03-15-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest Stone Cold Steve Austin)


The show starts with Stone Cold coming out to the ring. The crowd is heavily chanting “Austin”. Its not too long before Austin has the beers in hand. He talks about WrestleMania 13 against Bret Hart and how he respects Bret. He then goes on about McMahon and how he was one of the meanest people he’s stepped into the ring with. Austin finally takes a swig of beer, I was wondering if he was going to do that in the PG world. He talks about the contract signing tonight and is about to leave when Jean Shorts music hit and this fool comes out to the thing. Austin salutes him but them goes to leave? Now the Big Show comes out and has a short stare down with Austin. I guess we’re heading into our first match already? What is this TNA?

The Big Show beat Jean Shorts in a WrestleMania Rewind match when he Show knocked him out. Match was fast paced. Batista came out during the match to throw off Shorts which worked and set up for the Show knockout. After the match Batista gets up in Shorts face but that was it nothing happened.

Sheamus and Evan Bourne doesn’t even happen. Before the match even starts Sheamus hits Bourne with the mic, hits the bicycle kick and the Razors Edge. After that Sheamus gets on the mic and cuts a promo on Triple H and what he’s done in a short amount of time. He said that although HHH cost him the title, he is who he wanted to face at WrestleMania. He’s going to take HHH thrown… Stephanie doesn’t have any sisters so that will be hard.

Austin is in the back when HBK comes in. HBK asks Austin if he thinks he can beat Taker. Austin said HBK can. Shawn says he’s going to end the streak. Chris Jericho comes in. HBK says he’s going to destroy Jericho to send Taker a message. HBK then leaves. Jericho then tries to talk Austin into canceling the match but he ain’t having it and kicks Jericho up out his office.

Diva’s Champion Maryse beat Kelly Kelly with the DDT. Slop-fest. At least their nice to look at… After the match Maryse beat up on Kelly until Gail Kim and Eve come out for the save. Layla and Michelle McCool then come out and beat up on Eve and Kim. Vicki Guerrero is on the stage clapping the Smackdown Team and Maryse. Well, I guess they needed to figure SOMETHING out for the Diva’s at WrestleMania..

Shawn Michaels beat World Champion Chris Jericho in a WrestleMania Rewind match by count out. After the match Edge attacks Jericho, throw him back in the ring and spears his ass. Match was good just a taste though of what these guys have done before. Dammit I wanted more!

Randy Orton in the back when Josh Mathews comes in to tell Orton about the triple threat match at Mania with the other members of Legacy and his match tonight. He says he doesn’t like HHH but respects HHH but not Legacy. That Legacy is nothing without him.

Triple H and Randy Orton goes to a no contest when Legacy attacks HHH. They then throw HHH out of the ring and beat the shit out of Orton until HHH comes back in but that doesn’t last long as Sheamus comes into the ring and bicycle kicks HHH. Legacy then take Orton to the outside to continue. Sheamus stands over HHH and Legacy stand over Orton. As for the match, not too bad but the usual from these two.

The announce Gorgeous George to the Hall of Fame… shit you’d figure he would have been in there already!!?

WWE Champion Batista beat Kofi Kingston with the Batista Bomb. Kofi was getting moves in until Batista got busted open and the match ended quickly after that. Batista kept fighting the ref off who wanted to clean him up. Strange because this looked like a blade job. Funny shit when Batista was leaving some Jean Shorts t-shirt wearing fan was talking shit when Batista got close to his ass, this fool got on his knees prison style! Haha

Pete Rose is the Guest Host next week. The main event is Orton & HHH vs. Sheamus & Legacy.

Bret Hart and Vince McMahon come out for the contract signing. After both dudes are in the ring Stone Cold heads out to officiate. Austin wants to take care of something before they get to the contract. He starts talking about Stu Hart and how he was suppose to be going in this year’s Hall of Fame. Stone Cold then announces that Stu will go into the Hall of Fame. Vince says he doesn’t have an issue with it because the entire Hart Family will be there. He calls them dysfunctional derelicts. Vince says if Bret signs the contract he has to show up or Vince will sue his ass. Bret says that not only is he showing up, he wants it to be a no holds barred match. Vince says with this stipulation Bret has screwed Bret. Bret signs the contract. Vince hesitates but then signs. Stone Cold says its official and cant wait to see Vince get the ass kicking of his life. Austin gets up to the stage to leave but then turns around and says that Bret has something to tell him…. Vince turns around and Bret’s cast is ON THE TABLE! Vince got played! Haha Bret says the whole thing was faked so that Vince would fall for it and agree to the match and if Vince backs out Bret will sue HIS ass! Bret then beats up on Vince with the fake cast! Well, I’m glad this busted angle worked out like this and not have the leg be the focal point of the match.

Hmmm, overall besides Hart finally admitting the broken leg was faked it was a fairly forgettable episode that was mostly used to push WrestleMania. Matches were short.

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