David Otunga & R-Truth beat Daniel Bryan & The Miz when Otunga pins Miz after a Uranage. Before the match Miz cut a promo on Bryan, telling him if they lose and he gets pinned he is OUT of NXT. Otunga is green as fuck, he couldn’t even properly sell Bryan’s kick to his back when he was breaking his pin attempt on Miz. Bryan looked solid and really looked aggressive especially when he was in the ring with Otunga. Miz and Bryan argued right before the end of the match when Miz tagged himself in and got caught with Otunga’s finisher. Not a bad match. after the match Miz and Bryan continue to argue with Bryan faking out Miz with a slap.

They do a segment with Heath Slater being pissy about getting apple spit in his face, wah wah wahhh.

Miz and Bryan in the back with Matt Striker, he asks if he let Bryan down by losing the match. Bryan wants to know if Miz is so talented, why did he lose the match tonight.

Video package is done on Justin Gabriel, good piece with highlights of his matches in FCW.

Gabriel & Matt Hardy in the back, Matt is building up Gabriel when Jericho and Barrett walk in. Gabriel says he respects Jericho but not Barrett.

Heath Slater w/Christian pins Carlito w/Michael Tarver with a roll threw pin. Before the match Carlito cuts a promo on Slater telling him he should be honored that he got apple in the face last week. Carlito goes to spit on him again but Slater moves just in time. I don’t know about Slater, he definitely looks like an indie guy in the ring. The way he over sells his punches spoke volumes.

A video package is shown on Darren Young. Good package but I just don’t get the air man. I don’t think you need that shit to sell his character.

In the back CM Punk with Serena and Gallows talking shit about Young. Young comes in and tries to talk to Punk but Punk isn’t having it. Punk says Straightedge makes winners, not his lifestyle.

Justin Gabriel w/Matt Hardy beat Wade Barrett w/World Champion Chris Jericho with the 450 splash. During the match the crowds chants USA even though none of these guys are from the States….!? Jericho keeps coming over to the commentators yelling “that’s my influence” haha After the match Jericho jumped Gabriel and gives him the Codebreaker then the Liontamer.

Barrett didn’t look too bad tonight, he’ll be good with more time. Gabriel could be just like Jeff Hardy if they groom him properly.

Tonight moved a lot faster that the last couple but the wrestling was just ok. Still miss ECW…

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One Response to “03-09-10 WWE NXT REVIEW”

  1. norma Says:

    I love the tag team with R-Truth and David Otunga. They really could make a great team. I love and enjoy the show every week. Otunga is my favorite!!!

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