The Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up


Every week the writers of FighterHayabusa get together and smash atoms about everything pro wrestling. Here’s  a transcript  for the week of March 1st, 2010:

Mascara De Fuego: Greets Puma. So lets get to business, another week in the world of wrestling. Lets first start off with RAW, what did you think of the show?

Great Puma: The main thing that comes to mind from that episode of RAW is Batista’s tremendous promo. I think he became a true star that night. He made John Cena less than immortal and made himself a true villain.

Mascara De Fuego: I have to agree, this was the promo Batista’s career needed. Shutting down Cena made him so much stronger and believable in that he could in fact beat Cena at WrestleMania.

Great Puma: True. I doubt it will happen but I do think Batista beating Cena would be the most interesting booking for that match at ‘Mania.

Mascara De Fuego: I think it’s a good twist if they did let him win this match but I think the telling sign he isn’t is that he is still listed on the Smackdown roster. So unless the plan is to officially move him over during the draft I think they are going to go with the big mistake of having Cena win.

Great Puma: Agreed. I think having Cena being winless against Batista would be HUGE business for the WWE in the long run. A rematch could be set up a few years later, like Austin vs The Rock 3, where the Rock finally got his payback vicory.

Mascara De Fuego: That’s actually a good point and would be great booking but I think the WWE saves that style for Taker and HBK, which brings me to the Smackdown side of things. What do you think so far of the Smackdown rosters build to WrestleMania?

Great Puma: I can’t say enough about Edge and Jericho. We all know Taker vs Shawn takes top billing, but Edge vs Jericho is giving that match a run for its money in the promo department. The build up for Rey vs Punk has also been slow but excellent.

Mascara De Fuego: Three solid matches for Smackdown for sure, I think the those matches will end up stealing the show. I also think that someone on the Smackdown side will win the MITB match.

Great Puma: I hope that happens. Although, I would certainly mark out if Christian got himself a Money in the Bank Title Shot. He’s one guy who’s due his World Title opportunity – not that Shelton isn’t either. I’d include MVP in that conversation but they’ve buried too much lately.

Mascara De Fuego: Christian has to be a solid front runner for sure. Maybe we would finally get the Christian vs. Edge match we’ve been waiting for!

Great Puma: Exactly. However, I do find it interesting that they haven’t shared screen time with each other since Christian came back to the WWE. I might be wrong on that statement.

Mascara De Fuego: I think they had one brief segment on a ppv when Christian came back.

Mascara De Fuego: But it would be something they haven’t done yet.

Great Puma: Very true.

Mascara De Fuego: So having a full day to sit on it, do you have any further comments on NXT’s show last night?

Great Puma: Not at all. I’m hoping Daniel Bryan’s quick defeat only adds to his character and the overall emotional investment from the fans. I hope they include more of those lengthy interviews like they did for Daniel Bryan in the future.

Mascara De Fuego: Yeah, I do think that the key to getting these guys over will be those video packages. The lingering thing for me on last nights show is still the turmoil with the Rookies and Pros, just not feeling it.

Great Puma: I don’t blame you for feeling that way. Being brash and full of yourself is not a good look for any up and coming wrestler, not to mention a very over-used character flaw.

Mascara De Fuego: Ok so with about a week or so away, what do you think TNA has to do to prove they deserve to be head to head with the WWE?

Great Puma: PUSH their youth and bury the OLD. PERIOD. Mr. Anderson has already killed most of his post-WWE buzz. It’s just a weird place for Pro Wrestling…I can’t really comment on it. Nothing compels me to sit for a whole hour or two to watch that show.

Mascara De Fuego: You are very right about Anderson, I think he is a prefect example of why scripting the talent not always a bad thing. I think what you thought was his strongest point is the one thing that is killing him. TNA had a history before this new era, one that fans want to see so I think they need to keep the focus on guys like Joe, Styles and Daniels. Yes, you need to build up new guys but keeping the talent that brought you to the dance is key.

Great Puma: I miss those Joe vs Styles vs Daniels matches. I really do.

Mascara De Fuego: I do think they have a chance to build Desmond Wolfe to the top and had something with his matches against Angle but they have really taken a step back since the new era. The Pope is also solid as usual.

Great Puma: The Pope does indeed rock. I’m glad he’s taking advantage of his opportunity. Also, it’s good to see the fans taking to him as well.

Mascara De Fuego: The WWE really fucked up letting THAT guy go.

Great Puma: Seriously. I’m also looking forward to seeing where Charlie Haas will end up next. I always wanted to see him in a Varsity Club/Steiner Brothers gimmick.

Mascara De Fuego: I hope a guy like him ends up in Ring of Honor. He’s a solid worker just waiting for the proper break.

Great Puma: Agreed.

Mascara De Fuego: Ok so that wraps it up for another week here, see you need week. Until All Are One.

Great Puma: I’m out like James Toney in the Octagon.

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