The Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up


WrestleMania 26

The guys at break down the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania 26!

Mascara De Fuego: Puma, we are just days away from WrestleMania what do you think about the buildup so far?
Great Puma: I think the build up is tremendous and top notch in the pro wrestling world. The video packages for Shawn vs ‘Taker 2 are probably the best job their media team has ever done. From the music, to the edits, to the special effects, everything is spot on. That being said, the build up for the Money in the Bank match has been less than thrilling. Just seeing McAvatar being a part of that match bothers me.
Mascara De Fuego: Agreed. HBK and Taker needs to be THE main event of this pay per view. no titles but so much more on the line. I think adding Drew to the MITB match was a bullshit move just to get that kid on the show. Hey, WWE Kofi isn’t on the show! Anyone remember him?
Great Puma: Who’s that? Ain’t that the kid from Haiti? Or was it Jamaica? Or was it Mozambique? Sad.
Mascara De Fuego: Very. He’s getting my “Most Likely to End Up in TNA but not in a good way” award.
Mascara De Fuego: SO!
Mascara De Fuego: Let’s get to it!
Mascara De Fuego: Puma, do you want to start from the top of the card or the bottom…heehee
Great Puma: As much as I like the top…let’s go from curtain jerker to the Main.
Mascara De Fuego: Great, so most likely be the Legacy break up match, Rhodes vs. Orton vs. DiBiase.
Great Puma: It would be refreshing to see Orton lose this match…but we know it won’t happen since he’s getting major pop these days.
Mascara De Fuego: Yeah, his heel turn is weighing on this make finally turning him. Too bad I would like to see Cody win this one. I’m thinking this will be entertaining for the most part.
Great Puma: Yeah, it would be nice to see the “grandson of a plummer” get the duke as well as the rub here.
Mascara De Fuego: The next match seems like it was just put together for the sake of getting these guys on the pay per view, The Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz vs. The Palace of Truth.
Great Puma: As much as I like Morrison and Truth, I’d like to see Showmiz get more burn as Unified Champs. I don’t think they have even reached their peak as far as Tag Team performers go.
Mascara De Fuego: Yeah, I do think ShowMiz will win this one especially for that reason. They haven’t scratched the surface with this team. Should be decent to good.
Great Puma: True. I’m looking forward to the day Morrison is main eventing ‘Mania in a title match. The kid can wrestle.
Mascara De Fuego: Our next match is The Money in the Bank Match, Kane vs. Bourne vs. MVP vs. Christian vs. Ziggler vs. Benjamin vs. Swagger vs. Hardy vs. McIntyre
Great Puma: The only three people who I’d like to win would be Christian, Benjamin and Jack Swagger. I’d turn in every week after Wrestlemania just to see who and when they cash their Money in the Bank briefcase on. I just don’t see any of the other participants as being true contenders for any of the major titles. I am excited to see what Bourne is going to come up with.
Mascara De Fuego: I’m going with Christian, its the only one that makes sense to me. I could see Christian cashing it in that night which would be fitting since that’s what Edge has done in the past. I have a BAD feeling they might try to put McIntyre on top since he’s getting a lot of time “trying” to get into the match. Bad move but I could see them going with it.
Great Puma: Yeah. I could see them ruining the match with that crap for the sake of HHH’s homeboy.
Mascara De Fuego: The next match has been 12 years in the making, Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon…
Great Puma: For me, the highlight of this feud already happened. Stu Hart will now be inducted in the Hall of Fame and I couldn’t be happier for Bret and the Hart family. I think seeing Bret putting Vince in a Sharpshooter will be a great moment for us older wrestling fans.
Mascara De Fuego: It’s a long time coming and honestly I never thought it would ever happen. I’m glad the leg angle was explained more so than used at WrestleMania as a weak point for McMahon to work on instead of the head. Hopefully it will be short, sweet and points the period of this situation between them fake AND real.
Mascara De Fuego: The next match is one I am looking forward to, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio.
Great Puma: This is my sleeper pick for Match of the Night. I think their promos have been just as good as any feud that’s leading up to Wrestlemania. I’m really psyched for this match.
Mascara De Fuego: These promos have been really catching up to the main event ones, Punk’s birthday singing was on a whole other level. This should be really solid and hopefully will just be the beginning.
Mascara De Fuego: This match, well is just a filler so Triple H didn’t get “Kofi’d” off the pay per view. Triple H vs. Sheamus.
Great Puma: LOL. “Kofi’d”. Brilliant. I don’t really care. If this is a vehicle to push Sheamus, I’ll be pissed. If this is a vehicle for HHH’s legacy as a wrestling great, I’ll be pissed. Watching this match is a lose-lose situation as far as I’m concerned. I might take a shit while this match goes on.
Mascara De Fuego: Good cause my cooking might push you to take a shit. damn. The only way that this match can end is the way it won’t. Triple H trying to come off as a legend. Something he can only do by his relationship.
Mascara De Fuego: The next match is WWE Champion Batista vs. John Cena
Great Puma: Batista has become a star with his mic work against Cena. I hope his in-ring work rate will be just as great when they meet in the ring. I hope Batista gets the nod here just to be that one guy that John Cena can’t beat. I think showing that vulnerability would make the Cena character a lot more interesting.
Mascara De Fuego: Kind of like Tommy Dreamer not being able to beat Raven. If they are going that route then they are genious. But I think they are going to give Cena the big baby face win. I hope with Batista’s mic work that he takes his ring work to different level but we shall see.
Mascara De Fuego: The next match is World Champion Chris Jericho vs. Edge
Great Puma: I think this has the best shot at challenging Shawn-Taker for Match of the Night. But then again, I said that for Rey vs. Punk as well. I love the fact that they’re pretty much telling you the actual in match booking in advance with all the spear talk. A pinfall via SPEAR has to happen for Edge. Any other finish will be considered a failure by the WWE audience…oops, “Universe”.
Mascara De Fuego: I do think that is where the build up is heading towards, Edge winning big with the spear. Its only a matter of time before we see SPEAR shirts. This match, like the Taker/HBK match has been building for a long time and it is paying off. Its a funny thing the wrestling business, add a little water, some dirt and watch it grow. Unless your TNA and you just shit on the dirt and watch it stink up the place.
Great Puma: Very true. Is there an actual lengthy feud brewing in TNA? Why am I asking a stupid question?
Mascara De Fuego: The longest build up has to do with a magic ring, dont ask!… and onto the MAIN EVENT…..The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, Career vs. Streak!
Great Puma: What can be said about this match up? Personally, I want Taker to win but I doubt Shawn will want to retire within the next few years. I’m not sure what they can do to top last year’s classic, but I’m looking forward to it. My ideal finish would be Shawn tapping to the Hell’s Gate…but that’s just me.
Mascara De Fuego: This is what wrestling is made of right here. I think this match will be different than the first but still just as good. Even if it doesnt come close to last years, its still going to get match of the year again. I am torn with this match, I dont want to see HBK retire but I dont want to see the streak end. I dont know how you get around that without having a bullshit ending.
Great Puma: I hope it ends clean. That’s all I can really ask for.
Mascara De Fuego: Ok so that does it for WrestleMania 26. If this card is as solid as it looks on paper, where do you see it on the list of best WrestleMania’s?
Great Puma: I might be one of the best of all time. Granted, I will always say WM 3 is the best of all time but I think this will be a great one.
Mascara De Fuego: Its going to fair very high for sure. Ok Puma that does it for this week, next week we get the last of the build up to WrestleMania, anything you want to see here? Maybe more build up to the MITB match?
Great Puma: Yeah, maybe a match or brawl involving most the MITB participants would be nice. I think most of the matches have been set up perfectly
Mascara De Fuego: That sounds good. I’d like to see more Rey and Punk promos, they’ll be a good one to set up their match on Smackdown tomorrow.
Mascara De Fuego: Ok with that, we are out for another week. I am Mascara De Fuego….
Mascara De Fuego: Until All Are One.

Great Puma: Cool deal. I’m out like Joshua Clottey’s punching.

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