03-22-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest Pete Rose)


Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring, he says he has the same feeling he’s had numerous times before of being able to do anything like beating Taker. HBK says that even though there is a DVD out now about his career he is going no where. He said he will go down in history as the only guy to ever beat Taker and break his streak. The lights then go out and a video package on HBK’s career is shown, I think it’s the same one from the HBK DVD but then ends with a graphic that says 1985-2010 The Career of Shawn Michaels. HBK says that didn’t intimated him and to come out and try to do it to his face. Pete Rose then comes out. He wishes HBK luck and says he is the right man to end that streak. He books a match with HBK vs. Kane. He wants revenge on Kane for what he is done to him all these years. I see Rose taking ANOTHER tombstone tonight.

Video package is then shown on the short history between Batista and Jean Shorts.

John Morrison w/R-Truth beat Unified Tag Team Champion & United States Champion The Miz w/Big Show with Starship Pain for the pin. Good match, its too bad they never did a legit feud with these two.

In the back HHH is putting on his super mega big knee brace when Randy Orton comes in. HHH says he will drop Orton where he stands if Orton fucks with him tonight. Orton says he’ll remember that shit but HHH still needs to make it to WrestleMania. Yeah yeah, you guys will be hugging by the end of the night.

They recap when Batista beat Jean Shorts at Elimination Chamber last month for the WWE Title.

They are going to a 10th person to the MITB match. Swagger’s on commentary.

Kofi Kingston beat Vladimir Kozlov with Trouble in Paradise. I was wondering about Kofi the other day, thinking he wasn’t on the Mania card. Solid for him, but 10 guys is way too much for MITB.

Legacy comes out, Cody says that after 18 months they are finally free and that they didn’t need Orton. Ted says they don’t care which one of them wins just that Orton doesn’t. While cutting down Orton they start to cut down on each other but in a back handed way, planting even more seeds to lead us to believe this will actually be a triple threat match.

Legacy & Sheamus beat Randy Orton & Triple H when Sheamus hits the bicycle kick on Orton for the pin. Good match. After the match, Sheamus tries to attack HHH but he gets knocked out of the ring for his troubles. Crowd was ape shit for Orton.

More Jean Shorts and Batista build up.

Bret Hart comes down to the ring, he says he never dreamed he’d have another chance to wrestle at WrestleMania. He said that although he left 12 years ago in a way that left a bad taste in his mouth. But now he has a chance to leave on a good note. Bret said that although Vince ran off half of his family from the WWE, all the Harts will be in Arizona this weekend. Damn you are the only fool getting away with saying that. He runs down his WrestleMania matches, Owen got a solid pop! Dope! I think the crowd is finally getting the importance of Bret Hart, I’m speaking of the young ones who didn’t know Bret. Vince then comes out and says one way or another, you’re screwed.

HBK is making the walk when Pete Rose wishes him luck in his match.

Shawn Michaels beats Kane with Sweet Chin Music. During the match HBK used several submission holds like the Crippler Crossfase and the ankle lock. The lights go out at one point and Taker shows up to chokeslam HBK. The lights go out again and when they come back up Kane is back in the ring and tries to pin HBK but he kicks out. Good match and hopefully not the last of Shawn Michaels…but Taker cant lose the streak… ok I’m torn…

Pete Rose with Christian in the back. Rose is excited that he is avenged, he goes to walk into his office when Kane comes out of the office and pulls Rose in.

Maryse, Layla and Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox & Vicki Guerrero beat Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim and Eve w/Kelly Kelly & Mickie James. The match was like two minutes long and it was only Gail Kim and Michelle McCool that wrestled….!? Why bother?

WWE Champion Batista comes out with security to the ring. He does his worst impression of of Razor Ramon when he says “say hello to the bad guy”. He said Jean Shorts can not beat him and that bad things happen to Shorts when he’s in the ring with Batista. He then does a pretty funny Jean Shorts impression. He says he’s only here to make money and win money. He said when he looks at the crowd all he sees is dollar signs. He thanks the fans for coming out to see him because that means money. Another good promo by Batista here. He tells us that Shorts will disappoint the fans on Sunday again. Batista then calls for Shorts to come out. Shorts comes out like someone stole his puppy. This fool comes out all sad in shit talking about how he let the fans down. Security stands between Batista and Shorts. He’s all down n shit on himself looking for a pity party. God, wrap it up Emo Cena! This fools tries to say his like everyone else, uh yeah if we were all muscle heads that had Sunday Brunch with his boss every weekend. Shit. This bitch then changes his tune saying how he is going to beat Batista and get the title back. These fools finally attack each other until security separates them and Batista hits the bricks leaving shorts snarling in the ring.

Even with a goofy end, I’m still excited for WrestleMania!!!

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