his style his year? AVATAR!


Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk /SES. This match stole the ppv as far! So many twists, turns and reversals in this match, it kept you wanting more just like watching Avatar!

Bret Hart beats Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match with the Sharpshooter. Wish Bret would have come out and given his glasses out like back in the day. Vince cuts a promo before the match, he brings out lumberjack which are the Hart Family and the Hart Dynasty. They make it sound as they were paid off. Bruce Hart comes out takes his shirt off and he’s wearing a ref shirt. Bret cuts a promo, he says there is nothing better than a double cross he says the Hart family were in on this and what Vince was up to. Bret beats up on Vince then dumps him to the outside where the Hart Dynasty beat up on Vince. Dynasty get the Hart Attack on Vince when Smith held Vince on the outside and Kidd came off the top rope! Bret ends up beating up on Vince with a steel wrench and teasing the Sharpshooter. Bret then takes a seat in the ring waiting for Vince to try to get up. Bret then uses the chair on Vince when he did get up and keeps beating Vince with it on the back… not the head obviously. Bret finally does Vince in with the Sharpshooter and hopefully this will put an fucking end to the Screwjob and any remakes of it. The match was a pure beat down.

Atlanta gets WrestleMania 27… assholes.

72,219 in attendance at WrestleMania this year.

World Champion Chris Jericho beat Edge with the Codebreaker. Good match so far with numerous reversals. Crowd is dead for some reason?! Jericho goes for the spear but gets a big boot to the head! Edge goes for the spear but walks into the Codebreaker, solid! Jericho gets a single legged Boston Crab on the injured leg. Good reversals in this match that ends with Jericho getting a second, maybe third Codebreaker. Good match! After the match Edge beats on Jericho, takes him to the to the outside and on top of the tables and spears Jericho thru the barricades! Edge poses in the ring to a mixture of cheers and boos.

The show the highlights of the battle royal before the ppv started, Yoshi Tatsu won it last eliminating Zack Ryder.

Layla, Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, Vicki Guerrero and Maryse beat Eve, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix when Vicki hit the….”frog splash?” then a few mini splashes to pin Kelly. Quick and fairly painless.

John Cena beat WWE Champion Batista with the STF for the WWE Title. Cena had some military shit for his introduction, it was out of place. The crowd is fairly behind Batista and not Cena. Dope spot with Cena going for “you cant see me” and Batista hitting a spinbuster. Interesting spot where they do a test of strength from the middle rope. Sloppy match with spots that should have been dope but its these two assholes.

I’m so fucking glad this is the last match, HBK vs. Taker is going on last!

The Undertaker defeats Shawn Michales with the Tombstone for the pin. Fast paced match in the early goings of the match with both trying to get the advantage. Solid spot on the outside that ends with HBK getting the tombstone on the outside of the ring. Great back and forth action building up with HBK focusing on Takers leg. HBK flips over the Hells Gate for a pin attempt that gets a 2 1/2! MOONSALT FROM THE TOP ROPE ONTO UNDERTAKER ONTO THE TABLE!!! HBK pulls Taker into the ring Sweetn Chin Music….1…2…..2 ½!!!! Going for another superkick…NO….chokeslam! Taker with the Tombstone…..1…2….NOO 2 ½!!!!! Taker pulls down the straps… HBK climbs up Taker and does the thumb across the throat then SLAPS Taker….Taker with ANOTHER Tombstone…1…2…THREEE!!!!!! SO fucking dope!

After the match Taker raised HBK and offers his hand, HBK shakes it! something we’ve never seen. Taker leaves and HBK is in the middle of the ring with the crowd chanting HBK. HBK gets a standing ovation and he gets teary while he waves goodbye. Thank you Shawn chants break out. They follow HBK up the ramp as the crowd cheers. At the top of the ramp he gets down on his knees one last time and then heads to the back.

Solid pay per view, this is how you gain peoples money right there!

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